Final table update 1 - £1 Million Showdown

The final table of the £1 Million Showdown event at EPT London is underway. Blinds are 3,000-6,000 with a 1,000 ante. Full details of the payout structure can be found here and you can follow all the action on EPT Live.

5.40pm: Peter Jetten bets form the button and gets a call from Issac Haxton in the blinds. The see a flop of 5d-Ad-9h, which Isaac raises, making it 22,000 to go. Jetten called. The turn brings a jack and Haxton bets again, 60,000 this time. Jetten called. The river brought another jack which both players checked. “How’s eight-high looking?” asked Haxton optimistically. Not that good. Jetten turned over A-Q to take the pot.

5.30pm: John Juanda, fresh from victory at the WSOPE, is now chip leader here. He has spent approximately 13 minutes away from a poker table in the past seven days.

_MG_7094Neil Stoddart.jpg
John Juanda

5.25pm: David Benyamine makes up the big blind but Scotty Nguyen is having none of that and moves all in. Benyamine fakes to call, but lets it go. Then Michael Watson gets a walk in the big blind.

5.20pm: Peter Jetten is pushed out of one by John Juanda. The young Canadian raises it to about 30,000 pre-flop and Juanda comes over the top all in for about 277,000 more. Fold, please, says Jetten.

5.15pm: It's quietened down a little with very few flops being seen. Scotty Nguyen gets one through, showing A-K, then Isaac Haxton also picks up the blinds.

4.58pm: Isabelle Mercier, Team PokerStars Pro, Canada, eliminated in ninth place, earning £51,000 Isabelle Mercier moves all in pre-flop and Michael Watson moves in over the top. They're the two short stacks but Watson just has his fellow Canadian covered in both chips and cards. Mercier has A-J, Watson has A-K and although she picks up an inside straight draw on the turn, it misses and Mercier is out.

_MG_6697Neil Stoddart.jpg
Team PokerStars Pro Isabelle Mercier

4.50pm: Michael Watson has been left second shortest by Nguyen's double up. So the Canadian shoves all in pre-flop and picks up the blinds and antes.

4.47pm: It's folded around to David Benyamine in the small blind and Benyamine shoves a huge stack into the middle, putting Scotty Nguyen all in. "It's 80 percent I'm gonna call you, baby," says Scotty. "Yeah, I call." Nguyen has A-9, Benyamine has A-7 and there's no drama through all five streets and Nguyen is on 139,000, doubling up early.

4.45pm: John Juanda puts in the first raise and she makes it 19,000, betting into the big blind of Isabelle Mercier. Mercier folds.

4.40pm: And we're off again. The tournament officials have rolled the blinds back to 3,000-6,000 with a 1,000 running ante. And we're off.

4.30pm: Slightly behind time, we're now making the final preparations for final table action. It's an exceptionally north American-oriented table, with three from the United States and three from Canada. David Benyamine, from France, and Masaaki Kagawa, from Japan, will attempt to break the monopoly.

3.30pm: The final table chip counts and seat allocations are as follows:

Seat 1 - Peter Jetten - Canada - 347,000
Seat 2 - Michael Watson - Canada - 104,000
Seat 3 - Isaac Haxton - PokerStars player - USA - 293,000
Seat 4 - Isabelle Mercier - Team PokerStars Pro - Canada - 86,000
Seat 5 - David Benyamine - France - 175,000
Seat 6 - Scotty Nguyen - USA - 68,000
Seat 7 - Jason Mercier - USA - 204,000
Seat 8 - Masaaki Kagawa - Japan - 142,000
Seat 9 - John Juanda - USA - 302,000

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