Final table update 5 - £1 Million Showdown

The final table of the £1 Million Showdown event at EPT London is underway. Blinds are 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante. Full details of the payout structure can be found here and you can follow all the action on EPT Live.

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11.20pm: Mercier limping
Jason Mercier limps from the small blind, allowing him and John Juanda to see a flop of 6h-4s-4d. They check it all the way to the end, past a jack on the turn and a three on the river. And that's the last level of the day.

11.17pm: Watson again
Michael Watson calls Jason Mercier's pre-flop raise and then bets out on a board of 7h-Jh-9h. Mercier folds.

11.10pm: Watson on the charge
John Juanda bets from the button, and Michael Watson moves all in for 348,000, which is another 299,000 to Juanda. The American is not usually one to tank unnecessarily, so it seems like he has a real decision to make. He talks a little about his hand, strongly suggesting it's a medium ace. Watson remains impassive as Juanda continues his monologue. Eventually he fold and shows A-6. Watson does not oblige.

11.05pm: Techincal difficulties
John Juanda is having trouble with his hole cam, although he's reliably less concerned than the television crew. Three handed chip counts are:

Jason Mercier, 712,000
John Juanda, 707,000
Michael Watson 302,000

11pm: Mercier v Juanda II
John Juanda raises 46,000 and Jason Mercier makes it another 75,000. Juanda folds, not prepared to play for his whole stack at this point.

10.55pm: Watson doubles up
Michael Watson moves in pre-flop with Q-10 and Mercier calls from the small blind with A-8. A queen flops and that's enough. Watson doubles his short stack, although Mercier remains the chip leader.

10.52pm: Mercier v Juanda
With Michael Watson the very very short stack, he must be delighted to see Mercier and Juanda play a pot against one another. Mercier raises from the small blind, Juanda calls from the big and the flop comes 4h-2h-Qd. Check, check. Turnis the 10h and Mercier bets 65,00, Juanda calls. The river is the 3s, check, check and Mercier takes it down.

10.45pm: Form players remain
These three players have each had huge results in the past year. Indeed, they've won the triple crown between them. Michael Watson picked up the WPT Bellagio Cup, Jason Mercier won EPT San Remo, and John Juanda took the WSOPE event last week.

Chip counts three handed:

John Juanda: 813,000
Jason Mercier: 744,000
Michael Watson: 164,000

Peter Jetten, Canada, eliminated in fourth place, earning £189,000
10.40pm: Juanda flexing his muscles; Mercier and Jetten go head-to-head
The bullying chip-leader moves all in pre-flop a couple of times and picks up the blinds and antes. When Juanda gets out the way, Peter Jetten makes a standard buton raise, but Jason Mercier moves all in. And Jetten calls! Mercier doesn't look happy as he has to flip over pocket deuces. Jetten has A-J and flops an ace, but there's also a two on board. Eventually it runs out Qh-2c-Ad Ad-Kc which is a house for Mercier.

10.36pm: Michael Watson all in
The short-stacked Canadian moves all in pre-flop and picks up blinds and antes. That will do.

10.32pm: The two Js
John Juanda raises it to 49,000 pre-flop and Jetten calls from the big blind. The flop is Jh-Kd-10s, which they check, as they do the As turn. The river is the 2d and Juanda bets 30,000. Jetten folds to extend his chip lead.

10.30pm: Mercier bullies Jetten pre-flop
Peter Jetten raises to 52,000 pre-flop and Jason Mercier bumps it up to 140,000 from the small blind. Jetten opts to fold and Mercier adds that chunk to his stack.

10.25pm: Scotty Nguyen, USA, eliminated in fifth place, earning £157,500
John Juanda opens under the gun and Nguyen re-raises all in from the small blind. It's about 84,000 more. Jason Mercier is itching to call in the small blind but agonisingly folds. Juanda, of course, calls and he has K-9h. Nguyen is ahead with Ac-10s but there are two hearts on the flop and another on the river to make a flush. Nguyen is gone.

10.15pm: Nguyen forced to fold
Jason Mercier, under the gun, raises Scotty Nguyen's big blind. Of course he has to get through all the others first which he duly does and then Nguyen instructs Mercier to add his blind to Mercier's chip stack.

10pm: Players are on a 15 minute break
Players will return at 10.15pm with the following stacks:
John Juanda - 598,000
Peter Jetten - 480,000
Jason Mercier - 329,000
Michael Watson - 210,000
Scotty Nguyen - 104,000

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