EPT London: £1 Million Showdown updates - No 7

The EPT £1 Million Showdown coverage continues here. Yesterday 86 players started, each paying a £20,000 buy-in. Now just 14 remain. Play will resume with blinds now 2,000-4,000 with a running ante of 400. We'll play on until we reach a final table and then pause before the action switches to the TV table. Click refresh to see the latest details.

3.20pm: Dennis Phillips bubbles the £1 Million Showdown
The Million Dollar Man won't be winning a quick million quid before his Vegas showdown. He gets his short stack all in with Qs-9s versus Isaac Haxton's As-4h and it misses everyone. We'll have full chip counts, profiles and build up here momentarily. The final table will begin in about 30 minutes.

3.10pm: On the other table, a huge pot plays out between three competitors. Scotty Nguyen raises from under the gun for 18,000. John Juanda, on the button, makes it 30,000 more and that prompts Peter Jetten to move all in from the small blind for another 106,000. Nguyen folds, Juanda thinks about it and then calls. Juanda has Q-Q but Jetten has aces. The flop is all spades, jack high, and Nguyen squeals in agony, claiming he folded jacks. As it is, they see turn and river and the aces hold and Jetten doubles up.

3.00pm: Isaac Haxton is all in with pocket threes and we see them because Davind Benyamine calls with A-10. The race is on and it's Haxton staring elimination in the face. This time, though, he's left to punch the air in celebration rather than dismay and stays very much alive.

2.55pm: Alex Roumeliotis, whose play had been dictated by the pressures of a short stack, found a hand to move in with and was called by the impressive John Juanda. Roumeliotis had pocket eights to Juanda’s A-J. When the ace hit the flop it was all over for Roumeliotis who busts out two from the money. With ten left play goes hand-for-hand.

2.45pm: John Juanda bets out pre-flop, a standard raise of 16,500 under-the gun. Christopher Jetten has none of that, moves all in and takes the blinds.

Juanda then tries a similar move against Masaaki Kagawa on a flop of Js-8h-4h. Kagawa made it 22,000 sending the action back round to Juanda. After a few beats he moved all-in, as if he was stamping out cheekiness and Kagawa backed out.

2.25pm: Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer and Dario Minieri are now railbirding the event. Raymer was speaking to Scotty Nguyen.

“How come I didn’t hear you before I saw you today?”

“After the last couple of pots my tongue is tied!”

2.20pm: The blinds go up as we enter level 13. They’re now 3,000/6,000 with a running ante of 500.

2.15pm: Tournament officials have announced that we will go to hand to hand at ten players. When we reach nine, after the bubble bursts, play will transfer to the feature table for a nine-handed final.

2.05pm: Ghassan Bitar moves all-in with A-5 and is called by PokerStars player Isaac Haxton with pocket sixes. The board comes 2s-Jd-Js-3h-2d eliminating the Ghanayan in 12th place.

2pm: Andrew Feldman is out 13th place finisher, moving in under the gun for 39,400 with Kc-Ts, called by John Juanda with As-Th. The board ran out 6h-Qd-Ks-4c-Ac to bust Feldman. Juanda now has 211,000.

1.50pm: Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle Mercier has her game face on, even more so than yesterday. In two pots, one after the other, she re-raised Scotty Nguyen on her right to add more than 25,000 to her stack.

1.40pm: Masaaki Kagawa doesn’t say much at the table, mainly due to the fact he speaks little English, but his actions have been louder than words. So when he plays a pot the calm just adds to the tension. So with a board of 6c-Qc-Ah-Th already dealt and the man from Japan staring at John Juanda and vice versa, it was worth hanging around.

Kagawa bet 14,000 on the turn. Juanda counted out the call from his stack, placed it to one side and then worked on assembling a raise. When it was placed across the line it amounted to a raise of 20,500 extra. Taking a minute Kagawa went to his chips and looked over at his opponent as he made the call.

The river card 5h. Kagawa checked this time but there was no let up from Juanda, a bigger raise of 43,000 now. This time it was good. No noise from Kagawa, hardly a reaction either. On to the next hand.

1.30pm: Jani Sointula’s exit was hardly surprising and was probably the most likely elimination we’ll see all day. Play has slowed now as we approach the money, and of course, the final table.

1.17pm: The first faller of the day is Jani Sointula. Hardly surprising as he had a little more than a big blind remaining. He shoved with A-3 from the cut off and was called by Andre Feldman in the big blind holding A-5. He hit his five on the flop and we're down to 13 players.

1.15pm: All the players are in their seats and play resumes in level 12.

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