Battle of the Planets Results 08-31-2008

467 Sit and Go champions for the past month gathered today for the biggest share of the monthly Battle of the Planets giveaway. The players earned their way to the triple shootout with a $50,000 prizepool by winning a weekly race for points by playing a certain amount of SnG tourneys of ANY amount. No need to be a high roller for the shot at today’s $12,500 top prize, just manage to acquire enough points on your planet for a week and you’re in whether you are playing $3.30 SnGs or $5,000 ones!

Everyone who won their first table received $195.00; the final nine are assured $775.00. roo_400 won his table early on and has some very impressive MTT wins at the $55 level, also taking down a $215 tournament here last year good for $13,824. slip_18_ and Action Wub stretched the search for the final seat out for nearly 20 minutes past the rest of the table, and Action Wub came out on top after several all-ins by both players.

Here’s how the final table started out as all players start with the same amounts on the third leg of the triple shootout:


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da itchy 84 (Steinbach)
doucheburger (Hidden Hills)
Einoeloclee (Tiel)
Mell15 (Viljandi)
natefive (Oakville)
roo_400 (Rosemere)
superbrian5 (Twickenham)
tron42 (Charlotte)
Action Wub (New Milford)

Just like last month, talks of a $4,000 split between the nine players began as soon as they were congratulated for reaching the final table. This time the talks were shut down before they really gained any ground as we continued to play towards the $12,500 first prize.

The first few blind levels saw some chip poking but true to a formula seen in the past few months for these events, the action simply shipped the smaller chips from side-to-side with no clear cut chip leader heading from 10/20 blinds to 15/30 blind levels.

At the first break tron42 started out to a small chip lead at 2,060 chips with 25/50 blinds coming up 12 minutes after the break, followed by Mell15 at 1,760 and Einoeloclee at 1,550 from the starting chip stack of 1,500.

Mid-way thru the 50/100 blinds level the final nine continue with the gnat bites at each other’s ankles with pre flop raises taking down the blinds or a quick three-bet making the original raiser duck for cover. tron42 has added to his lead chipping up to 3,305 and only Mell15 with 700 in chips felt any pressure from the increasing blinds.

Mell15’s tiny stack was the first to go from our final nine. The SpongeBob avatar could not soak up a win in a race with roo_400 for his last 500 chips. Blinds sitting at 50/100 and only five big blinds, Mell15 shoved from UTG with Ad-Qc and roo_400 got everyone else out of the way from one off the button by over-shoving for 1,775 in chips with 8h 8c. The board on the turn offered some counterfeiting outs while showing Jh-5c-Jd-9d but the 3h on the river gave the pot to roo_400. Mell15 returned to the pineapple under the sea with his newly acquired $775.00 in ninth place.

da ItchY 84 took a big blow while shoving for 1,090 in chips UTG with the blinds at 75/150. The table turbo folded as fast as Action Wub in the big blind called. As-9s for da ItchY 84 and pocket queens Qc-Qh for Action Wub. A flush draw nor an ace came on the board and da ItchY 84 was crippled with just 175 chips and facing the big blind of 150 on the next hand. Jack Straus won the World Series of Poker with his famous chip-and-a-chair and in the following two hands da Itchy 84 managed to climb back into contention by winning back-to-back all-ins and chipping up to 925 chips.

natefive saw an opening for some free chips as the table folded around to his small blind with blinds at 100/200 while holding just 1,080 after paying his blind dues. Open shoving into Einoeloclee who was sitting with 1,425 in chips. The rhino avatar woke up with some big horns and called immediately with pocket queens (Qh-Qd). Meekly natefive turned over his bluff of 8s-2h, the flop showed no love: Ks-Jh-4d but the turn gave natefive some outs with the 8c. But, no trips or deuce on the river meant natefive’s time was up in eighth place, taking home $1,200.00

The next victim of da ItchY 84’s comeback was superbrian5. With the blinds still at 100/200 da ItchY 84 shoved his suddenly relevant chip stack of 1,250 while open shoving from the button. roo_400 left his small blind, but superbrian5 called with only 690 chips after paying the big blind with pocket sevens (7s-7h). da ItchY 84’s Jd-Th was behind for exactly two seconds as the flop showed 8c-6d-Jc to give da ItchY 84 a big lead in the race. The 6h and Kc on the turn and river left the super one with nothing but air and $1,700.00 in seventh place.

