World Cup of Poker: US & Canada Teams Prepare for Sunday Playoffs


WCP logo.JPGThe teams are ready. There are players who qualified for their spots through freerolls and tournament leader boards, and they have played several levels of tournaments to get to this place. The only thing left to do is prepare mentally for the task ahead - the Divisional Playoffs - and sit down at the virtual felt next Sunday with skills at the ready for the chance of a lifetime. No pressure, though.

It is already determined that a U.S. team and a Canadian team will be at the live finals in the Bahamas in January of 2009, but who will be on those respective teams? That is what will be determined at the Divisional Playoffs on Sunday, December 7th. Both divisions will play at 3:00pm ET.

Division USA will be comprised of the following teams and players:

USA 1: shaundeeb, xthesteinx, J@M0K3Y!, ba-detroit
USA 2: devinr12, Kenny Rap, MR BigRed 66, stellaz
North Carolina: XbonezX, Sowerss, DAPBowler, CapeFear777
South Dakota: thesidedish, blkjck, toddsplace, deblv3
Wisconsin: JBDenaro157, D1rtyR1v3r, LaddFactor, AlwaysTilt13

Each of those teams are made up of two tournament leaderboard qualifiers and two freeroll qualifiers, and all five teams will be playing for their chance to represent the United States at the live finals.

Division Canada will see the following teams and players compete:

Canada 1: Bonds252525, ch0ppy, SEWB, johncrack
Canada 2: mign, boodaluver, barneyyenrab (plus one tournament leaderboard qualifier TBD)
Canadian Territories: deaonhope, murok, polarbrr, Muck Or Call
Nova Scotia: lobstrman29, dendoggone, AK***QUEEN**, born_in53
Quebec: derek8, ROCKETMAN44, sclarke792, miloup007

As with the U.S., the Canadian teams consist of two tournament leaderboard qualifiers and two freeroll qualifiers. The winners will be packing their bags for the Bahamas.

Keep in mind that Team USA won the World Cup of Poker IV last year, and members of the new team will be looking to defend that title. Team Canada finished fourth last year, so the pressure will be on to improve a few spots this year. For a refresher of everything that happened at the previous live finals, the PokerStars blog post is here for your reading pleasure.

Tune in on Sunday for all of the action, as it is blogged live by the PokerStars reporting team who will be glued to their computer screens to catch it as it happens. More updates regarding other divisions will be posted as the week continues, and the entire schedule can be found here. And for even more information, visit the World Cup of Poker V page.

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