Team Sweden Represents - R|P(URL Wins Turbo Takedown

$100,000 and there’s no amount of money that can be spent to enter this tournament. The monthly Turbo Takedown is proof that you can make some serious money with those Frequent Player Points (FPPs). If getting the 5,000 FPPs while playing cash games and SnGs is too much, consider hitting up the many satellites to enter this tournament. The 4,000 people who cashed tonight for at least $90.00 were happy they did. Even happier are the final nine who will play for that $100,000 first prize.

Here’s how they stacked up going into final table play:


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Seat 1: mement_mori 2,506,964
Seat 2: uh_oh64 2,155,690
Seat 3: tpir90036 4,713,694
Seat 4: R|P(URL 5,952,016
Seat 5: wellin.171 2,694,798
Seat 6: Atika 1,463,184
Seat 7: PanTangTyger 1,143,860
Seat 8: pokerMJ 11,790,124
Seat 9: Pikhouweel 1,689,670

Wow, first hand of the final table and blood was already being spilt. R|P(URL raised two off the button with the second biggest stack at the table for 248,000. With blinds at 50,000/100,000 ante 10,000, PanTangTyger shoved from the small blind for 1,143,860 as the chip leader pokerMJ got out of the way in the big blind. R|P(URL made the call leaving 4,758,156 behind and saw his Ah-Jd far behind the Ad-Qc for PanTangTyger. But, a solid heart flop of 4h-Jh-8h not only turned the tide in R|P(URL’s direction it left PanTangTyger with just two outs due to the flush redraw. The Ks and Kh on the turn and river gave R|P(URL the nut flush and bounce PanTangTyger quickly from the final table with $5,500.00 in ninth place.

Twenty hands later the short stack of wellin.171 went into the pot versus tpir90036. After wellin.171 opened the betting UTG for 360,000 with blinds at 50,000/100,000 ante 10,000, tpir90036 repopped from the small blind for 960,000. wellin.171 then shoved his remaining 1,684,798 which prompted a lightning quick call by tpir90036 who covered and left 2,428,896 behind. The suited big slick (Ah-Kh) for wellin.171 looked good, but the pocket kings (Kc-Ks) of tpir90036 outshone the suited slick. The board of Tc-5h-7d-4d-7s did not overcome the huge pre-flop deficit and wellin.171 will have to settle for gellin with the $10,000.00 he received in eighth place.

Three hands later when the blinds rose to 60,000/120,000 ante 12,000 the table folded around to the chip leader pokerMJ and he decided to play some big stack poker and press Pikhouweel all-in preflop. But, Pikhouweel saw thru the chip leader’s guise and made the call with his remaining 1,953,670 chips. The As-Jh for Pikhouweel was ahead of pokerMJ’s 9h-8s for the moment. A flop of Qs-9c-Td hit both players as Pikhouweel fell slightly behind with an open ended straight draw and two overcards versus pokerMJ’s pair of nines. No love came on the 5d turn or the 9d river giving pokerMJ trips and rolling Pikhouweel home in seventh place, good for $15,000.00

It’s not called the Turbo Takedown for nothing, as just four hands later our sixth place finisher was named. As with the last elimination, the hand folded around to R|P(URL still second in chips with 7,119,876 in the small blind as he raised to 360,000 with blinds still at 60,000/120,000 ante 12,000 into Atika. Only having a little over ten big blinds left, Atika shoved his remaining 1,361,184 chips into the middle and was quickly called by R|P(URL holding Ad-Qh. Atika’s attempt to re-steal with Qc-9h was exposed and the board changed nothing, running out: 5s-6s-Kd-As-9c sending Atika home to Budapest with a lot of something for nothing, $20,000 to be exact for sixth place.

