PokerStars Tournament Leader Board April Update

Another month of MTT Tournament Leader Board action is complete. This is how it shaped up:

Weekly TLB

April saw two new players join the exclusive 4000 club, the elite group composed of players who have posted a Weekly TLB score of more than 4000 points. Canadian ‘RevenX’ landed in 5th on the all-time Weekly TLB scores list with his 4150.51, and American ‘ImaLuckSac’ managed 7th with 4060.20. Both scores were posted in the same week.

It was honors-even in the challenge matches against the Team PokerStars Pros. On April 6, Bill Chen made a winning debut for the Pros and took down ‘bubbaloo2’. The following week Tom McEvoy saw off his challenger ‘ahsert’. By April 20, the prize had grown to $4,000 when the previously undefeated Victor Ramdin lost his unblemished record to ‘RevenX’. That match marked the biggest TLB Challenge Match prize pool of the year so far.

On the last match of the month, the 2004 WSOP Main Event winner and TLB Challenge Match veteran Greg Raymer took on ‘HittinChills’. After a gruelling 40 minutes of play, it was the challenger that came out on top, sending Raymer to only his second defeat in seven matches since January 2007.

Monthly TLB

The Monthly TLB record set in February by ‘usourcek’ was eclipsed in April by ‘ImaLuckSac’. The total of 8201.88 is only the second Monthly TLB score to exceed 8000 points. The score was particularly impressive as it does not include any wins in a PokerStars major (e.g. Sunday Million, Sunday Hundred Grand) which is usually a hallmark of a big TLB score.

Some of the highlights of this new Monthly TLB benchmark include three wins in tournaments with more than 1000 players, and five more wins in tourneys with smaller fields. In addition to the tourney wins, maLuckSac posted ten other final table appearances.

‘D1rtyR1v3r’ took down April’s MTT TLB Top 1000 $20,000 Freeroll. The first prize of $5,000 went nicely with the $150 he won for coming 48th on the TLB.

Yearly TLB

We’re 1/3rd of the way into the Yearly TLB and the competition for the PokerStars Passports could go any way.

There are now 21 players with more than 20,000 TLB points for the year with only 6,000 points separating them. Just a few spaces back in 24th place is last year’s winner and current Yearly TLB record holder ‘shaundeeb’. The current leader is ‘derek8’ with 26096.30, but second place ‘DNA2RNA’ is just 95 points behind and there’s a long, long way to go.

Brad Willis
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