Two live packages for the price of none

Every once in a while, we tell a story here about folks who win their big event seats with nothing more than their PokerStars Frequent Player Points. Occassionally, these players go exceptionally deep in the live events and give us even more stories to tell. For instance, in 2005, FPP qualifier Bernard Lee got into the World Series on a freeroll and took 13th place for $400,000.

Just recently, we heard about a PokerStars player who did something in just a few days that many of us wish we could do just once. He qualified for two major main events in the course of just a few days and he did it all with Frequent Player Points.

This is his story, in his own words.


My name is Arjen Witteveen, play online as Boartskiepke and I’m 21 years old. I’m living in a little village in the northern part of the Netherlands called Nijland. Currently I'm studying Commercial economics on the NHL in Leeuwarden. I'm in the first year.

About 4 years ago when I was in high school in Bolsward, we we’re playing cardgames a lot during the breaks. With stuff like: 21’en (very familiar with blackjack), Hartenjagen, Bluffen. We did this with some pennies. Later on, a friend of mine took a little book with him with a lot of interesting cardgames in it. One of them was poker. Let’s give it a try huh? So we started playing 5-card draw poker as mentioned in the little book and did that for a couple of months. After that we noticed there was another variant called No-limit Texas hold’em. We saw a first episode of the European Poker Tour on television. So from then on we started playing sit & gos at a Café in Bolsward after schooltime for a buy-in of €5 most of the time and mostly with like 8 players. We did it especially for fun and having a drink with each other. A little later we started playing cash games.

One of the things I discovered after playing a lot was that I enjoy the game a lot, and that I was a little bit better then the others. One of my friends told me that it’s also possible to play for free on the internet. So I downloaded the Pokerstars software and started playing for play money and some freerolls. I did this for a few months, but it started to bore me so I quit. So, from then on I started to play for real money. This went relatively well--Mostly with cashgames from 25NL to 200NL--I made it to $7k and cashed out a lot. When I started playing on Pokerstars again, I began playing with play money again, because I discovered you can sell them on the internet. So I did, and made millions off it and sold them. So I started playing for real money with a bankroll of $130 or so. From then on it went fast actually this was like april last year as I remember. I won a few tourneys then and started playing cash games which went very good. I started at 25NL and went to 200NL in a few months. From then on it went well, I don’t go in to exact numbers, but won a lot of money. Now I’m playing 200NL/400NL on a regular basis.

For the last couple of weeks I played a lot of tournaments. My dream was to win a package for a big live event, and suddenly my dream came true--twice within one week. In December of last year, I played a Dutch freeroll called: “The Praag Exclusive Freeroll”, it was a freeroll with one EPT Prague package in it. With 1,300 entrants, I didn’t think I had that big of a chance. The package included: tournament entry + hotel accommodation + poker lessons from Noah Boeken. Unfortunately I came 2nd and won $1060. Damn, I was disappointed. In the heads-up match, I had my opponent all-in three times but he managed to win all of them. This was one of my best chances to get to a big live event, so that was a pity.

So the 22nd of March I wanted to give it a try to win a live package for the WSOP. I wasen’t going out that night (kind of strange) so I took a shot in a 4000 FPP qualifier. I had a lot of Frequent Player Points in my account, so I entered directly. I made top 3 and won a package, my dream came true. I’m going to play in the WSOP Main Event.

Then one week later on the 30th of March, there was a LAPT Rio qualifier for 10k FPP buy-in with 5 packages added. With only 217 entry’s there were 11 packages at stake and I managed to get one of them. What a crazy week that was.

Oin a year I do a trek of 230 km through our province Friesland. Starting at midnight and ending like 17 hours laters. Normal people do those trek by bicycle. But I do this on a Step (with like 80 more people) as you can see on the picture below. That’s me in the right corner with the blue jacket. This year on the 11th of May it will be my 6th Stepelfstedentocht


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