EPT London: £1 Million Showdown updates – No 2

The high roller event coverage continues here. This who's who of poker started with 86, each paying a £20,000 buy-in and we’ll play through to a final table tonight. Starting stacks of 20,000, blinds now 150/300. We'll be bringing updates here alongside our EPT London coverage. Click refresh to see the latest details.

5.55pm: Players pause for a break with 61 players remaining.

5.40pm: Chris Moneymaker has swapped the seat he had between Isabelle Mercier and Sebastian Ruthenberg for one on a table with Barry Greenstein and Max Pescatori. Meanwhile the other Mercier in the field, Jason, has also switched and is alongside Million Dollar Man Ylon Schwartz, Dave Ulliott and Joe Hachem.

_MG_7129Neil Stoddart.jpg
Joe Hachem

Having said that Hachem was not there for long. After a raise from Ulliott in the cut-off Hachem moved all-in. It was 2,800 more to call which after a period of reflection he did. Hachem was ahead with A-K to Ulliott’s A-7. “Sevens are always lucky” said Ulliott though and he wasn’t wrong. A seven hit the turn and with a “good luck fellas” Hachem was out.

Over on Moneymaker’s table a hand developed between himself, Barry Greenstein and Max Pescatori. On a flop of Jh-7s-6c Pescatori on the small blind checked, as did Moneymaker in the big blind. Greenstein, in the cut off, came out betting, 2K to go which Moneymaker called.

With an ace on the turn Moneymaker checked to his fellow Team PokerStars Pro with a 3,000 raise the result. Moneymaker ended it there, mucking his hand, down to 24,000.

5.15pm: The landscape has changes somewhat with two giants of the games eliminated. Phil Ivey paid off the massage therapist and joins Patrik Antonius in heading for the door.

David Benyamine will be here a little longer. He just moved all-in for 20,000 on a flop of 6s-Jh-4d with Million Dollar Man Dennis Phillips having the option to call. As the chip leader he could afford it, showing pocket tens to Benyamine’s pocket kings. Nothing to change things on the turn and river and the Frenchman doubled up.

5.05pm: Latest chip counts...

Dennis Philips, 68,000
Daniel Negreanu, 56,000
Greg Raymer, 36,000
Sami Kelopuro, 36,000
John Juanda, 31,000
Max Pescatori, 31,000
Jason Mercier, 30,000
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, 29,000
Peter Eastgate, 27,000
Scotty Nguyen, 26,500
David Benyamine, 26,000
Alexander Roumeloitis, 24,000
Isabelle Mercier, 23,000
Jani Sointula, 23,000
Juha Helppi, 22,000
Sören Kongsgaard, 21,000
William Thorson, 20,000
Dave "Devilfisk" Ulliot, 19,500
Sebastian Ruthenberg, 18,500
Barry Greenstein, 17,800
Illari Sahamies, 16,500
Andre Akkari, 16,300
Chris Moneymaker, 15,700
David "Chino" Rheem, 14,500
Chris Ferguson, 14,100
Sorel Mizzi, 12,500
Per Ummer, 10,200
Phil Ivey, 10,000
Steve Zolotow, 8,500
Patrik Antonius, 8,000
Joe Hachem, 3,500

4.50pm: The payouts are not yet official but the first prize is expected to be more than £500,000. That will be welcome news to Million Dollar Man Denis Phillips who has the chip lead with more than 70,000.

4.40pm: One player who will find that irrelevant though is Gus Hansen. TV cameras just showed him shaking hands and leaving the tournament area, out in level three.

_MG_6895Neil Stoddart.jpg
Gus Hansen

4.20pm: Illari Sahamies just took a knock to his chances, calling the raises of Christopher Jetten on the flop, turn and river. 7h-3d-6c-Ks-Jd was the board. Jetten showed 3c-Kc to take the pot after Sahamies took several minutes to call.

Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri is sadly out, one of the early fallers. Meanwhile another Italian is heading in the opposite direction. Max Pescatori, who went deep in the EPT London yesterday, helped his cause no end in a pot against Sami Kelopuro.

Pescatori bet 800 pre-flop from early position and was called by Liya Gerasimov and raised by Kelopuro in the blinds, 3,150 in total. Pescatori looked again, asked how much and eventually called. Gerasimov mucked. The flop came 9d-Ts-7d which Kelopuro checked, leaving Pescatori to bet 3,500, an uncontested bet that sent Pescatori up to 33K.

_MG_6710Neil Stoddart.jpg
Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker

Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker just doubled up. It started with a pre-flop raise from EPT Barcelona winner and PokerStars shooting star Sebastian Ruthenberg. He got two callers, one of which was Million Dollar Man Chino Rheem, before Chris Moneymaker moved all-in for 7,200. Only Ruthenberg called, showing pocket tens to Moneymaker’s A-Q. The board couldn’t have been friendlier to the former World Champion, Q-5-5-A-Q.

3.55pm: Play resumes in level three with 79 players of the original 85 remaining. Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano is at the blunt end of the chip counts, reduced to 3,000 after losing another pot after the break.

Daniel Negreanu takes down another pot, this time from Gus Hansen who folded to Negreanu’s raise on a 7h-5d-7d flop. With the same chuckle Negreanu showed his 6d-4d for a straight flush draw.

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