April 2009

30 April

ANZPT Sydney: 666 is the number of the beast for "Halloween" Mayar

By Landon Blackhall and Sean Callander Random table draw? The seat allocations have thrown up some intriguing battles today as a capacity field of 260 have started day 1B of the PokerStars.net ANZPT Sydney Main Event. Joe Hachem Deep Stack High Stakes winner Monica Nguyen, 2008 APPT Grand Final...more

ANZPT Sydney: Sunny Friday greets 1B field

It might be casual Friday for Sydney's CBD crowd, but it's serious business for the 240-plus players expected to take their seats for today's day 1B flight of the PokerStars.net Australia New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT) Sydney Main Event. ANZPT chief Danny McDonagh confirmed the field would be at...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Obrestad and Naalden shine - plus full day three CHIP COUNT!

Today the EPT debuted its season six structure -- rather like a sports team running out for the final game of the year wearing their all-new strip. After one-hour levels through days 1a and 1b, we went to 75 minutes and a whole new selection of blind levels. With a...more

Monte Carlo: Obrestad hits royal flush

The tournament has finished for the day and the process of bagging and tagging has begun. As Thomas Kremser announced that there would be seven more hands prior to the finish, I camped myself around the table featuring the half million stacks of Annette Obrestad and Johannes Strassmann. The...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Happy hour

Into the last level and Joe Hachem is taking it easy. The Team PokerStars Pro isn't letting up card wise, but there's a drink with lots of ice and he's laughing and joking. This is civilised poker. Humberto Brenes walks by. He and Hachem conduct a conversation without say...more

EPT Monte Carlo: ShootingStars on the rampage

My colleague, Chris Hall, had just written the post below about George Danzer flying up the leaderboard. But just before he hit publish, we got wind of another hand, featuring Danzer's fellow ShootingStar, that simply had to take priority. Here we go: Johannes Strassmann has just won a monster pot,...more

EPT Monte Carlo: All the chips in three chairs

The final level of play has started and the field has been reduced to 170. The players in the boss seats are Joe Ebanks, Vadim Shlez and Annette Obrestad, who have about 500,000, 450,000 and 415,000 respectively. Ebanks might not immediately register on the radar of many live tournament followers,...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Chow not downed

The PokerStars qualifier Stephen Chow is sitting on almost 300,000 now but had a spot of bother earlier. He was looking to push anyway and picked up A-T, but then thought the dealer had asked him to give back his cards because of a misdeal. He accidentally ended up showed...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Brenes bows out

It's been a slow half hour for Alex Kravchenko at the start of level 14. Everyone at the table is in a lull, watching most hands settled pre-flop. The only action the Team PokerStars Pro gets is his own pre-flop raise which gets no takers. So when Humberto Brenes,...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Hope for Hoivold

With all the remaining players now coming back to continue the tournament, one of those who has hurtled upwards today is former EPT Dortmund winner Andreas Hoivold, who started the day with around 19,000 but now proudly sits with an above-average 165,000. "I got a bit lucky early on," he...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Biting and biting back

Sami Kelopuro is on a roll. Having previously never made the money at an EPT, he was audibly delighted even to get to the dinner break on day one in San Remo last week, and only a blind-on-blind battle with Danilo D'Ettoris stopped him making the final table. He was...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Shove after shove saves Soulier

Just as the first section players went to dinner, Fabrice Soulier was shoving in as many spots as he could manage. He first pushed against the small blind's raise who then called with A♥2♦. "I have only looked at one," said Soulier turning over the K♦ but looked decidedly...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Bye bye Barbosa

Most stories about Joao Barbosa feature a recap of the Portuguese's seven cashes this season and of his EPT Warsaw title. Let's skip that this time, for Barbosa won't be making it eight. He's out, and it looks like we might have a new chip leader... Barbosa had been...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Pressure on Pagano. No problem

Luca Pagano finished day 1a with only his Team PokerStars Pro colleague Lee Nelson ahead of him in the counts. But after the second of the two day ones was complete, a handful of others sandwiched themselves between the two, and although Nelson still leads the charge as we enter...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Moments of sheer Obrestad

All sorts of things have been described as being made up of long periods of boredom, punctuated with moments of sheer terror. Combat missions perhaps, yearly tax returns and trips to the dentist. Add to that list playing on the same table as Annette Obrestad. Just as there are...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Team PokerStars Pro musical masterpiece


EPT Monte Carlo: Will fried

PokerStars EPT Budapest champion Will Fry has been knocked out of the tournament after admitting: "I've been grinding all day." First he lost chips when Ami Barer called his 8,400 turn bet on a Q♣7♠[10s]2♦ board before both checked the K♥ river. Fry flipped his missed draw of 9♦8♣ while...more

EPT Monte Carlo: In need of spark

It's not uncommon here for players to be experiencing almost a complete lifestyle change - emerging from a long dark internet winter and into the real life spring sunshine of Monte Carlo and live poker. At least that would have been the case had the sun not been so...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Nelson continues the charge

Players have just returned from a 15-minute break, during which Lee Nelson will have taken an amble around the estate with the confidence of tournament chip leader. Nelson recently accounted for Nuno Coelho, the PokerStars sponsored player from Portugal. One player raised early position, Coelho made it 17,000 from the...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Danzer rolls on

The PokerStars ShootingStar George Danzer is motoring along nicely with about 240,000 at the last break while being railed by Jan Heitmann. Heitmann said of his friend: "Of all the players who have consistently played the EPTs George has probably run among the worst. The only person who runs...more

ElkY guides you up the Steps

If you've been keeping an eye on the PokerStars tournament lobby, you know the World Series satellites have been rocking and rolling over the past couple of weeks. Once again, you have countless ways to get into the world's biggest poker event. PokerStars continues to offers one of the most...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Day two introduction


EPT Monte Carlo: Williams, Phillips slow down. Mizzi, Sahamies speed up

David Williams had a really good rush earlier, putting him among the chip leaders with more than 200,000. Recently, however, he has dropped back to less than 100,000. The former World Series Main Event runner-up has been playing a lot of hands but without much success in the past hour....more

PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo: Mass cull

There's been an almighty cull of players in Monte Carlo this afternoon - we're down to 319 of the starting 520-odd. The top pros have not been spared the slaughter and the latest sweep of the room suggests that Victor Ramdin, Chad Brown, Noah Boeken, Raymond Rahme and Vanessa Rousso...more

ANZPT Sydney: Moussa a narrow leader after day 1A

The chips are in the bags and 89 survivors have ordered their first beverage for the evening after an enthralling opening day at the PokerStars.net ANZPT Sydney Main Event. Once again, players turned out in force to support a PokerStars.net sponsored event at Star City. Packed fields have filled...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Fernandez on a high

Leo Fernandez is one of the newest members of Team PokerStars Pro and two levels in to day two has shown a remarkable sense of timing. The former semi-pro chess player is known to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie away from the tables and today he's played...more

EPT Monte Carlo: A round on the table of doom

There's some pretty daunting tables out on the floor today but none perhaps are quite so bad as table eight, which features some of the most fearsome professional players around. So without further ado, here's a round on the table of doom. Even as I start Ilari Sahamies wins a...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Full house! Oh.

Monster hands and monster pots are coming thick and fast today, and when two players turn full houses, nursing chip stacks of a similar size, the chances are the chips are going to fly. They did. Marcel Luske and Denes Kalo got it all in on the turn. The board...more

EPT Monte Carlo: A breath of fresh air

Vicky Coren put up with her fair share of bad luck yesterday, spotted several times heading for the smoking area to inhale some relief and dull the pain of cracked aces. Today though the plan looks to be different. A change of frock, a change of scenery and a...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Lerner says: "Tut slut Sverige"

I like writing in Swedish. I don't know what it means, but it has little circles above the letters like this: å and, better, it seems to be littered with "rude" words like "bra" and "slut", which appeals to my puerile sense of humour. Joy, then, that there's good reason...more

ANZPT Sydney: Mantan is da man

With only one level and 120 players left on day 1A of the PokerStars.net ANZPT Sydney Main Event, there's some serious all-in action popping up left, right and centre. Notables still in contention include PokerStars.net Team Australia player Eric Assadourian (69,700), Billy "The Croc" Argyros (86,500) and Jeff Lisandro...more

EPT Monte Carlo: No mercy from Mercier

The laid-back Jason Mercier has upped his stack to around 70,000 after a well-timed four-bet. He had made a standard opening raise from late position and Eric Van Den Berg re-raised to 9,200. The action went back on the former EPT San Remo champion who now made it a...more

EPT Monte Carlo: In the tough corner

More tough tables today after an overnight re-draw, one of which has to be Joe Hachem's table. The Team PokerStars Pro is at one end of a table with Jan Boubli, Casey Kastle and John Tabatabai, the latter two just clashing in a sizeable pot that ha boosted Tabatabai's...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Move along please, nothing to see here

We don't like rail-birds on media row - partly because we're a bunch of inveterate misanthropes at odds with the outside world, but also because we would rather they were home at their computers reading our coverage, giving our soulless lives some meaning through their clicking on our links. That...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Hevad Khan, Negreanu Khan't

