Final table update 2 - £1 Million Showdown

The final table of the £1 Million Showdown event at EPT London is underway. Blinds are 4,000-8,000 with a 1,000 ante. Full details of the payout structure can be found here and you can follow all the action on EPT Live.

6.45pm: That's the dinner break and we'll be back in an hour. The chip counts are:

John Juanda, USA, 435,000
Michael Watson, Canada, 348,000
Peter Jetten, Canada, 318,000
Jason Mercier, USA, 304,000
Isaac Haxton, USA, 241,000
Scotty Nguyen, USA, 75,000

6.42pm: Masaaki Kagawa, Japan, eliminated in seventh place for £86,000
Kagawa opens from early position and Watson moves another 72,000 in. Kagawa is essentially playing for his stack but reraises all in. Watson has to call and has A-K versus the Japanese's A-Q. The miracle flush or queen does not come and he is out. Watson has knocked out each of the three players to go so far, leaving a table entirely comprised of north Americans. Watson is up to 349,000.

_MG_5565Neil Stoddart.jpg
Masaaki Kagawa

6.40pm: Michael Watson puts his newly-acquired chips to work, making it 20,000 pre-flop to pick up blinds and antes.

6.34pm: David Benyamine, France, eliminated in eighth place, earning £59,000

_MG_7179Neil Stoddart.jpg
David Benyamine

6.32pm Michael Watson moves his short stack in pre-flop, attacking the other short stack in front of David Benyamine. Watson has found aces, Benyamine has K-J and calls. Benyamine picks up a double belly buster on the turn but it doesn't come - and, in fact, Watson has Benyamine covered so the Frenchman is out.

6.28pm: Kagawa moves all in and Michael Watson calls. The Japanese has Q-9 but the Canadian has 9-9. The flop favours the all in player, though, as it comes with a queen on it, leaving only the case nine to bail out Watson. It doesn't come, Kagawa doubles up and Watson is now short.

6.25pm: David Benyamine moves all in for a total of 50,000. It's folded to John Juanda who announces that he has 10 high but thinks he might have to call. "No, I can't call."

6.23pm: Michale Watson pinches Masaaki Kagawa's big blind with a cheeky raise from the small blind. The Japanes isn't keen to mix it up and away the blind go.

6.20pm: The Japanese player Masaaki Kagawa raises to 25,000 out of a stack of 100,000 and Isaac Haxton moves all in over the top for another 218,000. Kagawa miraculously lays it down.

6.15pm: Isaac Haxton takes down blinds and antes with a pre-flop reraise.

6.10pm: Chip counts:

John Juanda - 453,000
Peter Jetten - 348,000
Jason Mercier - 240,000
Isaac Haxton - 190,000
Michael Watson - 177,000
Scotty Nguyen - 137,000
Masaaki Kagawa - 107,000
David Benyamine - 69,000

6.05pm: Jason Mercier raises to about 20,000 pre-flop and John Juanda calls. The flop is 3s-5s-4s and both players check. The river is the 8h and that's enough for Juanda to bet 30,000. Mercier calls. The river is the 7c and Juanda bets 30,000, which screams value bet. Mercier is seriously tempted but folds.

_MG_5653Neil Stoddart.jpg
Jason Mercier

6pm: Jason Mercier and Scotty Nguyen see a flop from the blinds and they run it all the way through, with Nguyen picking it up with third pair 10s on the end.

5.57pm:Now Masaaki Kagawa moves all in pre-flop, for 104,000. Isaac Haxton has a decision for about half his chips but eventually keeps them for another day.

5.50pm: Scotty Nguyen makes it 72,000 pre-flop, which is pretty much all in for the multiple World Series winner. It's good enough to take the blinds and prompt a typical Scotty Nguyen monologue that may or may not make a lot of sense.

5.45pm: First hand back and David Benyamine again makes up the blind only to see Scotty Nguyen push. "I can't believe I didn't push my hand," said Benyamine. "You push, I call baby," said Scotty. Neither is lying, Benyamine shows K-10s and Nguyen shows A-K off.

Peter Jetten - 380,000
John Juanda - 377,000
Jason Mercier - 203,000
Isaac Haxton - 194,000
Scotty Nguyen - 186,000
Michael Watson - 181,000
Masaaki Kagawa - 123,000
David Benyamine - 77,000

Howard Swains
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