PokerStars to send players to Life Ball 2008

PokerStars is gearing up to send some of its players to Life Ball 2008. The largest annual charity event and fundraiser for AIDS research has been running since 1993. Life Ball has since become a gigantic and surreal celebration of life attended by celebrities and wealthy philanthropists from around the world. Now you have a chance to donate to the cause. In return, PokerStars will give you a chance to compete for a Life Ball 2008 prize package and real cash.

Concert at Life Ball 2007

PokerStars is launching a series of freerolls today that will give players a chance to win a PokerStars Life Ball 2008 package.

Winners of this year's competition wiill receive:

  • Flights for two to Vienna
  • Two nights luxury hotel accommodation
  • A pair of Life Ball tickets
  • $250 for expenses

    Poker game at Life Ball 2007

    What's more, PokerStars will host a freeroll for all of its players who donate at least $1 to the Life Ball 2008 fund. You can also make a donation to Life Ball 2008 directly from your PokerStars account. Click 'Requests' in the PokerStars lobby, select 'Transfer Funds', choose the amount you want to donate and enter 'Life Ball' in the 'To Player ID' section. Click to confirm your donation.

    For a look back at last year's Life Ball celebration through the eyes of the PokerStars winners, see "PokerStars players support AIDS research."

    PokerStars has worked very hard in the past several years to make a difference in the world off the felt. From rasing money for tsunami and Hurricane Katrina victims to donating big money to the Darfur effort, PokerStars and its players have proven themselves able to look above the game and toward something greater.

    To see how you can make a difference and have some fun in the process, check out the PokerStars Life Ball 2008 page.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in PokerStars news