An early bath for the Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu here in Monte Carlo. Returning with a round 30,000 - his precise day one starting stack - he found himself on the same table as Hevad Khan, who had an even smaller stack of 25,000, but the same double-up-or-die...more

ANZPT Sydney: Nguyen in (medium) rare form

"It was a tough steak": that was the reply from Bruce Nguyen when we inquired to his whereabouts during the first 20 minutes of level seven on day 1A of the PokerStars.net ANZPT Sydney Main Event. But his extended absence over the dinner break did little to dent his...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Two point five big ones

Day two is now underway - and records have been broken. The announcement of "Shuffle up and deal!" came only 13 minutes after the scheduled noon start, which has got to be an all-time best. But even more impressive is the prize pool, also announced today. The 935 who turned...more

EPT Monte Carlo: No worthless Pion

Although there are big names at the top of the chip counts not everyone falls into the category of 'instantly recognisable'. For instance Canadian PokerStars qualifier Carl Pion who returned today with 102,700 - a good start but hindered by a topsy-turvy day full of swings, sucks and re-sucks....more

EPT Monte Carlo: Stage set for day two

Day two. The sun is shining, there isn't a cloud in the sky and the temperature is a balmy 21 degrees. What better condition is there for a day spent in a card room playing poker? That's the forecast for 528 players today, survivors of the combined day one....more

ANZPT Sydney: Wang leads race to buffet queue

By Landon Blackhall We're fast approaching the dinner break here at Star City Casino in Sydney and as the tournament directors hand out complimentary dinner vouchers, some unfortunates who've been eliminated late in level six face the humiliation of having to actually pay for their dinner at the Michelin...more

ANZPT Sydney: 13 lucky for some, but not for Marty

Thursday afternoon, midway through day 1A in the PokerStars.net ANZPT - most of the field is grinding away and it's generally pretty quiet. Except for table 13. PokerStars.net Team Australia's sole representative today, Eric Assadourian, has been engaged in some energetic and entertaining banter with fellow Sydneysider and Aussie...more

ANZPT Sydney: A rainbow at the end of the pot

By Landon Blackhall When a poker tournament is in its early stages, we tend write items to describe the ambience and atmosphere of the room, the general action on the tables; even the odd weird and wonderful hands we witness, as long as we're in the right place at...more

ANZPT: King Karl ready to defend his crown

By Landon Blackhall As the players take the opportunity to stretch their legs during the first break of the day, we grabbed a quick chat with Karl Krautschneider. He'll always hold a special place in ANZPT history as the tour's inaugural champion after a three-day battle at SKYCITY Adelaide...more

ANZPT Sydney: Scand and deliver - Eriksen eyes new conquest

In a room full of Aussies, the Scandinavian accent of Soren Eriksen stands out dramatically. One of the few internationals in today's PokerStars.net ANZPT field, Eriksen is originally from Denmark but now resides in New Zealand. Earlier this month, he won his adopted nation's national title when he took...more

29 April

ANZPT Sydney: Rowe sails back into the spotlight

Who better than Sydney's own Eric Assadourian to issue the order to shuffle up and deal in the PokerStars.net ANZPT Sydney Main Event here at Star City. The PokerStars.net Team Australia player, who won the 2007 APPT Macau High Roller event, heads an impressive list of players who've joined...more

ANZPT Sydney: Region's finest converge on Star City

Half a world away from the spring sunshine radiating down on the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo, the Australasian poker spotlight returns to Sydney for the second event in the inaugural season of the PokerStars.net Australia New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT). We're at Star City Casino in Sydney, home...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Day two starting chip counts

These are the full official counts at the start of day two at the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. The latest approximate counts for some notable players, updated throughout the day, will the updated on the chip count page, to which there is a link hidden somewhere on this...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Full house on day 1b

Yesterday it was Bertrand Grospellier, today it was the European Poker Tour itself setting the records. While yesterday "ElkY" played more than 60 tables at the same time online, the EPT nearly did the same in the real world - 54 tables, packed into the tournament area and beyond,...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Pre-wrap wrap

Day 1b at the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo is over, and the tournament information screen shows that 312 players made it through the day. The official number, coming soon, will be somewhere close to that, although we usually lose a couple of players in the final few hands....more

EPT Monte Carlo: Drip, dripping away

We've entered the final level of the day and the tournament information screen shows that 333 players remain. By the time I finish writing this sentence, I'm expecting it to be about 331, and by the end of the paragraph, it'll probably be about 325. Yes, it's getting towards double...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Wunderbar

The EPT this season has belonged to the Germans - or, to be slightly broader, the German-speaking countries. After Sebastian Ruthenberg won in Barcelona in the curtain raiser, Moritz Kranich took down EPT Deauville and Sandra Naujoks led a German 1-2-3 on home turf in Dortmund. Benny Spindler deserves notable...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Chain reaction

"Accidents do happen" goes the saying, and one such occurred to Jan-Peter Jachtmann just now. He called Ilari Sahamies' late position raise from the big blind before both players checked the A♥K♥2♥ flop. On the 6♠ turn, Jachtmann moved all-in, or rather set Sahamies all-in but when Sahamies heard he...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Out of the frying pan...

EPT Budapest winner Will Fry raised to 1,150 before PokerStars Shooting Star Benjamin Kang called in the big blind, saying with a smile, "I always give him action..." but this time it's only pre-flop action as he check-folds to a 1,450 bet from Fry on the K♥2♠[10h] flop. Fry...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Table nasty

First things first, the official numbers are now in. The 539 players of today, added to the 396 of yesterday make for a combined total of 935 - a new record for the EPT Grand Final, and, with each player parting with €10,000 for their seat, this is quite possibly...more

EPT Monte Carlo: ElkY, king of the sit and go


EPT Monte Carlo: Lieu mucks, mucks, mucks. Channing gone

Liz Lieu is pretty much stationary at the moment with about 26,000. "If I put any of my hands up on Twitter, it would just read, muck, muck, muck!" she said. Nevertheless, with the EPT's great structure, she still has a lot of time before she will be in any...more

PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo: The internets

Us reporters still frequently tend to make a distinction between online poker players and live scrappers, but the comparison grows more meaningless by the day. Anyone groomed in the bricks and mortar casinos in the pre-internet days has long since discovered the joys of playing in the comfort of their...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Boom booms everywhere

The flop was already dealt when we caught up with a hand featuring Peter Hedlund. J♣9♠3♦. The small blind checked to Hedlund in the big blind who quickly made it 600 to go. A Frenchman going by the name of Conte called in seat nine and the small blind...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Later Thater

The day is rumbling on, which means the path to the door is becoming increasingly well trodden. Most recently, the Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater was forced to pack up her headphones, deflate her pill-box hat and head out into the sunshine of Monte Carlo after tangling with the former...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Georgiou on my mind

While Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand Grospellier steers his own tricky course through the first four levels with less than 20,000, PokerStars qualifier Phideas Georgiou, an occasional highlight on the PokerStars Blog, has his own battles to fight. Betting big pre-flop Georgiou was called by Farzad Bonyadi for a flop...more

EPT Monte Carlo: A Thew chips fewer

Julian Thew, a former champion on the EPT, endured a rough start to his day, but things have started to perk up in the past few minutes. "I've won four pots this level," he said. "It took me three and a half hours to win the first one." At that...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Fish goes for a swim

Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliot has been eliminated. Stuart Rutter and Phil Laak, who had been sitting either side of him, provided the details. Having just lost a decent sized pot to Will Kassouf (who had successfully value-bet A-9 on a Q-9-6-5-5 board vs Ulliot's 9-8) he then saw a three-way...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Introduction to day 1b

Watch EPT Monte Carlo S5: Introduction into Day 1b on PokerStars.tv...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Gritted teeth

Vicky Coren just walked passed on her way back to her table, returning from a short cigarette break. A nicotine junkie will typically use any excuse to head outdoors to smoke, but Coren's reasons might have had something to do with a painful pair of aces. There had been...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Ziigmund no fraud

Perhaps one of the more colourful characters playing in today's tournament in Monte Carlo, is Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies. The Finn is squashed between the PokerStars ShootingStar Benjamin Kang and Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem, so not an ideal spot to begin with. However, this has not stopped him from getting...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Part one of a World Series series

It would be nice to think that poker players get together from time to time in a bar or restaurant, chew the fat about their previous scrapes, tease each other about bluffs gone awry or horrible suck outs, and perhaps reminisce about the time they went heads-up for a fortune....more

EPT Monte Carlo: No surrender

After two levels it hasn't been the best of starts for Gavin Griffin. The Team PokerStars Pro, who famously won the EPT Grand final in season three, is down to 13,500. Part of that problem might be online poker pacesetter Lex Veldhuis, two seats along. The two of them...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Nelly packs his trunk

He's got a collection of number one smash hits, goes nowhere without his huge (but very polite) bodyguard, wears diamond earrings more expensive than my house, and is happy to give his time up for worthwhile causes. But Nelly, the U.S rapper who topped the charts with It's Getting Hot...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Contrasting fortunes

It's a tale of two tables for PokerStars ShootingStars Jan Heitmann and George Danzer. While Danzer enjoys the early levels, Heitmann, the happy-go-lucky German able to perform magic tricks at a moments' notice, is looking a little less impressed with life than usual. "I just lost a big pot,...more

EPT Monte Carlo: How many stars make a constellation?

