World Cup of Poker: Team Poland earns a spot in the World Cup Finals!


Players from ten countries took to the virtual felt this morning to duke it out for a trip to the sunny Bahamas to compete in the finals of the World Cup of Poker. The Europe II division included players from Austria, Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and Turkey. Over the course of two hours, and spread across four single-table SNGs, the forty qualifiers battled for the divisional championship and a spot in the finals. When the dust settled, it was Team Poland standing tall, with two outright victories and one second-place finish, as they topped Team Turkey for the championship.

Europe II FR2.jpg

Each country put two players from the top of TLB standings into the events, with two freeroll winners competing on other tables. Things didn’t look good for Poland early on, as kAmikAdZeEe was one of the first eliminations on table TLB 2. He would need help from is teammates after he ran into some tough luck early on. First he flopped top pair with K-10, only to run into a flopped set of sixes. Then he got the last of his chips in the middle with two live cards, but ran into Team Austria’s Vienna Bundy, who flopped top pair with Kd-Qd. KAmikAdZeEe was left to cheer from the rail as his teammates soldiered on.

Team Estonia had a rough go of it in the divisional finals, starting when sitkusevend got what he thought was a big blind special when he turned two pair with 9-3. He got all his money in on the turn, but Devil42 didn’t hesitate to call with his flopped set of fives. Estonia’s bad luck continued with an 8th-place and 7th-place finish, leaving them all but mathematically eliminated by the first break. The last surviving member of Team Estonia, Gusto_Frutta, decided to play the aggro card and moved all in every hand after the break, frustrating his opponents and causing chip swings like a psychotic teeter-totter. He caught just enough cards to bust a few opponents and make it all the way to 3rd place at his table and the highest finish on his team.

With chips flying all around, several teams came back from break to make a strong run at the finals. Austria looked good early on, but some rough hands (and finding Gusto_Frutta at the table) left Devil42 and cincinna-kid done in 4th place at their tables, so even though Vienna Bundy took down his table, Team Austria finished in 3rd place behind Turkey and Poland.

At the end of the day, it was only fitting that the two heads-up matches on the last two tables would decide the whole match. On Table FR1 it was heads-up between Turkey’s auercan and Poland’s BartekPL, with auercan holding a big chip lead going into heads-up play. On the other freeroll table, FR2, it was Poland’s morderbest taking the chip lead into heads-up play against Turkey’s ufcen07. After Borys313 took down the win on table TLB1, Turkey had to sweep the last two tables to make the trip to the Bahamas.

It took some doing, but auercan was finally able to dispatch BartekPL when BartekPL moved all in preflop with Js-9h. Auercan made the call with 6d-5d, and the flop brought victory in the form of the 5c. BartekPL didn’t get any help on the turn or river, and it was all riding on the last freeroll players. Over on table FR2, morderbest needed a little luck to take out ufcen07, but it came in the form of a four. Morderbest raised preflop with Ac-4d, and ufcen07 flat-called with Ad-8c. Both players hit the 4h-3s-8h flop, and ufcen07 checked his top pair, top kicker. Morderbest led out, and ufcen07 pulled the trigger on the check-raise. Morderbest made the call, then picked up trips when the turn brought the 4s. Ufcen07 led out, morderbest moved all in over the top, and ufcen07 called. Only and 8 would save Team Turkey, but it was not to be, as the river brought the 7h and victory for Team Poland.

With two first-place finishes, one second and one tenth, Team Poland earned their spot in the live finals in the Bahamas on January 6th. Get your travel documents in order an pack for warm weather, boys, you’re going to paradise! Congrats to all our teams in the Europe II Division, and especially to Team Poland, who’ll carry the banner in to the finals.

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