APPT Macau: Two “Final Tables” on one day!

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Team PokerStars Pro member, Lee “Final Table” Nelson, winner of the 2006 Aussie Millions, was eliminated from the APPT Macau on Day 2, but that’s not to say he has nothing to do. Nelson has just released a new book, “Let’s Play Poker”, and prior to the start of today’s final table, had a book-signing in the PokerStars Macau live poker room. In addition to the new title, Nelson also signed his previous two books, “Kill Phil” and “Kill Everyone”.


Lee "Final Table" Nelson, showing why he's so popular with the fans

Nelson, one of the most affable professionals on the live tournament circuit, loves to talk about “poker education”, and his new book, similar to “Kill Phil” is aimed towards the beginning and semi-intermediate player, who is keen to develop their poker skills in the single table Sit ‘N Go tournament structure. The book has some excellent descriptions of the key poker concepts, with expected value, plus pot and implied odds; being explained in plain, easy-to-understand English.

While signing copies of his books with his usual friendly message: “Hope to see you soon at the final table!” - Nelson answered questions on the current state of poker and offered advice to interested onlookers on a number of topics, including the best time to bluff, how to spot or avoid tells, and some of the differences between “new school” and “old school” players. According to the New Zealand native’s definition, “New school” players are under the age of 25 and learned their craft predominantly online; while “Old School” players are over 25 and learned poker playing live.


Nelson is a big proponent of "poker education"

Nelson says he loves tournament poker, and feels privileged to be a member of Team PokerStars Pro. He plays in as many of the APPT tournaments as he can, and says he plays in all the WCOOP events as well. When asked about his next book project, Nelson said he’d like to write a book about playing in HORSE tournaments (HORSE comprises a number of poker variants in a single game, including Limit Hold’em; Omaha Hi-Lo; Razz; Stud; and Stud Eight or Better), or even a book on how to win at online poker.

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