The field today is so glittering that it would be quicker to list the tables without a host of stars. But that would be boring. So here's another spectacular table line up to consider. Two tables in from media row sits Yevgeniy Timoshenko, fresh from his success at the $25,000...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Points of order

Over on Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem's table the poker is taking second fiddle to technical procedure. On a board of [10c]6♠8♦8♠ Ben Kang checked to Hachem who made it 1,600. When Kang called the river came [10d]. Now the tricky bit. Hachem bet out again, 6,525 this time...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Late arrival

The former Irish Open champion Neil Channing was a late arrival here today. "So far, the number of hands I've misplayed is one," he said. "And how many hands have you played?" I asked. "One." The reason for Channing's late arrival was that the self-admitted poker junkie was playing the...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Getting hot in here*

Thomas Kremser's tournament staff are as polite as they are impeccably attired. This morning, the senior floor managers arrived in their classically-coordinated suits and ties -- mauve today, it being Wednesday -- but had ambled straight into a crisis. As is so frequently the case, more players have elected...more

EPT Monte Carlo: The random draw

The random table draw discriminates against no one, throwing enticing tables together as easy as ten guys who've never played an EPT before. Today is no exception, with a couple of tables standing out as candidates for Sunday Night Football. At one end you could stand and watch Joe...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Not going to bluff...

One of the more fun tables in today's tournament features the Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem, the EPT Budapest winner Will Fry, serial EPT casher Thierry Van Den Berg and the PokerStars ShootingStar Benjamin Kang. Already, the Dutchman Van Den Berg has made an early impression, he re-raised from early...more

PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo: The sunshine bunch

On Monday, when the first players and officials began arriving to Monaco ahead of day 1a of the EPT Grand Final, the feted principality was shrouded in a dense thunderstorm. Clouds had swallowed the blocks of multi-million dollar apartments and driving rain ricocheted from the hairpins and straights of the...more

28 April

PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo: The end of the beginning of the end

As the seconds ticked down this afternoon to the start of the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo, the vast roof atop the Sporting Club conference centre cracked in the middle and gradually slid open, bathing the tournament arena in glorious sunlight and revealing a place that most people had...more

Supernova Elite status sends 2009's first to Monte Carlo

"I tend to live a fairly typical college kid's life." That's what we heard from a guy named Adam who goes by the handle skilled_sox on PokerStars. With a name like that, it's not hard to figure out that the 23-year-old goes to school in Boston. How does he have...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Alex Gomes on day 1a


EPT Monte Carlo: Chip counts!

Below you will find the full official chip counts at the end of day 1a at the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo, and a link to today's latest counts. There were 396 players at the start of day 1a and 223 made it through the eight levels of play....more

EPT Monte Carlo: Elky's challenge

With four monitors placed in the centre of the featured table and a simple glass of water next to his mouse, Team PokerStars Pro ElkY sat down in Monte Carlo this afternoon to set a world record. What he had to do: 1. To open up as many $6.50 turbo...more

EPT Monte Carlo: A full Nelson

Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson arrives at his new table carrying 180,000 in two racks. "Wow." This is Johnny Lodden, substantially less endowed with 26,000 and now sharing a table with the New Zealander. As Nelson gets comfortable more players are eliminated. Erik Seidel came out worst in a...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Daniel Wallace on day 1a


EPT Monte Carlo: Tough day for the SuperNova Elite

The PokerStars SuperNova Elite Daniel Wallace had a great start but alas he busted earlier today in a kings v aces showdown. His task was not an easy for the Indiana man whose table featured the likes of Team PokerStars Pros Alex Gomes and Dennis Phillips as well as...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Big stacks

Don't forget, you can follow the latest approximate chip counts on the chip counts page, where the general idea is that we pick out the notable players from this vast and varied field and attempt to keep some kind of an eye on them, even as action changes faster than...more

EPT Monte Carlo: From out of nowhere

Most players are on their last 15 minute break of the day - two of them though are still slugging out a hand. The unmistakeable hunched figure of Dario Minieri, looking fresh despite his late run at PokerStars' Ante Up for Arica tournament last night, was in the tank...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Dario down, Arnaud ascends

Just as the clock bleeped for the end of the level, Dario Minieri was involved in a huge pot with Rachid Rami. It looked as though they had found themselves in a raising war on a [10h]6♠2♠ flop, eventually getting around 60,000 in with Minieri turning over 6♣2♦ for bottom...more

EPT Monte Carlo: The state they're in

Dario Minieri is in usual form, making a good call after having the clock called on him for excessive thinking. Minieri had king-nine on a flop that featured T-J-K. His opponent made a big bet with ace-ten but after much talk and deliberation Minieri's call was good. Elsewhere Daniel...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Mercier takes hits

It's hard to think of many players who had a better year on the EPT in 2008 than Jason Mercier. He won in San Remo just over a year ago and followed it up with another final table appearance in EPT Barcelona and then won the High Rollers Event at...more

EPT Monte Carlo: On trucks and final tables

Level six has just begun and there are two very familiar names at the top of the leaderboard. The Team PokerStars Pro duo of Lee Nelson and Luca Pagano have either side of 100,000 at this early stage: Nelson about 107,000 and Pagano 92,000. Nelson goes by the nickname "Final...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Collado downs Bijgaart

The German player Jan Collado just eliminated Joep van den Bijgaart in what can only really be described as quite gruesome circumstances. After a player opened under the gun, Collado made it 3,100 from the button. Bijgaart made it 8,500 from the big blind and the early position player got...more

EPT Monte Carlo: McDonald loses the farm

Mike "Timex" Mcdonald is one of the earliest big name casualties - and it will not be any consolation that he got his money in as good as he could have possibly hoped. With the blinds now at 150-300 with a 25 ante, McDonald raised to 750 from second position...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Full Nelson

With a chip count of around 57,000, the Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson is one of those leading the way, although he has not actually knocked out anyone yet. "I called a big bluff," he told me, "I raised preflop from the small blind with K-5 and he made the...more

PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo: The EPT winners subset post

Crammed into the goodie bag for winners of EPT main events - between the untold riches and the adoration of legions of screaming fans - is a golden ticket to the EPT Grand Final. It's a nice little trinket worth €10,000, plus flights and hotel, but frequently it's not even...more

EPT Monte Carlo: More room for Raymer

Level three comes to an end and the blinds go up to 150-300. Over on Greg Raymer's table the atmosphere is relaxed. There are some tough tables in the room and this would be considered one of them. Davidi Kitai in seat one, next to Mark Randal Flowers and...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Negreanu has a good start

Daniel Negreanu's first three levels at the EPT Grand Final have gone very well so far and he is up to 46,000 in chips. One of the latest hands involved him raising a 1,000 river bet on a 4♥J♦9♦2♥9♥ board to 3,500 take down another pot. Afterwards he picked up...more

The Online Poker Show (4-26-09)

The folks over at PokerStars.tv are cleaning off their lenses and preparing for a very big week at the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. Before we see this time next week, we will have seen the absolute best in poker coverage. In the meantime, PokerStars.tv is sating our appetites...more

EPT Monte Carlo: All the way from Evansville, Indiana...

In a room full of poker players, more than 400 at last count, it's pretty easy to blend into quiet anonymity amid dozens of tables. But PokerStars SuperNova Elite Daniel Wallace from Evansville Indiana has a few stories of his own to bring him to the front of the crowd....more

EPT Monte Carlo: Freerolling for fun

Not everyone who has made it to the EPT Grand Final has had to fork out the full €10,000 for their entry. Some players have managed to get in for absolutely nothing. One such player is Ian Farrell, with whom I shared a taxi from Nice airport to the hotel...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Same as it ever was?

Constant Rijkenberg isn't exactly picking up where he left off in San Remo. Or is he? After pre-flop bets from the seat five player of 450 and then a call from Moritz Kranich on the button, Rijkenberg raised from the small blind to 1,450. It put neither of the others...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Introduction to day 1a


PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo: Opposite ends of the generation gap

Poker is the great leveller, with all ages and genders competing on the same field, with the same chips, the same chance and playing the same game. And although the young guns have well and truly arrived on the EPT, it's still a foolish player who fails to respect experience...more

EPT Monte Carlo: "How can you call the flop?"

The Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri was part of a four-way pot where it was checked to him with the board reading 7♣J♠8♣. The young Italian bet 800 and was called in all three spots, including by the new French PokerStars sponsored player Adam Lounis and Michael Tulchinskiy. On the...more

EPT Monte Carlo: A tough starting table

One table caught the attention quicker than most, a real hotbed of action. PokersStars Team Pros Luca Pagano and Greg Raymer share a table with former EPT Dortmund winner Mike McDonald, Belgian WSOP bracelet winner Davidi Kitai, as well as young guns 'Randall' Flowers and Ben Fineman. Pagano flicked his...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Danger around every turn

It's not all about the pretty faces on Dennis Phillips' table. Phillips is among the most relaxed players at the table. Whether that's something to do with the financial cushion of a WSOP third place, or his homespun baseball cap appearance, either way he came out of a hand...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Danger around every corner

This is the time, at the start of a major tournament, that we walk the room in search of the stars and the juicy tables, seeking the serendipitous table draws that have thrown together a clutch of the brightest stars. (Serendipitous for the spectator, at least - try telling some...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Season finale set to begin

Monte Carlo - beautiful scenery, blue sky weather and luxury at every turn. Making it this far means coming a long way. You kicked off in Barcelona and London, then enjoyed a central European swing through Budapest, Prague and Warsaw. After seeing in the new year on the beaches...more

27 April

Isabelle Mercier wins PokerStars' Ante Up for Africa

While it was a day of great glamour, drama and sportsmanship, and a day that Isabelle Mercier will remember for a long, long time having secured victory, PokerStars' Ante Up for Africa tournament will go down in the history books for another very good reason - raising more than 250,000...more

EPT Monte Carlo: Introduction


PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo: The end of the yellow brick road

From Barcelona, via London to Budapest. Then from Warsaw, through Prague, the Bahamas, to Deauville, Dortmund and San Remo. And now, the long and winding yellow-brick road of the European Poker Tour has reached its Oz, otherwise known as Monte Carlo for the EPT Grand Final. This season has been...more

Ante Up for Africa: Action from the tournament floor

This page will be updated throughout PokerStars' Ante Up for Africa event here in Monte Carlo. Celebrities have joined some of poker's greats in a 39-strong field, with each of the 4,000 euro buy-ins going to help the relief effort in Darfur. Each player began with 10,000 chips, but the...more

PokerStars' Ante Up for Africa in pictures

While our celebrity and pro players settle into their seats in the main tournament room, here's a look at how our man behind the lens, Neil Stoddart, has captured them using some very expensive looking pieces of equipment. Whatever he uses, Neil's results are always quite spectacular. Have a scroll...more

Ante Up for Africa: Stars take to the poker stage

Walk around Monte Carlo and the chances are you'll rub shoulders with someone rich or famous. Business tycoons, actors, Formula One racing drivers, and Royalty - all live and prosper in the small principality of Monaco. Had you by chance been in the tournament area of the Monte Carlo Bay...more

PokerStars Blog now on Twitter

The PokerStars Blog has been around since 2005. In that time, we've written thousands upon thousands of posts from all around the world. That's hundreds of thousands of words bringing you all the news from the world of PokerStars. Now as we prepare to kick off our EPT Grand Final...more

PokerStars Sunday tournament results (4-26-09)

You know when you walk into a shop and the shopkeeper gives you a look a lot like you'd expect from the Soup Nazi? That look that says, "Let's get on with this because there's too much to do otherwise?" Imagine us with that look right now. Not only did...more

PokerStars' Ante Up for Africa reveals poker's heart of gold

As you arrive in Monaco, driven in a gravity-defying manner along winding mountain roads that have the comfort of a wall of rock on one side but a terrifying 1,000-metre drop on the other, you can almost smell the money. This place has more millionaires per square foot than almost...more

April 26 Sunday Million victory and more than $213K goes to antesvante

It was a stellar Sunday on PokerStars. With month-end tournaments like the Turbo Takedown and the Battle of the Planets added to the already powerful lineup of tournaments, players came out in droves to take part in the plethora of events. As usual, the Sunday Million was there as one...more

26 April

Friendly poker nets JustFriendsF $90,000 in April's $1 Million Turbo Takedown

Each month PokerStars puts up $1 Million for players with a few Frequent Players Points lying around (5,000 to be exact) to potentially turn those hard earned points from ring games, MTTs, and SnGs into $100,000.00 which goes out to the winner of this tournament. Today 8,949 players "bought" their...more

Perplexed winner confused28 takes down Sunday Warm-up

With the bright lights of SCOOP behind us, the Sunday Warm-up churned its usual $750,000 guarantee busting crowd this evening. With 4,077 players lined up and 585 of those going home with a little more than their buy-in we would take under ten hours this evening to go from start...more

$12,000 is a pretty good score, PrettayGood wins April Battle of the Planets $50,000 Freeroll

Before the 466 players lined up for this month's $50,000 PokerStars Battle of the Planets Triple Shootout freeroll, many of them snacked on the weekly prizes for this promotion that has awarded over three million dollars to our Sit and Go regulars over the past year. For example: the top...more

ElkY scores WPT Player of the Year honors

And here we thought the news was going to be about ElkY crossing the $5 million in career earnings mark. Silly us for once again failing to realize that Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier will always find a way to amaze. According to the fine reporting from the World Poker Tour bloggers,...more

24 April

PokerStars launches World Series satellites

Moneymaker. Raymer. Hachem. Eastgate. Six years, four champions, and they all play for Team PokerStars Pro. Now is your chance to put your name among some of the world's best known players and you can do it for the cost of a fast food lunch. PokerStars is now running satellites...more

ElkY to cross $5 million career live earnings

We have a request for Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier: stop making us work so much. Writing a blog that follows Team PokerStars is a busy job, to be sure. With more than 30 members who tend to tear up tournaments on a regular basis, we find it hard to write about...more

Stud: Game choice and popularity

by Adam "STUDstood" Roberts Much like in cash games, the talent and ability of the players in higher buy-in tournament events increases. Therefore, there will be more better players, hence less "dead money," as they say. Just like in higher limit cash games, there will also be some players that...more

Use PokerStars account to buy into Ante up for Africa

As we mentioned a few days ago, PokerStars is bringing Ante Up to Africa to Europe and the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. If you're anywhere in the vicinity, you don't even need cash to buy-in. You can do so directly from your PokerStars account. Anyone can get into...more

23 April

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Constant Rijkenberg wins EPT San Remo

The EPT main event in San Remo has been a triumph from the start, and the final table - one of tension, high-wire hands and enough unpredictable aggression to keep everyone guessing - gave the Italian Riviera the send off it deserved. The principal reason was a 20-year-old student from...more

EPT San Remo: Constant Rijkenberg winner


EPT San Remo: Prize-winners

EPT San Remo season five is over. Constant Rijkenberg, from Holland, won the €1,508,000 first prize, beating Kalle Niemi heads up. This is a full list of all 112 prize-winners, from a starting field of 1,178, a record-number of players at an EPT event in Europe. The next EPT event...more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Constant Rijkenberg's victory, blow-by-blow

Live updates from level 30 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table. The latest chip counts are available on the chip count...more

EPT San Remo: Level 29 updates

Live updates from level 29 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table. The latest chip counts are available on the chip count...more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Level 28 updates, final table

Live updates from level 28 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table. The latest chip counts are available on the chip count...more

EPT San Remo: Level 27 updates

Live updates from level 27 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table. The latest chip counts are available on the chip count...more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Final table preview


PokerStars EPT San Remo: Level 26 updates, final table

Live updates from level 26 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table. The latest chip counts are available on the chip count...more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Final table profiles

The final table is set for EPT San Remo and play will get underway at 2pm CET. The following eight players will be eyeing the first prize of €1,508,000, with the full payout schedule, and winners to date, available on the prizewinner's page. As ever, there will be a full...more

22 April

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Dragan Galic leads. Again.

If you'd have blinked any time over the past couple of days on the Italian Riviera, you would have missed anything between 10 and 25 eliminations from the largest European Poker Tour event in its five-year history. More than a thousand started and now more than a thousand have departed....more

EPT San Remo: Level 26 updates

Live updates from level 26 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table. The latest chip counts are available on the chip count...more

EPT San Remo: Level 25 updates

Live updates from level 25 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table. The latest chip counts are available on the chip count...more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Level 24 updates

Live updates from level 24 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table. The latest chip counts are available on the chip count...more

EPT San Remo: Level 23 updates

Live updates from level 23 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table. The latest chip counts are available on the chip count...more

EPT San Remo: Dragan Galic on day four


EPT San Remo: Malte Strothmann on day four


PokerStars EPT San Remo: Constant Rijkenberg chats


PokerStars EPT San Remo: Level 22 updates

Live updates from level 22 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table. The latest chip counts are available on the chip count...more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Day four introduction


EPT San Remo: Level 21 updates

Live updates from level 21 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table. Blinds: 6,000-12,000 (ante: 1,000) 4.28pm: Hooray for Hungary In one...more

EPT San Remo: Level 20 updates

Live updates from level 20 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table. Blinds: 5,000-10,000 (ante: 1,000) 2.55pm: Double German After taking a...more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: The final squeeze to a final table

This week in San Remo has been all about compression - how to squeeze the largest ever EPT field into not the largest EPT tournament room, how to run three impossibly-popular side events alongside it, and how to keep everyone happy even as most of them are going to leave...more

21 April

EPT San Remo: Peter Eastgate describes his play at EPT San Remo


PokerStars EPT San Remo: Dragan Galic still top on day three

When players reconvened this afternoon tournament organisers were undecided about how many levels to play. Thomas Kremser ultimately opted for playing down to 32, regardless of how long that took. But it soon became apparent that "long" was the wrong word. In less than five hours 124 players became...more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: And with that, we're done