Everyone at this final table is probably scratching from the da ItchY 84’s continued comeback as he collected yet another pelt. This time doucheburger found himself in desperate need of chips as the antes kicked in with blinds at 125/250 ante 25 and only holding 345 behind after paying the big blind and ante. da ItchY 84 raised to 545 UTG and folded around to doucheburger who called leaving himself 50 chips behind. On the flop of 7h-7s-4d doucheburger pushed all-in for his remaining 50 chips, and da ItchY 84 getting some decent pot odds, decided to make the call with his overpair pocket eights (8d-8s) versus doucheburger’s Qd-8c. The 5d on the turn gave doucheburger more outs to a split but the Js on the river sent the all-beef patty home in sixth place, banking $2,200.00 for his efforts.

tron42 was not knocked out by da ItchY 84, but took an exit in fifth place nonetheless. The blinds still at 125/250 antes 25, tron42 found Ad-9d UTG and shoved for 1,700 chips. Einoeloclee found a pair of ladies (Qh-Qs) right ahead of him and made the call leaving 510 chips behind. The rhino’s love for the ladies held up once again on a board of Jc-7c-5h-9s-8c and Einoeloclee finally held the chip lead with 4,485 in chips over the long time chip leader roo_400 who amassed his 4,070 in chips from steals and good flop play. The fifth place finisher, tron42, was deleted from the contest but his hard drive now contains an extra $2,735.00

roo_400’s roar was heard again moments later with blinds moving up to 150/300 ante 25 Action Wub made the call of roo_400’s push from the button while holding 1,310 in chips after putting his blinds and ante in to the middle. Action Wub’s pocket sevens (7d-7s) were well ahead of roo_400’s pocket deuces (2h-2s) but the flop of Ad-9c-2d gave roo_400 a set of deuces to put him in the lead. A 5d on the turn opened up some flush possibilities, but the Ah on the river gave the roaring lion roo_400 the chip lead with 6,280 and wubbed Action Wub out of the tourney with $3,350.00 in fourth place.

There would be no new chip-and-a-chair comeback story for da ItchY 84 this evening, as a big hand came down three handed when he open shoved from the button with 3,560 in chips with pocket jacks (Jd-Jh). roo_400 went back to his cave for this round, but Einoeloclee made the call with blinds at 150/300 ante 25 with Ad-Qc while leaving 1,100 behind. The race started poorly for the comeback kid as the flop showed Th-Ah-4c giving Einoeloclee the lead with a pair of aces. The 9s and 3h on the turn and river shipped to da ItchY 84 the $4,500.00 for third place while scratching his way up the pay scale.

The start of heads-up play saw the rhino versus the lion with the following chip counts:

Einoeloclee: 7,570
roo_400: 5,930

Heads up would last just ten hands, as roo_400 was crippled on the following hand: after roo_400 completed the small blind on the button with blinds at 150/300 ante 25, Einoeloclee checked in the big blind to see a monotone flop of 2s-Js-Qs. Check-check said the pair and the turn paired the board with the Jc and a check by Einoeloclee prompted roo_400 to bet 400 and Einoeloclee responded with a min raise to 800 which was called by roo_400. The Ts on the river completed a plethora of draws but didn’t phase Einoeloclee as he lead out for 1,800 into a pot of 4,050 and was called by roo_400 who left 1,905 behind. Jacks full of deuces for the rhino prompted a quick muck from roo_400 as he opted not to show.

The crippled roo_400 was able to survive one all-in, but the second one found himself all-in after a flop of 5s-7c-4d and his pair of fives with a gutshot draw (8c-5h) versus the flopped straight for Einoeloclee holding 8c-6d. Needing runner-runner for a boat or a six to chop the Qd and 8h did not provide and roo_400 added another big cash at PokerStars for $7,000.00 in second place.

Einoeloclee got the “lion’s share” as this month’s Battle of the Planets triple shootout freeroll champion netted $12,500! A congratulation to all that cashed, and be sure to start qualifying for next month’s competition starting today!

August Battle of the Planets Results

1. Einoeloclee (Tiel) $12,500.00
2. roo_400 (Rosemere) $7,000.00
3. da ItchY 84 (Steinebach) $4,500.00
4. Action Wub (New Milford) $3,350.00
5. tron42 (Charlotte) $2,735.00
6. doucheburger (Hidden Hills) $2,200.00
7. superbrian5 (Twickenham) $1,700.00
8. natefive (Oakville) $1,200.00
9. Mell15 (Viljandi) $775.00

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