PokerStars upgrade: Get rid of the S&G lobbies!

If you read this blog, you have probably been playing on PokerStars long enough to know what happens when you sign up for a Sit & Go. You register, the tourney lobby pops up, and it's up to you to close it from your screen.

No more.

Now, you have the option of never seeing the tourney lobby unless you want to. PokerStars just released a new feature that allows you to get right to the game without seeing the tournament lobby. Click on Options then Advanced Multi-Table Options. There you will see "Auto-open Sit & Go tournament lobby." If you un-check this option, your S&G lobbies will not pop up. When the tournament begins, your table will appear. Simple as that.

If you sign up for a lot of tournaments at once, this may take some getting used to. Since your tournament lobbies won't appear on your desktop, you will want to look under the "Requests" menu and check under "Registered in Tournaments" to make sure you aren't logging off while still registered for a game. The PokerStars software will also remind you as you log off, but it's always best to check for yourself before you go running off to dinner.

Have fun!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news