OK, you might not believe this but it's true. With five minutes left of level 19, there were 36 players remaining in the tournament. The tournament director Thomas Kremser suggested playing on for a few more minutes rather than heading straight to dinner, just to see if we could lose...more

EPT San Remo: Galic develops stack envy

Dragan Galic has a competitor. Strike that, he has two competitors. Although the Croatian has made all the right moves and kept moving in the right direction this afternoon, Constant Rijkenberg and Steven Silverman have also been wearing their jet-packs today and are now closing in on Galic. "How much...more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Italian passion and Swedes out in the cold

Italians pretty much invented passion and they certainly bring it to the poker tables too. We've grown gradually accustomed on the EPT to raucous celebrations whenever a pot is won; so much so that we joke in the press room about what is indicated by a particular tone of celebratory...more

EPT San Remo: Among the chip leaders

Steve Silverman has been on our radar for some time now. We first met him on his way to a third place finish on the LAPT in Costa Rica. Then a chance for a quick interview on the steps of the casino this morning - only Team PokerStars Pro...more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Horecki heads home

The Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki will not be making his second final table appearance of the season. After an early-position raiser and a mid-position call, Horecki squeezed for his final 100,000 and was insta-called by Giuseppe Argento. Horecki had A-Q and Argento had A-J but a jack came on...more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Constant Rijkenberg wins

These are the full official chip counts at the start of level 30. During final table play, the full, official chip counts will appear on this page, updated at the end of every level. The latest chip count, updated regularly as play progresses, will be available on the chip counts...more

EPT San Remo: Constant craving

The bread and butter of the typical young pro these days is the internet. It's where the big games are the, tournaments almost on demand and a poker economy that rewards those who count themselves among the best. So it's with surprise we learn that one of the chip...more

EPT San Remo: Introduction to day three


EPT San Remo: Before and after

There was plenty of action proceeding the bubble drama which we can now catch up on. "He went all-in. I called with ace-queen..." That was Bill Chen's brief resume of his last hand. His A♣Q♥ was up against 9♦7♦ but the board had been unkind, running out 5♥J♠J♣8♣[10h]. Chen...more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Kravchenko survives bubble, then busts

Alexander Kravchenko is out, one of the first to take the walk after the bubble was burst. The Team PokerStars Pro had shown remarkable durability to cling onto a short stack seemingly through two full days, but when push came to shove he pushed and shoved behind two red threes....more

EPT San Remo: Double bubble

Bubbles burst and bubbles burst. Some mean handshakes and a round of applause - a salute to those who have made it this far - in Italy though they party like it's 1999, creating scenes reminiscent of the NASA control room after men in ties bring their boys home...more

EPT San Remo: Tale of two champions

It's that time again, when EPT geeks get out the calculators, or more likely the backs of envelopes, and work out how likely a first time second winner is in San Remo. The chances this time round may produce very small numbers though with both candidates, Arnaud Mattern and...more

EPT San Remo: Day three begins

Last night's leisurely reading in PokerStars Blog Towers included a collection of travel journalism from the Australian writer Clive James. In a piece about the cut-throat nature of life in New York City, James wrote: "The bigger the heap, the more people there must be who are not at the...more

EPT San Remo: Bill Chen talks about his progress to day three


20 April

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Day three starting chip counts

Day two of EPT San Remo is in the books with a record field being cut back down to only 124 players ready to compete on day three. Our chip leader is Dragan Galic, from Croatia, with the Dutch player Constant Rejkenberg breathing down his neck. The complete list can...more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Dragan Galic stands proud atop inevitable carnage

At the start of the day, we made a prediction. We said that day two of EPT San Remo would be utter carnage, citing a few years of experience as evidence, coupled with numerous relative short stacks among the 400-plus remaining players, plus an innate tendency among the indigenous to...more

EPT San Remo: Hardy in laurels

You meet a lot of people in a lot of incongruous locations when you cover a lot of major poker tournaments. For instance, Dave Hardy became well known to reporters and staff covering the inaugural season of the Latin America Poker Tour last year, even though he's originally from Essex...more

EPT San Remo: The rebuilding exercise

The poker players of San Remo came out in force today to offer their support to the victims of the devastating L'Aquila earthquake earlier this month, which left close to 300 people dead and thousands more without a home. A €1,200 side event attracted a capacity 140 players, with the...more

EPT San Remo: End of the road?

Asa Smith will be here a little longer, even if times are hard. He just doubled up with pocket jacks, called by ace-queen. A third jack hit the flop to take Smith back up to 40,000 which right now is just under the average mark. Also at the table...more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Dragan on fire

Bill Chen just doubled up to about 55,000 with queens all in pre-flop against jacks. Meanwhile the unstoppable engine that is Dragan Galic continues to accumulate chips at a phenomenal rate and is up close to 300,000. Most recently Galic making a flush with K♣Q♣ on a board of 7♣[10c]5♣Q♠J♠....more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: Pagano doubles up; Palovic ousted

Luca Pagano has just doubled up, moving up to around 40,000 and probably ruining his chances of playing in the PokerForLife.it charity event that is getting underway in the neighbouring room. That tournament is a €1,200 buy-in event from which the casino is waiving its registration fee (the odd €200)...more

EPT San Remo: The matters of Mattern

Arnaud Mattern, winner in Prague last season, has become something of a rocket man in the last level. Starting today on 11,000 he now has 85,000 after several well played hands, involving the Frenchman's almost smoke and mirror ability to move players off a hand. Mattern has company on...more

EPT San Remo: Ta-ta Thater

Laurence Houghton is among the latest fallers. On a board of 5♥Q♠8♦6♠ he shoved in with 9♥8♣ but was caught by Sami Kelopuro with 9♣7♣. A table along, a quieter Peter Hedlund has also departed. It's not bad news for everyone. On a flop of 7♠2♦3♠ Joe Elpayaa made...more

EPT San Remo: The chip-eye view

There's a fast growing fascination with the game of poker in Italy, harder to explain than to simply point at the 701 who played this event last year and the 1,178 who turned up to play in season five. It's more than that and the game is burning into...more

PokerStars EPT San Remo: One up, one down for Team Pro

Marcin Horecki popped a white headphone out of his ear, slid up his trademark orange wrap-around shades and said: "Seventy-one." He casually pointed to his stack (I think we both knew what he was talking about) and then went on to describe how he got them. It was nothing so...more

EPT San Remo: The internet comes to San Remo

It's not immediately obvious whether the players sitting in seats eight and nine of table 15 today know who each other is. There's certainly not a great deal of chat going on between the two of them and there's no evidence that they're friends or anything. But Laurence Houghton and...more

EPT San Remo: Show me the way to go home

You hear David Saab before you see him. A talker even at the worst of times, Saab now had reason to be chatty, calling Giuseppe Argento's all-in with ace-king with his own pocket aces. "It's 91.5 per cent" he said as the board was dealt. First the flop Q♦J♠5♣....more

EPT San Remo: Introduction to day two


EPT San Remo: David Saab visits the EPT from Australia


EPT San Remo: Unleash the hounds on day two

Day two at the PokerStars.com EPT main event in San Remo, and let's kick off with a prediction: these first couple of hours are going to be absolute carnage. Having watched enough EPT events, and having in particular watched those featuring a large number of Italian players, the early stages...more

EPT San Remo: Day two starting chip counts

Day 1b in San Remo began with 600 players and it finished with 253. Once again, eight levels was too long for close to two thirds of the field to survive, and they have now drifted off into the night, preparing perhaps for Monte Carlo next week. The full counts...more

master zulle mastered SCTrojans for the 4/19/09 Sunday Million victory

After a two-week pause in Sunday Million action for the 2009 SCOOP series, the popular Sunday tournament was back with its signature $1.5 million guarantee and the best poker action on the internet. Coming back on a Sunday filled with significant live tournaments at various locations around the globe presented...more

19 April

Shane261966 comes from behind in dramatic Sunday Warm-Up win!

