First-timer nets Sunday Million win

Playing poker takes more than a leather backside. Just about every square inch of your body and psyche needs to be tough as cow hide. Heck, sometimes we'd all take a suit of armor.

Iron Henry is not a PokerStars name anyone would have recognized a week ago. There was no real reason to. He hadn't been around for very long. He'd just recently moved to PokerStars.

"I wished to improve my game," he confided. "I usually play six-handed games because I rarely have the time to play big tournaments."

The 21-year old English major from the UK has dreams of being a writer. When he's not honing that craft or going to class, he plays poker. He likes tournaments, though, and plays when he can. It just so happened, he had some time last weekend.

And so, this past Sunday, Iron Henry decided to enter what amounted to a last chance satellite into the PokerStars Sunday Million. He won his seat and went to work. As morning broke on the UK, Iron Henry was sitting at the final table. What's more, he wasn't into a chop at first.

And then came the chorus of, "What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?"

The changing world of online poker allowed the world's virtual rail to note Iron Henry barely had an online tournament record of which to speak. Conspiracy theories abounded. Who was this masked man?

Turns out, he wasn't an evil genius. He wasn't a reincarnation of a former evil genius. He was just a guy who had recently moved to PokerStars, recently won a satellite into the Sunday Million, and now is $163,421.20 richer. After a heads-up deal, he won the big end of the prize pool.

Now, he plans to finish up his college career, move to Vegas, and use his winnings to help pay for the beginnings of a writing career.

So, for all the doubters out there: Iron Henry may not have been around long-enough to have a leather tail, but he's the real deal. Whether he is actually made of iron is something we'll have to determine at a later date.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in