WCOOP Event #22: Kravchenko likes this structure

Omaha hi-lo split is a kind of poker game where you can see more action than in any other kind of poker and this final table was a good example of this statement - chips were changing hands fast, players stacks were going up and down. For example "PieOhMy" started with 816k , then was down to about 100k, than up to a chip lead of about 1.3 million and finally out in 3d place.

I was worried a little bit about the structure of the tournament - when I played mixed holdem event at the WSOP it looked to me that most of the action there was in a limit section of the tournament - but here there was a proper balance between limit and pot-limit game.

"BUCKIZ6" started this final table with the decent cheap lead and kept this position for almost all final table until his victory with a prize of $55,800. He was playing very aggressive. His style, combined with a good portion of luck, was unbeatable this particular day.

On the final hand, both players has good starting hands and no surprise that there was a raise and reraise before the flop. "BUCKIZ6" had Kc-Kd-2s-3c and "jamie2000" has Ah-Js-5d-2c . Both of them hit the flop-- Kh-8c-5h - so most of the money went into the pot on the flop, the low didn't come and "BUCKIZ6" won the tournament.

Alexander Kravchenko is a member of Team PokerStars.

Brad Willis
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