PokerStars announces World Record Week promotions

By now, you likely have heard that PokerStars intends to break a world record this weekend. The plan is to have 35,000 people playing in the same poker tournament at the same time. The $11 buy-in $500,000 guaranteed tournament is set to break the Guinness world record for the biggest poker tournament ever. Not only could you say you played in a record-breaking tournament, you could win a bunch of money. You can sign up under Tourney and Special for the December 28 15:30 ET time event.

That feat alone would be reason for PokerStars to celebrate. As usual, PokerStars is going over the top with wild and crazy promotions to mark the occasion. The information has been embargoed until this very moment. Now, we can release the full details of this week's promotions. Take a deep breath with us and strap in for the ride.

Reload Bonus

You've been waiting for it, and now it's here. During World Record Week, PokerStars is offering a 25% reload bonus up to $150. The bonus kicks off at 14:00 ET today and runs through the end of the year. The code "PS25" will get you the bonus. For full details, be sure to see the 25% bonus page at PokerStars.

$2.5 Million Sunday Million

The Sunday What? This weekend, the Sunday Million will be the Sunday $2.5 Million. Everything about the tournament is the same--same buy-in, same time, just a much bigger guaranteed prize pool. As an added treat, PokerStars is offering tons of extra satellites for the Sunday Million, including some cool FPP qualifiers that can get you into the Sunday Million for free.,

$1 Million Sunday Warm-Up

Well, you can't very well increase the guarantee on the Sunday Million without giving the Sunday Warm-Up a bump, right?

This weekend, at 12:45 ET, the Sunday Warm-Up will have a $1 million guarantee. PokerStars is also running extra satellites for this event as well.

10,000 player Sit & Go's

Remember the day when a Sit & Go was just a few people tossing a few chips back and forth? Well, how about this: PokerStars is going to be running $1 buy-in 10,000 player Sit & Go events this weekend. You will see them pop up in the lobby on December 27.

Need some added incentive? PokerStars is adding $10,000 to the prize pool of each event.

Good enough?

Milestone Hands

The Milestone Hands are back. A tried and true promotion at PokerStars, the Milestone Hands will award some big cash to the people dealt into each millionth hand. Once again, the higher your VIP level, the more money you make for getting dealt in to the milestone hand.

Team PokerStars Pro Championship Match

This Sunday at 13:00 ET, Team PokerStars Pro's members will face off against each other for a chance to win money for charity and determine who will be the Team PokerStars Pro captain. Why would they need a captain, you ask? Well, the details are still coming in on that one, but it has to do with something called PokerStars All-Star Weekend, a brand new online team competition coming next year

The Team PokerStars Pro Championship match will be an 8-game mixed event. The PokerStars Blog will have live reports for the duration of the match. You can watch the event play out under Tourney/Special. Later in the week you will be able to see the tournament replayed with the cards up.

For complete details, see the PokerStars World Record Week home page.

Have fun this week!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news