Supernova Elites explode in July

If you didn't spend last month under a rock, you probaly know PokerStars had a bit of a promotion (read: its biggest ever) during the month of the July. The end of the PokerStars 2X promotion saw tons of people win tournaments that bumped up their PokerStars VIP Club level.

In the month of July, we witnessed seven people reach the highest level of the VIP Club: Supernova Elite. Among those seven, messier111 did it the old-fashioned way (busting his tail end at the tables). Six people, however, found themselves with Supernova Elite statuses without putting in the full grind. The following people won special tournaments that carried them the rest of the way to Supernova Elite: amarillion, Nookx, vinny ferret, Milwaukee2, non5ense, and IntenseDawg.

Amarillion played in the Platinum Star freeroll at the end of the month. Mainly a mid-stakes cash game player, you'll often find him in the big Sunday tournaments. Living in London, Amarillion has been playing fulltime for the past couple of years.

"I'm looking forward to the WCOOP events, especially the Main Event, as it should have a huge prize pool," he said. "As for now, I'll make the most of Supernova Elite by playing a lot of cash, and hopefully a few EPTs this year. I'll try to earn myself a Porsche in the not too distant future, too."

Across the Atllantic, Alan "IntenseDawg" Liu woke up one day as a regular PokerStars VIP Club member. Before he went to bed again, he was a Supernova Elite. Liu started playing poker seriously at the beginning of this year. Inspired bu a friend who grinds mid-stakes for a living, Liu started off playing with play money.

"I eventually moved to the 2-cent tables, and now I regularly play .50/$1 NLHE cash games," he said.

Now, a grinder in his own right, Liu is a Supernova Elite, thanks to the PokerStars 2X VIP Status promotion tournaments.

"At first, I had zero expectations going in," Lui said. "I was playing really well, made it to the final table, and willed my way to the top two."

Lui plans to continue his .50/$1 grind, while is still keeping his eye on the chance to move up as soon as possible. His new Supernova Elite status will get him an entry into the EPT Monte Carlo or the World Series Main Event. Lui hasn't decided which he wants yet.

"My dream is to play in big live tournaments and try to make a name for myself in the world of poker," he said.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news