PokerStars May TLB Round-up

Weekly TLB

May has been a quiet month for Weekly TLB scores, with only one player registering a score in the Weekly TLB all-time top 20. For the week of May 4th through 10th, ‘crunchyclam7’ posted a score of 3860.87, which was good enough for 17th spot in the Hall of Fame.

While it did not produce any monster scores, the week of May 18th through 24th was notable for tight margin of victory. ‘kared69’ took the win with 3033.26, but was only 17 points ahead of second place finisher ‘Mongreljade’. Overall, there were less than 250 points between the top 8 players.

In contrast, the final winner in May was ‘Schmidl89’, whose victory in the Turbo Takedown built a score that eclipsed the nearest rival by more than 500 points.

The Weekly TLB Challenge Matches went the way of Team PokerStars Pro in May, with four of the five matches going in the Pros' favor.

Dario Minieri picked up his first TLB Match win with victory in the first match of the month. The following week, Katja Thater was on the receiving end of the first Team PokerStars Pro female defeat of the year so far, when the in-form MrCasino bested her for $2,000.

The last three weeks have seen victories for Gavin Griffin (on debut), Hevad Khan (stretching his unbeaten record to three matches) and Andre Akkari. The first TLB Match in June will be for $4,000.

Monthly TLB

The Monthly TLB saw three players register scores on the all-time top 20 list.

May’s third place finisher ‘QuasiFiction’ squeaked onto the leader board in 19th place with 6,354.40 points, and second place finisher ‘grindnitout’ took 8th place with 6895.40.

May’s winner was MTT TLB legend ‘shaundeeb’. Shaun accrued 7,086.96 points in May, which earned him $5000 and 6th spot on the all-time leader board (he’s also in 16th with his previous best set back in March ’07).

The MTT TLB Top 1000 $20,000 Freeroll in May was won by ‘NO_CHIP$_4U!’. After six gruelling hours against the top tournament talent of PokerStars, he bested ‘IronRing08’ heads-up for the $5000 first prize.

Yearly TLB

At the time of writing, ‘derek8’ is maintaining his lead at the top of the leader board, now with 28,291.39 points. It’s been a productive month, as he has extended his lead over his nearest rival to over a thousand points. For the first time this year we have a clear favorite for the 5-Stamp PokerStars Passport.

In the other two money spots, second place is now held by ‘QuasiFiction’, who has nudged ‘DNA2RNA’ down into third. A big result for either could make all the difference.

Reminiscent of Tiger Woods on the second day of a major golf tournament, Monthly TLB winner ‘shaundeeb’ is sitting ominously in 5th place and is steadily making his way into the leading pack after a slow start.

You can keep track of the Yearly TLB race for yourself by opening the PokerStars software, selecting the ‘Requests’ menu and highlighting ‘Tournament Leader Board’. From the sub-menu, click on ‘This Year’ and you’ll be shown the latest standings.

Of course, you could always just check back here for the monthly update…

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