PokerStars TLB July Update

July was a month that saw PokerStars tournament fields grow to record heights. A combination of PokerStars 2X and a new tournament guarantee schedule has lifted the site to a whole new level. With such massive fields, and giant prizes, it was no surprise that July produced some memorable moments.

Here’s a review of how things panned out in month seven of the MTT TLB:

Weekly TLB

What better place to start a Multi-Table Tournament Leader Board review for July than with a new all-time record score for the Weekly TLB. For the week July 27th –August 2nd (mostly July, so it counts for this review), ‘bduds3737’ posted a seemingly impossible score of 5,785.40 – that’s 1,153.16 points more than the previous record!

So how did ‘bduds3737’ produce such a gargantuan tally?

The foundation for the score was a win in a Sunday Hundred Grand tournament featuring 23,960 players. That victory accounted for 3,112.40 of the total. There were further wins in a $50 Rebuy (561.42 points) and the Weekly $215 Limit Hold’em (350.96). Three other final tables and a host of strong cashes made up the rest of the score.

Four other players broke into the all-time top 20 Weekly TLB scores in July. Players ‘ftb_1988’ and ‘Metsfan512’ both joined the exclusive group of 16 players to have exceeded 4000 points in a week, and now occupy 9th and 5th place on the all-time list. ‘Kiba52’ and ‘TimDawg888’ fell just short of the 4000-point benchmark and hold the 19th and 18th ranked positions.

In the Weekly TLB match, the recent good form of the Team PokerStars Pros came to an end.

The month began with a victory for ‘RobTheCrook’ over Steve Paul-Ambrose for $3,000. Week 2 saw the PROs only victory as Greg Raymer overcame ‘dickson007’. Luca Pagano battled for 48 minutes before succumbing to ‘Kiba52’ in week 3. Week 4 saw Humberto Brenes fall to his first ever TLB match defeat, with ‘Metsfan512’ his conqueror.

Up until the end of July, the Pros lead the challengers 17 – 13.

Monthly TLB

It will come as no surprise to learn the July Monthly TLB was owned by ‘bdubs3737’. He was unable to replicate his record-breaking exploits over the longer period, but his score of 7,132.61 was still good enough for 6th place on the all-time Monthly TLB scores list. The $5,000 prize money will look good on top of July winnings.

Two other players did enough to make the Hall of Fame, with ‘imeasy2read’ taking 8th spot (7,047.97 points) and ‘jitterbug777’ getting 15th (6,487.83 points). Of course, they also received $3000 and $2000 respectively for their July performances.

The Monthly TLB Top 1000 $20,000 Freeroll saw a fairly typical split of North American and European players. In the end it was German ‘Turkishmcfly’ that took the $5,000 first prize, seeing off a stern challenge from TLB regulars ‘stealurmoney’ and ‘QuasiFiction’.

Full final table result can be seen below:

1. Turkishmcfly (Germany) $5,000.00
2. Deco8 (United States) $2,860.00
3. player9ball (Canada) $1,840.00
4. stealurmoney (United States) $1,380.00
5. QuasiFiction (United States) $1,100.00
6. germain133 (France) $900.00
7. Greg Boston (United States) $700.00
8. annodv (United Kingdom) $500.00
9. gconedog (United States) $320.00

Yearly TLB

‘derek8’s domination has continued throughout July with three MTT wins coming from thirteen final table appearances. His current score has now surpassed 33,000 points – less than 2,000 points shy of a new Yearly TLB record. As things stand, ‘derek8’ is in line to win the 5-Stamp PokerStars Passport.

Not to be outdone, current champion and record holder ‘shaundeeb’ remains in second place, albeit more than 2,500 points adrift. He still have five months to make up the ground, but he’ll earn a 3-Stamp PokerStars Passport if he can just maintain his current position.

Third in the Yearly TLB race gets a 2-Stamp PokerStars Passport and that place is currently held by ‘QuasiFiction’. Right now he’s almost 4,000 points back from first, so his first priority will be to hold off the chasing pack.

With seven months already invested in the competition, no-one is going to give up or back down. With WCOOP on the horizon, anything can happen.

Brad Willis
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