Celebrate the 25 Billion Bash with PokerStars


25billion_thn.jpgIt's well known that McDonald's gave up on on counting burgers served a long time ago. Now, if you look at a sign under the golden arches, you will see the simple "billions and billions served."

PokerStars has not given up on counting.

The people with the calculators tell us that PokerStars' 25 billionth hand is going to be dealt in the very near future. As it usually is with PokerStars, that is reason for a party. And, again, as it usually is with PokerStars, the party is going to be huge.

Over the next several days, you are going to see lots of money given away for milestone hands (including a lot of money given away for the 25 billionth hand). It doesn't end there, though. PokerStars is also offering its biggest ever site-wide reload bonus, huge guarantees on a couple of the major Sunday tournaments, and first depositor freerolls.

Ready to get the party underway? Here's what you need to know.

Milestone hands

Beginning with hand 24,850,000,000 (boy, that is a big number), PokerStars is going to start giving out free money to people dealt into every millionth hand. The amount of money you earn for getting dealt into a milestone hand is based on the stakes you're playing and VIP level, but it's safe to say, no one is going to turn down free cash.

When PokerStars finally reaches the 25 billionth hand, the money is going to get huge. Wanna see what the winner of the 25 billionth hand will earn? How about...

  • $100,000 in cash
  • European Poker Tour Monte Carlo Grand Final package
  • PokerStars Caribbean Adventure package
  • World Series package
  • World Championship of Online Poker Main Event ticket
  • You might remember when Justine Hall won the 10 billionth hand at PokerStars. If you missed it, here's what it looks like to win $100,000 in one hand of poker.

    Watch The 10 Billionth Hand on PokerStars.tv

    Now, let's be honest. If you're sitting at that table and you don't manage to win the hand for the big prize, you're going to be a little sad. PokerStars will ease the pain. The rest of the table will split $100,000 in cash and prizes. Our advice: don't fold.

    Big guarantees on Sunday

    It seems like the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million can't get any bigger, doesn't it? Well, just wait until February 15. PokerStars is bumping the Sunday Warm-Up guarantee to $1.25 million. As if that wasn't enough, you will also have the chance to play in a $2.5 million guaranteed PokerStars Sunday Million.

    First depositor freerolls and biggest site-wide reload bonus

    These kinds of celebrations tend to bring out the bonuses at PokerStars, and this party is no different. People who make their first deposit using the code 'fdf2500' will be able to play in the $2,500 freerolls running every day during the week February 15-22, 2009.

    If you already have money in your PokerStars account, you will not be left out. PokerStars is running its biggest ever site-wide reload bonus. Reloaders who use the code '25bash' from February 11 at 12:00 ET to February 18 at 23:59 ET will get a 25% up to $250 reload bonus.

    For complete information on how the week will play out, see the 25 Billion Bash information page.

    Good luck!

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