WCOOP: Horecki enjoying first Team Pro WCOOP

by Marcin Horecki

Event #9 of PokerStars' 2008 WCOOP No-Limit 4-Max promised to be a fast and fierce tournament. With 1,100 players out of nearly 3300 participants departing in the first hour, those predictions came true. Actually, this proved that PokerStars players present high skill level and are not only waiting for premium hands when in fact aggressive play really pays in such a short handed game. The action was fast, raises, re-raises and all-in moves common, and seat belts fastened at all times!

My tournament finished close to the payouts, when I ran out of chips and moved short-stacked with AQ into KK. I did play an aggressive style and was taking control of each table I played at, but I never had the momentum going. When I had good hands, play folded around to me. I enjoyed the event very much and I am looking forward to play in future WCOOP events. PokerStars prepared a mix of outstanding tournaments of every form and buy-in!

Eliminations have slowed down at a later stage of the tournament when players accumulated more chips allowing for more play. The event saw Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko going deep and finishing 26th when his pocket fives lost the race on the river against AQ. The final table was a Scandinavian affair. The top three players came from Norway and Sweden, while fourth place was taken by an American. Final table play was solid, but had very few showdowns. The eventual title and bracelet winner, jonasof87, no stranger to PokerStars tournaments, outlasted emiwarg, EirikS and 3232 after more than two hours of play.

Congratulations to all the winners!

See you at the tables!

Marcin Horecki is playing his first WCOOP as a member of Team PokertStars Pro.

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