EPT London: £1 Million Showdown updates – No 5

The high roller event coverage continues here. This afternoon 86 players started, each paying a £20,000 buy-in. They’ll play until just nine remain tonight, returning for the final tomorrow afternoon. Blinds are now 800/1,600 with a running ante of 200. We'll be bringing updates here alongside our EPT London coverage. Click refresh to see the latest details.

12.55am: Players pause for a short break.

12.40am: More players are busting as the blinds begin to nip at ankles. Joel Nordkvist found that to be the case also. He bet on a flop of 4h-3c-7c only to be re-raised by Jason Mercier, the EPT San Remo winner making it 55,000 to go. This effectively made it an all-in or fold decision for Nordkvist who took his time over it but finally placed his chips in the middle. Mercier called showing pocket eights to Nordkvist’s Jh-7h for a pair. Nothing on the turn or river changed that and we’d lost one more.

12.25am: Ylon Schwartz is out, now enjoying a beer from the sidelines after what might be his last high-octane trial run before his World Series appearance next month.

_MG_6948Neil Stoddart.jpg
Million Dollar Man Ylon Schwartz

12am: For a full run down of approximate chip counts at this stage visit the chip count page HERE.

11.40pm: Three tables remain in the high roller event. Organisers are hoping to get to the low teens before calling it a night.

Recent eliminations include Dave Ulliott, Juha Helppi and Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari. Meanwhile John Juanda now sits alongside David Benyamine, and Praz Bansi arrives on Scotty Nguyen and Ylon Schwartz’s table.

11.25pm: A pre-flop raise of 4,800 by Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu in middle position which both Dave Ulliott in the hi-jack and Alex Roumeliotis in the cut off called. The flop came 7c-6d-Ad which Negreanu checked and Ulliott bet at, 7,500 total. Roumeliotis called but Negreanu got out, leaving them both to play heads up at the turn, a 6c.

Ulliott tapped the table, indicating a check. Roumeliotis then made it 8,000. Ulliott peeked at his cards one last time but it was no good. He mucked, down now to 37,000. For Roumeliotis though he races ahead, among the leaders on 130,000.

11.10pm: Million Dollar Man Ylon Schwartz has kept a low profile, but played a hand to the river with Scotty Nguyen. With the board reading 7c-2s-Js-9h Nguyen made it 4,700 from the big blind which Schwartz called in the cut off. The river was a king, a vital king it seems because both players had one. Two checks and a showdown later and the pot was split, king-queen each cause Ylon to let out a good natured “argh!”

_MG_6836Neil Stoddart.jpg
Scotty Nguyen

11.05pm: PokerStars qualifier Johan van Till is another player to bust out.

11pm: Play resumes with blinds now 800/1,600 with a running ante of 200. Only 29 of the original 86 players remain.

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