For the next twenty hands only two hands saw any cards even put on the board as uh_oh64’s stack was taking hits from the fast play and increasing blinds to 70,000/140,000 ante 14,000. Facing a 320,000 UTG chip raise from mement_mori, uh-oh64 was next to act and shoved his remaining 1,608,726 chips hoping this was another hand to be decided pre-flop with Ad-Ts. pokerMJ had other plans as the chip leader woke up in the big blind and overshoved for over ten million chips. The original raiser, mement_mori didn’t want to dance and bowed out as pokerMJ flipped up pocket nines (9c-9s) for a race. The turn of 3h-3d-4h-5d gave some more life to uh_oh64 who could add any deuce to a ten or an ace as outs on the river. Sadly, the ten outer did not hit, as the 6h fell and the pocket nines of pokerMJ earned him the 3.6 million chip pot while uh_oh64 had to be consoled with the $25,000 he just won in fifth place.

Mostly pre-flop play occurred over the 90,000/180,000 ante 18,000 level and saw mement_mori surge from four million in chips to nine million. Then with four minutes remaining in the blind level he tangled with chip leader pokerMJ. pokerMJ raised from the button for 360,000 and mement_mori responded with a re-raise from the small blind to 1,250,000. tpir90036 found another things to do in the big blind and folded, while pokerMJ four-bet all-in for 9.5 million, mement_mori quickly called all-in while pokerMJ still had 561,592 behind:

pokerMJ Ts-Th
mement_mori Ah-Kd

Two big hands for the biggest pot of the tournament and big slick fell on the flop for mement_mori as the board read Ad-Ks-3s-5d-8s giving mement_mori two pair and the huge 18 million chip pot while leaving the former chip leader with scraps. Those scraps would be shipped to R|P(URL on the very next hand and pokerMJ who lead most of the final table bowed out in fourth place banking $32,500.00

Sitting between the two big stacks, tpir90036, fought valiantly like his avatar Link from the Zelda series of games. Several raises pre-flop bought another around of blinds, but his 3.7 million in chips compared to the 18 million for mement_mori and 11.5 million of R|P(URL was small and getting smaller. Blinds at 90,000/180,000 ante 18,000 tpir90036 raised from the button for 540,000 and was met by an all-in shove by mement_mori. tpir90036 made the call for his remaining 3.2 million showing Ad-9d building a pot of 7.6 million with pocket deuces (2c-2d) for the chip leader who still had 15 million behind. A huge flop of 3s-7d-6d for tpir90036 gave him the nut flush draw and two overcards for the win, but Princess Zelda’s hero did not get there as the Jh and Qc ran out the remainder of the board. tpir90036 will return to Hyrule (or Baltimore) with $40,000 extra to show in his third place effort.

Deals for the remaining prize money did not pass but a few lines of text, as heads-up play started with the bird avatars pecking for the biggest chunk of the $160,000 left:

mement_mori: 22,797,573
R|P(URL: 11,552,427

R|P(URL would pull even with mement_mori after the blinds hit 100,000/200,000 ante 20,000 and R|P(URL sniffed out a 2.5 million chip bluff by mement_mori on the river of a board showing 5s-6d-Kh-7s-4s. R|P(URL showed the eight high straight as mement_mori flashed the Jc-Tc for air and the two were virtually even in chips.

Several hands later R|P(URL took the lead 19 million to 15 million and the knockout blow came with the following hand as R|P(URL opening the betting from the button with a 600,000 chip raise. mement_mori responded with a re-raise to 1.8 million, which was topped by this Jenga building blocks of re-raises by R|P(URL for 5.4 million. A call for time was made by mement_mori who went all in for 15 million and was quickly called by R|P(URL:

mement_mori As-Qd

The board of 9d-6h-Th-3s-Kh gave R|P(URL a pair of kings as his preflop advantage was never questioned and R|P(URL became this month’s Turbo Takedown champion! mement_mori’s strong aggressive play bowed out as the runner-up and received $60,000 for his efforts. With no deal in place, R|P(URL received the entire $100,000

August Turbo Takedown Results

1. R|P(URL $100,000.00
2. mement_mori $60,000.00
3. tpir90036 $40,000.00
4. pokerMJ $32,500.00
5. uh_oh64 $25,000.00
6. Atika $20,000.00
7. Pikhouweel $15,000.00
8. wellin.171 $10,000.00
9. PanTangTyger $5,500.00

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