EPT London: £1 Million Showdown updates - No 6

The high roller event coverage continues here. This afternoon 86 players started, each paying a £20,000 buy-in. Blinds are now 1,500/3,000 with a running ante of 300. The updates will continue through the night until the order to halt for the night is given. Click refresh to see the latest details.

3am: It was a long day but some would say shorter than expected. After 11 levels of play and from a starting field of 86, just 14 of them remain, including Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle Mercier. There are others of course, guaranteeing that the final table tomorrow, when we get there, will be chock full of the names and faces normally found scattered across the covers of magazines.

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Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle Mercier

It starts at 1pm tomorrow afternoon, or later today depending on which side of the meridian you are when you read this. We’ll have full coverage on the blog from start to finish and don’t forget you can follow every hand of the action on EPT Live.

Join us then for all the introductions and ceremony.

2.35am: The chip counts for the last 14 players are as follows...

David Benyamine, France, 295,900
Alexander Roumeliotis, Sweden, 229,400
Jason Mercier, USA, 161,200
Scotty Nguyen, USA, 159,100
Masaaki Kagawa, Japan, 159,000
John Juanda, USA, 138,900
Michael Watson, Canada, PokerStars player, 118,000
Christopher Jetten, Canada, 105,100
Isabelle Mercier, Canada, Team PokerStars Pro, 99,200
Isaac Haxton, USA, PokerStars player, 83,200
Dennis Phillips, USA, Million Dollar Man, 73,200

Ghassan Bitar, Ghana, 58,700
Andrew Feldman, UK, 33,000
Jani Sointula, Finland, 6,500

2.20am: After 11 full levels play ends with 14 players remaining. A long day comes to an end ahead of another long one tomorrow.

2.10am: Jani Sointula moves all-in. John Juanda took it his time but called with pocket queens, to Sointula’s A-6. A queen hit the flop and despite a gutshot straight draw on the turn Sointula was crippled, left with just 6,500.

2am: Team PokerStars Pro find some welcome luck, doubling up when all in with A-Q. Alex Roumeliotis called with A-K but the board showed mercy to No Mercy, falling as it did 8s-3h-9c-Tc-Js, giving her the straight.

1.55am: Sami Kelopura was next to move in with Ah-9c, 34,800 total so it was only a matter of time. He was called though by Christopher Jettern holding K-J. It waited until the river but the king came to send the Finn out in 15th place.

1.45am: Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu is no more. He moved in on an ace-high flop with A-2 only to be called by Scotty Nguyen.

1.30am: Three bust outs in quick succession. Praz Bansi is first crippled, moving all in with pocket aces, getting called by Jani Sointula with A-Q who catches queens on the flop and river. Bansi couldn’t believe it but remained calm. A few expletives from the rail just about summed it up. He moved in next hand with his last 12,000 and was promptly eliminated by John Juanda.

Elsewhere Steve Zolotow was dealt the same fate, all in with pocket fives and called by David Benyamine who had looked down to find pocket queens.

1.10am: Back from the break and Jani Sointula moves all-in, using two arms to bang his chips in, almost immediately pulling them back when he gets no callers and picks up the blinds – a welcome few grand.

Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein is out. I’m afraid I arrived too late to discover how it happened, just to say I saw him sign a copy of his book and hand it to a grateful Alexander Roumeliotis. 20 left.

Englishman Nathan Lee effectively doubles up, all-in with K-J and hitting two pair on the flop. His opponent Steven Silverman didn’t and was narrowly covered by Lee. 19 left.

1am: There are 21 players remaining in the high roller event. tournament officials have declared that if they reach 14 players in this level play will stop, if not one more will be played.

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