PokerStars awards double points on February 29

A friend of mine said he wasn't going to go to work on February 29. If asked by his boss why he didn't show up, he planned to deploy an argument of ignorance. "February 29? There is no such thing. I didn't see it on the calendar last year!"

Whether his plan works still remains to be seen. If he gets away with it, he will have something to do for the full 24 hours of Leap Day.

Leap Year only happens every four years, so celebrate it in style. If you're looking for a chance to pad your VIP Player Point (VPP) and Frequent Player Point (FPP) balances, February 29th is the day to do it. PokerStars will award you double VPPs and FPPs in all Sit & Go tournaments that start on February 29 and in cash ring games from 12:00am ET to 23:59pm ET.

The folks at PokerStars say they're doing this for a few reasons. First, what's a Leap Day without something cool to do with it, right? Second, a while back, PokerStars had some S&G tournament issues that took them offline for a while. Finally, PokerStars did some planned maintenance this week while it moved its servers to the Isle of Man. That resulted in a little downtime, as well. So, now, it's time to make some points.

One thing to keep in mind: this only applies to cash ring games and Sit & Go tournaments. Multi-table tourrnaments won't earn you double points. Other than that, there's no catch. Load up on caffeine, give your mouse-hand a quick massage, and fire up your dual-monitors; Febraury 29th is not just going to be a long day. It's not going to happen again for four years!

Brad Willis
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