PokerStars hits the track

PokerStars has always been among the fastest on the online track, but now it's trying on some new wheels. PokerStars is once again dipping its toes in the waters of big time racing.

The annual Kart race International Stars Challenge in Florianopolis, Brazil, put some of the best drivers together to celebrate the end of the year. Among them was driver Thiago Camilo.


PokerStars sponsored Thiago Camilo is one of the Brazil's best new drivers. When he is not driving, usually plays poker at PokerStars and live. He finished the first heat of the International Stars Kart Challenge in third place this weekend and earned himself a spot on the podium.


The Stars Challenge did more than race this weekend. The drivers also raised and donated money to help the victims of a huge flood that killed more than one hundred people and left thousands homeless in Brazil.

Congratulations to PokerStars' Thiago Camilo for a great performance this weekend.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news