EPT London: £1 Million Showdown updates - No 4

The high roller event coverage continues here. This who's who of poker started with 86, each paying a £20,000 buy-in and they’ll play through to a last nine tonight, returning for the final tomorrow afternoon. Starting stacks of 20,000, blinds now 200/400 with a running ante of 50. We'll be bringing updates here alongside our EPT London coverage. Click refresh to see the latest details.

10.50pm: Players pause for ten minutes.

10.45pm: Daniel Negreanu’s once mighty position as chip leader has taken a dent, a hand against Alexander Roumeliotis where a set of jacks brought Negreanu back down to earth. In terms of a dose of first aid he didn’t do too badly a few hands later. On a flop of 4d-5s-5h Jason Mercier bet 5,100 which Negreanu called. By now the break had started and only the two players, and Barry Greenstein, were still around to see.

_MG_6807Neil Stoddart.jpg
Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu

A 7c turn card and Mercier checked. Negreanu made it 7,000 to go on which Mercier wanted no part of. Negreanu flashed tow face cards before heading off on the break.

On the other table it was Max Pescatori putting his tournament life at risk a few hands before the break. With the board already showing Kh-2s-9c-As Pescatori made it 6,000, called by Jani Sointula. The river card, a 6c, and Pescatori moved all-in, 11,000 in total which Sointula called. 9d-4h for the Italian but Sointula had him beat with 9h-Ts.

10.30pm: No harm was done to Dan Heimiller’s stack when he bet all the way on a board of 6h-6d-5d-Qd-Kh that eventually saw his opponent bail out, leaving Heimiller 20,000 better off than he started with.

Meanwhile Michael Watson and Max Pescatori arrive at the table, their table breaking and sending John Juanda to join Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari’s table.

David Benyamine gets a few more chips to add to his growing stack on the next hand, betting on a 3s-5s-2d flop that ended anyone else’s plans in the hand.

10.20pm: It's the high roller event and they don't roll any higher than Barry Greenstein. Here's what the Team PokerStars Pro had to say:

Watch EPT London 08 Final Table: Barry Greenstein on PokerStars.tv

9.55pm: A run down of notable chip counts in the high roller event can be found HERE.

9.45pm: Million Dollar Man Ylon Schwartz and Kagawa Masaaki just faced off in a pot. On a flop of 2s-6c-6s Schwartz fired out 5,100 from the cut off. It was folded back to Masaaki in the hi-jack who called for a 6d on the turn. Both checked for a 8d on fifth street. A check-check and Masaaki turned over pocket twos. More than enough.

9.15pm: Recent eliminations include Neil Channing and Chris Ferguson as half of the field remain. One of the leaders is Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu.

Both he and Million Dollar Man Darus Suharto checked the flop of Jd-4s-7c. On the turn card 6s Negreanu, in the cut off, made it 5,800. Suharto thought about it for a while, an expression that suggested he was adding up numbers, and then re-raised, another 11,200 on top of Negreanu’s bet.

_MG_5203Neil Stoddart.jpg
Million Dollar Man Darus Suharto

Negreanu now asked how much Suharto had then began talking quietly to himself and then at Suharto “I think I know what you’ve got.” Suharto smiles, what else can you do, as Negreanu called. The 9s on the river. Suharto checked a second before Negreanu slammed a stack of brown chips into the pot. Suharto called all-in, showing 8d-6d, but Negreanu had made his flush holding Js-Ts.

Darus Suharto out, Negreanu up to more than 145,000.

8.45pm: Play resumes in level seven, with blinds now400/800 with a running ante of 100.

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