Sunday was a banner day for PokerStars action, with an LAPT event in Argentina, an EPT event in Italy, and blowout crowds in the guarantees tournaments. The Sunday Warm-Up drew an impressive 3,859 players, and by the time it was all said and done shane261966 had bested BoyArgentina in a...more

EPT San Remo: Ljubmir Josipovic leads on day 1b

It's hard to say the story of day 1b in San Remo was any different to yesterday. Just when you thought a tournament field couldn't get in any bigger, a new crowd arrived equally charged, enthused and ready to disregard the hopes and dreams of another for the sake...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Nitsche makes quick work of the final table to become youngest-ever LAPT champion

For this Nitsche, God is not dead. Dominik Nitsche is 18 years old. He is still in high school. Heck, he may have some homework to finish after this. And after playing in his first ever live tournament, he's an LAPT champion. After he knocked out fellow big stack Mark...more

EPT San Remo: Last gasp chip climbing

After a largely miserable tournament so far for Team PokerStars Pro and our friends, there has been a remarkable change in fortune over the most recent level, during which both Isabelle Mercier and Bill Chen have gone from short stacks to contenders. Mercier was on only 7,500 the last time...more

EPT San Remo: The daddies

It's at that time of the day when any wander around the tournament floor means dodging through players making their way to the streets. There are big hands and bustouts at every corner, and the resulting giant stacks beginning to develop. A pot a moment ago just vaulted the Italian...more

EPT San Remo: Times are hard

Poker can be a cruel game. Just ask the player with "Here to win" written across the back of his shirt. He's out. His ace-king battered by king-queen on a cruel board. Elsewhere Francesco Ciriani just lost what could be a critical pot for him. With an ace on...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Dominik Nitsche


EPT San Remo: Video night

The players have just taken a 15 minute break at the end of level six. The three-tier dinner break has also just finished, which means that when this latest pause is over, the entire remaining field will return to play until the end of the day. If they make it...more

EPT San Remo: Cato chopped

It's never been tested but home field advantage sometimes works wonders. It seems to work in Max Pescatori's favour, but if we going to be accurate, the Italian has done well wherever he's played, home or abroad. Pescatori's progress has continued after the dinner break but at the expense...more

EPT San Remo: Dario Minieri on his Italian expectations


EPT San Remo: Peter Eastgate on this tournament and SCOOP


EPT San Remo: Chad Brown on playing the Sunday Million


EPT San Remo: Noah Boeken talks about day 1b


EPT San Remo: Rain down

Hevad Khan explained his reasons for making an appearance in San Remo today. This isn't a precise quote, but he said something like: "Well, I was coming to Monte Carlo and you don't want to play just one five k event in a week." So it was that the Team...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Level 20-21 live updates

This is a live blog of the LAPT Mar del Plata Grand Final, brought to you by bloggers Brad Willis and Change100. This post will updated on a regular basis. Click refresh for the latest information. The latest selected chip counts can be found on the LAPT Chip Counts page....more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Final table intro


EPT San Remo: Dario done

The news is bad for Dario Minieri. Despite hopes for a repeat of the barnstorming performance of last year the pocket dynamo just busted in San Remo and news doesn't get any worse than that. The details are sketchy, a hand featuring Minieri's ace-queen against aces that then went...more

EPT San Remo: Internet sensations

Sunday in San Remo started with a record single-day field for an EPT event: 600 players arrived to cap the entrants for day 1b. That gave us that monstrous prize pool, that star-studded field, but, at least at the very start, a strangely muted few hours. There was significantly less...more

EPT San Remo: On the move

As the first flight heads for the buffet play is split between one end of the tournament room and the other, with three solitary tables playing in between. Whether or not you ever get to cash in your meal ticket doesn't necessarily depend on staying in, but it would...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Final table player profiles

Below you will find the profiles of the nine final table players at the LAPT Grand Final in Mar del Plata, Argentina. The players come from around the corner and around the world. They will be fighting for the following prizes. LAPT Mar del Plata final table prizes 1. $387,030...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Level 18-19 live updates

This is a live blog of the LAPT Mar del Plata Grand Final, brought to you by bloggers Brad Willis and Change100. This post will updated on a regular basis. Click refresh for the latest information. The latest selected chip counts can be found on the LAPT Chip Counts page....more

EPT San Remo: Lee Nelson on jetlag


EPT San Remo: The good and the bad

Maria Maceiras has made a name for herself over the year and a half, triumphing in the Spanish Championship and coming second in a Spanish Poker Tour event before being named Spanish Player of the Year. In San Remo though her day has been marked by frustration. After an...more

EPT San Remo: Lee Nelson with the V-bloggers

The Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson has made his way to Europe for this spectacular double-header of EPT action. His trips to this side of the world are relatively rare these days -- who can blame him with the ANZPT and APPT a little closer to home? -- so the...more

EPT San Remo: Two down

Johnny Lodden and Sebastian Ruthenberg are both out. Lodden, making his debut as a fully paid-up member of Team PokerStars Pro, flopped top pair with his K-10 on a board showing both a king and a jack. Lodden bet all the way, but by the time the river had been...more

EPT San Remo: The full payout details

As touted moments ago, the full details of the prize pool and payout structure has now been decided. If you peer a few lines down this post you'll be able to see it, and from now on there'll be a permanent link to the page in the red text at...more

EPT San Remo: A town called San Minieri

I'm afraid there might be a familiarity to this post about Dario Minieri. Anything written about the Italian Team PokerStars Pro always is and features the same process - Dario, betting pre-flop, or calling to see them before hammering away, taking pots uncontested. I wish I could add some...more

EPT San Remo: Numbers and money

We've been suffering some technical issues here in San Remo, meaning updates haven't been coming quite as quickly as we, and probably you, would have liked. Still, we do have one very important nugget of information to impart, and it's this: the prize pool for the most popular European Poker...more

EPT San Remo: The poker community does its bit

As you are probably aware, the European Poker Tour has arrived to Italy in the wake of a national disaster. Close to 300 people died last month when an earthquake struck in the Abruzzo region of the country and more than 25,000 people are now living in temporary accommodation after...more

EPT San Remo: Tabatabai up to bat

The action on John Tabatabai's table pre-flop was a lot of calling, followed by a small raise, followed by everyone calling again. Then the flop, 9♠[10s]5♦. The action was on Illari Sahamies in the small blind, who checked, as did Tabatabai. The seat ten player, who had chanced the...more

EPT San Remo: The cast in order appearance

As if it wasn't hard enough to see off over a thousand opponents studded among them today are the kind of players that can really ruin your day at the table. Notable table line ups include Dario Minieri and Katja Thater seated beside each other. At the next table...more

EPT San Remo: Introduction to day 1b


EPT San Remo: Pulling out the stops

Think back to one of those family get-togethers. While your mum prepared a feast fit for in-laws, grandparents and a friend you were allowed to invite to keep you occupied, your dad was dispatched to find every last chair in the house, from the basement to the attic, to...more

EPT San Remo: Katja Thater ahead of her starting day


EPT San Remo: Day 1a final chip counts

Good morning from San Remo. Last night, we were busy picking through the wreckage of day 1a of the largest-ever European Poker Tour event. Close to 600 players started the day, something like a third of them finished it, and we were busy searching around for their chip counts, which...more

18 April

LAPT Mar del Plata: Nitsche wallops Day 2 for final table chip lead

We don't know what to say. This hardly ever happens to us. We don't know how to react when it happens this fast. It usually lasts a lot longer. We promise. Somehow we managed to dispatch 52 players in less than seven hours of playing time. Using the word "somehow"...more

EPT San Remo: Record breakers

Our colleagues working for the EPT website recently came by to ask what were the biggest news stories from day 1a at EPT San Remo. It was a fair question -- there were no huge world superstars at the top of the chip ladder, no Team PokerStars Pro thrashing their...more

EPT San Remo: A Gork in the park

Marc Gork just doubled up. For Gork it seems every day is fancy dress day, a costume party to be celebrated with a touch of flamboyance. And why not. Four weeks ago in Germany Gork collected €307,000 for his third place finish, astonishing onlookers with a stunning degree of...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Level 17-18 live updates

This is a live blog of the LAPT Mar del Plata Grand Final, brought to you by bloggers Brad Willis and Change100. This post will updated on a regular basis. Click refresh for the latest information. The latest selected chip counts can be found on the LAPT Chip Counts page....more

EPT San Remo: Dutch courage

On a recent wander to check out some chip stacks, it didn't take long to find a notable tower right under our noses. In the very first seat on the very first table outside our press room sits Constant Rykenberg, who is playing the first EPT of his career. He...more

EPT San Remo: Just call me Cooler

With the kind of spectacular timing that sometimes makes me think William H Macy ought to play me in the movie of my cooler's life, Annette Obrestad is out. No sooner had we featured her on the blog than she found pocket aces, initially slow-played them but got the money...more

EPT San Remo: The right stuff

A bet, a call and a flop of 3♣[10c]5♥. Then Stefan Mattsson had some thinking to do. He'd made it 1,625 before his opponent, wearing a cap reading "Trans Ocean Auto", re-raised, 4,300 in total. Mattsson asked how much it was to call - 2,675 -then how much was...more

EPT San Remo: Annette Obrestad and the action table

Annette Obrestad is among the most fearless and fearsome poker players in these massive EPT fields, all the more so for her impeccable poise at the table. Sure, between hands she'll merrily chat away with anyone talking and happily pose for photographs, sometimes even signing autographs for railbirds. But with...more

EPT San Remo: Scratch one former winner

It's level six for some, still dinner for others. Those that have already enjoyed the buffet are back at the coal face and for many that means doubling up. More than 230 players have already been dispatched today and the post dinner level normally sees a few make or...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Mark Ioli


LAPT Mar del Plata: Dominik Nitsche


EPT San Remo: A few thousand words

Alexander Kravchenko doubled up shortly before the dinner break. He earned something in the region of 25,000 when his pocket jacks stayed good through a board of 5♥8♦3♦9♣4♦. That, though, is merely around about the average stack at the moment as plenty of players have taken advantage of some wild...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Level 15-16 live updates

