Meet Mats Sundin

PokerStars has gone and done it again. It has created a promotion that gives its players something they would never have a chance to do otherwise. What is it this time? How about a chance to play some poker, go to New York CIty, and hang out with Mats Sundin?

Yes, the Mats Sundin.

PokerStars recently announced Sundin would be spending some time around the big live events and was looking to get some time in on the felt. Now, PokerStars players have a chance to meet the hockey legend.

Sundin01-289-web (1).jpg

From now until December 7, PokerStars is running events that will give United States winners a chance to go to New York and meet Sundin. Winners will be VIPs at the game and watch the New York Rangers play the Carolina Hurricanes. Winners will also have a chance to eat dinner with Sundin.

For a full look at how to qualify, see the Meet Mats Sundin page at

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news