This is a live blog of the LAPT Mar del Plata Grand Final, brought to you by bloggers Brad Willis and Change100. This post will updated on a regular basis. Click refresh for the latest information. The latest selected chip counts can be found on the LAPT Chip Counts page....more

EPT San Remo: Brown out

Chad Brown's San Remo hopes are no more. He moved in, putting two green chips worth a grand each into the middle. He was called, his opponent showing A♥8♥ to Brown's Q♣J♣. The ace on the flop sealed Brown's fate who after handshakes and good lucks was gone. EPT...more

EPT San Remo: Welcome party


EPT San Remo: The day after the night before

The three-tier dinner break is well underway, which means while one third of the field enjoys lasagne or penne all'arabiata, another third is playing level five and another third is already in level six. It's complicated, but it does work itself out somehow. Meanwhile the tournament leaderboard shows 392 players...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Day 2 intro

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Team Pro John Duthie tells story of his $250,000 SCOOP cash

Having bubbled in the $5,000 Omaha tournament the previous night, I was pretty determined to do well in either the SCOOP $25,000 heads up or $10,000 main event. The HU field looked pretty grim being full of some of the best HU players in the world, but I knew that...more

EPT San Remo: There will be casualties

ShootingStar George Danzer, who like Tom McEvoy has grown a beard since we last saw him, is among them. Danzer went quietly, no fuss, the only noise being a long sigh as he passed by on his way to explaining himself to friends. Christophe Gross had been an easy...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Level 13-14 live updates

This is a live blog of the LAPT Mar del Plata Grand Final, brought to you by bloggers Brad Willis and Change100. This post will updated on a regular basis. Click refresh for the latest information. The latest selected chip counts can be found on the LAPT Chip Counts page....more

EPT San Remo: Sansonetti's quads

In the early stages of tournaments like this, individual hands don't tend to have much longer-term bearing. A pot is often worth no more than a couple of thousand chips, a number that will probably represent no more than an ante by the time the tournament meets the business end....more

EPT San Remo: Lellouche lost

Antony Lellouche will not be repeating San Remo performance from last year, falling short by roughly four days. The Frenchman, who finished second to Jason Mercier in one of the quickest EPT finals ever 12 months ago, has busted out in unknown circumstances in level three. It's a different...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Level 11-12 live updates

This is a live blog of the LAPT Mar del Plata Grand Final, brought to you by bloggers Brad Willis and Change100. This post will updated on a regular basis. Click refresh for the latest information. The latest selected chip counts can be found on the LAPT Chip Counts page....more

EPT San Remo: King Kang

The following takes place to the sound of Peter Hedlund chatting in the background. Ben Kang's EPT record is one of frustration, with a single cash since his high water mark in Poland two seasons ago where he finished 11th. Frustrating for the Berliner as he tends to tear...more

EPT San Remo: An early assassin

The European Poker Tour is sometimes the victim of its own success. Today, for instance, the poor casino employee whose day at work usually consists of little more than the leisurely punching in of passport details of one, maybe two, new visitors was besieged by more than 500 anxious poker...more

EPT San Remo: What's the rush?

The first level is typically a cautious one; few big hands, no point getting carried away, take things easy. It's the way to stretch the day out a little. It's not an approach everyone agrees to. One player busted first hand, attempting a hero call on the river with...more

EPT San Remo: Introduction to day 1a


EPT San Remo: Cards in the air

You probably have your own choice for the best voice of poker, but the voice of the EPT is Thomas Kremser. The Austrian's dulcet tones have been heard for the first time, welcoming the hundreds players taking their seats for day 1a. Follow that with the fast paced Italian...more

EPT San Remo: A corner of paradise

Snake-charmers, painted ladies, burlesque artists cavorting in champagne glasses. To the long list of entertainers who have dazzled us with their skills at PokerStars welcome parties, last night's curtain raiser for EPT San Remo added a few more. First up, there were walking, talking, dancing playing cards, who eventually sat...more

17 April

LAPT Mar del Plata: Robin Chesne leads the Day 1b pack

Outside the Casino Central, it was a sparkling, sunny day. Cool ocean breezes announced the arrival of fall. Couples walked hand in hand down the Avenida Peralta Ramos, enjoying their Friday afternoon. Sea lions barked a few meters offshore. But inside the poker room, a man sat with an umbrella...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Two stories with kings

We're getting close to the end and the evening is paralleling last night pretty well. There was post-supper craziness followed by a food coma lull followed by a dramatic lock-down by the people looking to make Day 2. A few minutes ago, we saw two nearly identical hands with quite...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: How have the mighty fallen

It seemed like hours ago when Chris Moneymaker sidled up to Joe Hachem's table, joking that he needed to bust quickly because they needed three more players for a satellite out in the poker room. Oh wait... it was. Hachem was short-stacked then, but managed to survive for several levels....more

LAPT Mar del Plata: BrenesWatch, Part 3 (Adios, Humberto)

Alas, there is now but one Brenes remaining in the field. Short-stacked for some time now, Humberto Brenes moved all in for roughly 12,000 and the action was folded to David Schechter on the button, who went into a lengthy think. "I have a good hand, Humberto" he said. "Please...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Maria Mayrinck on Mar del Plata


LAPT Mar del Plata: Gone but not gone

So, Team PokerStars Pro Maria "maridu" Mayrinck busted yesterday during Day 1A, but that doesn't mean she is forgotten. In fact, she's pretty easy to remember, what with her playing a side tournament right in front of us. Since she wasn't able to stick around for long yesterday, the PokerStars...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Go big or go home

Alexandre Gomes didn't exactly get the easiest table draw today. He started the day with Veronica Dabul and Leo Fernandez on his immediate left and though Dabul busted a few hours ago on the baddest of beats, Fernandez is still well in this thing with over 31,000 in chips. The...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Taking over

Greatness is not simply a matter of survival. Greatness comes from prospering while others merely struggle to stay afloat. While your countrymen tiptoe around expandiing sinkholes, you build high rises. It's not necessarily the Art of War, but we're only talking about poker, so it'll do. That is simply a...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Viva Leo!

If there's one thing we've learned about Leo Fernandez today, it's this. The man is a short-stack ninja. Crippled to only 1,100 in chips only moments after cards went in the air when his flopped two pair were outdrawn on the turn, Fernandez didn't allow that early beat to shake...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: The Umbrella Man


LAPT Mar del Plata: Sir, you have an umbrella on your head

Earlier today, we brought you the story of Zach Hall, the man with the umbrella on his head. Frankly, simply having an umbrella-headed kid in the house is reason enough to come to these things. Still, we like having a bit of an explanation for the sartorial decision. With that,...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Sick in any language

We can't pinpoint exactly what's happened, but the Central Casino's matrix just went loopy. In the past 15 minutes, the word "hot-blooded' as been uttered more than a couple times. After one and half days of play, this room is finally coming unglued. People are screaming, cursing, and trying to...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: BrenesWatch, Part 2

Roberto Brenes is the smallest, youngest, and by far the quietest member of the Brenes clan. Though he picked up the family last-longer honors in his last LAPT appearance in Vina del Mar, Chile, he unfortunately will not be able to claim that title again here at the LAPT Grand...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Online qualifiers


LAPT Mar del Plata: Rumbling

We're steadily sneaking up on the dinner break and there's no small amount of tummy grumbling here in Mar del Plata's Central Casino. Still, there is a lot of work to be done before dinner's kind respite. With that in mind, our video blog team went out in search of...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Dennis Down

Dennis Phillips did not look like a happy man. Standing behind his chair with his head slightly bowed, the slice of felt in front of him now devoid of chips, Phillips showed all the signs of a man who had just been busted on some sort of horrible beat. With...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Prize pool and payouts

We have just received the final numbers for the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final in Argentina. The $5,200 buy-in drew 291 players for a total prize pool of $1,411,350. Those who make the money are guaranteed more than $14,000. First prize will pick up $387,030. The top 27...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Looks like rain

Presently it's clear and sunny over the beaches of Mar del Plata, but should clouds move in we know one man who has come prepared for a sudden downpour. Meet PokerStars online qualifier Zach Hall, a young American who traveled over 6,500 miles from his New Hampshire home to play...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Day 1B introduction


LAPT Mar del Plata: Numbers released, names witheld

It took a couple guys with a high-tech abacus, but the final number of entrants is in. Day 1A saw 140 players belly up for the eleven levels of play. Today, 151 will play the exact same amount of time. If you take the time to do the addition, you'll...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: BrenesWatch, Part 1

It's that time again, folks where we chronicle the adventures of Costa Rica's royal family of poker. One is a boisterous, camera-loving shark aficionado. Another is a quiet WPT champion. And another yet is already traveling the LAPT at the tender age of eighteen. Behold, the return of BrenesWatch! Situated...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: A novel approach

It was awkward. We'll admit that from the outset. A couple nights ago, we saw a man dressed in all black standing on the periphery of the PokerStars welcome party. He wore a black fedora that seemed a little too familiar. Who was that man in the chapeau? We'd seen...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: The Stars Align

Cards went in the air moments ago here on Day 1B of the LAPT Grand Final and though there isn't quite the media circus that we witnessed 24 hours ago when Boris Becker sat down to play, the room is filled nearly to capacity with Latin American poker's best and...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Day 1 halfway in the books

If you go to the southern tip of Argentina, you can see the end of the world. If you go to Mar del Plata, you can see the end of the Latin American Poker Tour's second season. If you go to the end of this day, however, it's a long,...more

16 April

LAPT Mar del Plata: Bien jugado

Vanessa Machado is used to being stared at. It comes with the territory in front of the camera and on the runway, where she's built a successful career. Cutting a striking figure at the table, the raven-haired Brazilian model/actress has been fighting on a short stack for some time now....more

LAPT Mar del Plata: J.C. Alvarado on his SCOOP win


LAPT Mar del Plata: Mexico's finest

Jorge Landazuri doesn't do things the easy way. Consider his journey to Argentina. The young man from Matlazan, Mexico did not pay a peso to enter this $5,200 event. Instead, he qualified on a PokerStars.net freeroll. Know what he got when he won that? Yep, an entry into another PokerStars.net...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Dennis Phillips Interview


LAPT Mar del Plata: Tips from Dennis Phillips

In the course of covering Season 2 of the LAPT, we've run into Team PokerStars Pro Dennis Phillips in some odd places. A passport control line at Santiago airport. The business class lounge at Montevideo International. And most recently, a shuttle bus in Mar del Plata. Phillips is an LAPT...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: David Wagener


LAPT Mar del Plata: A world away

David Wagener is another PokerStars qualifier that finds himself a long way from home. A LONG way. Wagener hails from Germany, and by qualifying for events on PokerStars, has been able to travel the world. Last winter, he found himself in Sydney, Australia, where he first met Chris Moneymaker. Now...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: The rubdown

Normally, we'd call this rundown, but for reasons that will soon become very obvious, we've chosen another title. Here's a quick chop-chop massage version of what's happening in the room at this hour. Players are on break as we head into Level 9. Fifty-two out of the initial 140 players...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Table USA

Four days ago, Brandon Demes was home in Arizona, grinding his way through a capped field of 256 in the SCOOP $2,600 Heads-Up NLHE event. Demes ended up finishing third, good for a $51,200 infusion to his bankroll and today finds himself in Argentina-- 6,000 miles away from home, seated...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Salas-cious

It really didn't look good for Damian Salas. Though the man we call Jude Law has a third place finish on the LAPT, he didn't look good for a long day. We can only guess, he avoided the superpancho at dinner and got some run-good fuel (or, the local energy...more

LAPT Mar del Plata Ryan Smith interview


LAPT Mar del Plata: Superpancho fail, poker FTW

You're adventurous. We know that because you take the time to ride the waves of this poker life. Even if you only live vicariously through the players on this blog, you have a spirit fit for strategic carelessness. We're sure of it. So, let us ask you this: if at...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Travis Pettey


LAPT Mar del Plata: Picture your chip leaders

It's dinner time. Actually, for Argentinians, we think this is more like lunch, but we're not going to parse eating traditions. As far as Tournament Director Mike Ward is concerned, this is the time at which we dine. Fewer than 80 people remain in Day 1A. Because of the vagaries...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Pettey Cash

Travis Pettey is a long way from San Diego. After bubbling several satellites to the LAPT Grand Final, Pettey decided to bite the bullet and buy in... with the plethora of Frequent Player Points he had accumulated from playing some of the highest buy-in cash games on PokerStars. With...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: 22 minutes with Chris Moneymaker

Twenty-two minutes remained on the clock before the break. Chris Moneymaker sat stone-faced his table, sandwiched in the nine-seat between the dealer and Boris Becker's significant other, Lilly Kerssenberg. Moneymaker wasn't even supposed to be here today. He was initially signed up for Day 1B. He was on our flight...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Maridu needs a little run-good

"I ran so bad in SCOOP so I have to win this one, right?" said Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck as she clutched a cocktail at last night's welcome party. Wearing a printed kimono-style dress and metallic birdcage wedges, the always-fashionable Maridu had her "Team Pro" patch affixed to a vintage Chanel...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Field of final tablists

"Jude Law is here!" It's a common cry on the Latin American Poker Tour. The man we call Jude is, in fact, Damian Salas (an almost-dead ringer for the actor) He came in third place in Chile and has been a familiar face on the LAPT for some time. The...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Check out our chips!

As you might have noticed since our last stop on the Latin American Poker Tour, things have changed a bit on the ol' PokerStars Blog. We've tidied up the joint, moved a few things around, and offered you a lot more on the front page. One of our newest toys...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: PokerStars welcome party


LAPT Mar del Plata: Becker Faults

Even champions can fault from time to time. Especially when your opponent turns out to be slow-playing a monster hand. Becker called a 300 chip raise from his opponent and the two saw a flop of 8♣6♦4♥. Facing a bet of 600 on the flop, Becker shuffled his chips for...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: Day 1A introduction


LAPT Mar del Plata: Day 1 begins in the lens

Our photographer Joe Giron provides us with pictures that are worth more than 1,000 words. That much is clear. Unheralded though are the guys behind the video camera who provided us with thousands of pictures strung together into some great video worth...well, you do the math. Here's the video blog...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: All eyes on Boris

Cards went in the air only moments ago and as the first hand was dealt, every camera in the room was fixated on one table. Still and video lenses created a nearly impenetrable ring around the slice of felt housing Boris Becker, the rail full of fans behind him all...more

LAPT Mar del Plata: A taste of things to come


LAPT Mar del Plata: The end of the road

This is how the end begins. It has been a long road, one that traveled from San Jose, Costa Rica to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. It then turned farther south, to Vina del Mar, Chile and then cross-continent to Punta del Este, Uruguay. For many people, they were long, thankless hours...more

PokerStars brings Ante Up For Africa to Europe

PokerStars has revealed a star-studded addition to its EPT Grand Final festival in Monte Carlo - the Ante Up For Africa charity tournament. The special event will raise money and awareness for the current humanitarian relief efforts in crisis-torn Darfur. As the best poker players from around the world converge...more

15 April

LAPT Mar del Plata: First tango in Plata

"In less than ten minutes," the man said, "you will witness some of the best tango dancers you have ever seen." It was a bold statement. First off, the man had no way of knowing the caliber of tango dancers we've witnessed. Second, the tango is a dance that can't...more

SCOOP #22 Main Event highlights show


SCOOP #21 highlights show


SCOOP #19 highlights show


LAPT Mar del Plata: The Happy City

They call Mar del Plata "The Happy City" and after only a few hours here we can see why. Sparkling, sunny weather. Wind-swept dunes that flatten out into wide sandy beaches. And plentiful, savory steaks matched with local wines in the restaurants that line the streets of this seaside city....more

SCOOP: Watch the Main Event highlights

If like us you're only just catching your breath after the enthralling SCOOP series, then apologies for getting your heart racing all over again. Thing is, our friends over at pokerstars.tv have only gone and put the best bits of the Main Event on video so you can watch the...more

13 April

SCOOP: Winner j.thaddeus scores $963,338 in Event 22-H $10,300 NLHE Main Event

When the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) was first announced to the poker community, players liked the idea. Besides the catchy name, the offerings of three buy-in levels to each tournament was more than appealing, as players at all levels of the game could find a way to make...more

SCOOP: JC Alvarado claims biggest win of career in Event #22-M, $1,050 Main Event

When Day 1 of the SCOOP $1,050 Main Event ended, the last remaining representative of Team PokerStars Pro went to sleep with a chip stack of 1.5 million. That put him squarely in the middle of the 19 runners who still had a shot at the $502,086 first prize. It...more

SCOOP: JannotLapin wins the $109 Main Event

Event #22, the final tournament on PokerStars' Spring Championship of Online Poker schedule, certainly drew a crowd -- 18,747 players to be exact. Those thousands created a bountiful prize pool of $1,874,700 with a first-place prize of $187,470.01. Day 1 play on Easter Sunday ended after 44 levels and 18,721...more

SCOOP: Event #22-M $1,050 Main Event Live Blog

Day 2 live blog coverage of the SCOOP Medium Stakes Main Event, $1,050 No-Limit Hold'em, is brought to you by Jason Kirk and David Aydt. Click refresh to see the latest information as the 19 finalists play for their shares of the $3,198,000 prize pool. For a look at previous...more

SCOOP: Event 22-Low $109 NLHE Main Event Live Blog

Day 2 live blog coverage of SCOOP Event #22-Low, $109 NLHE Main Event, is brought to you by Tuscaloosa Johnny Kampis and Dave Behr. Click refresh to see the latest information as the 26 survivors play for the lion's share of a $1,874,700 prize pool. For a look at previous...more

SCOOP: Event 22-High $10,300 NLHE Main Event Live Blog

Day 2 live blog coverage of the SCOOP High Stakes Main Event NLHE is brought to you by Jen Newell and Martin Harris. Click refresh to see the latest information as the 14 finalists play for their shares of the $5,020,000 prize pool. For a look at previous coverage, see...more

SCOOP: 14 players remain, xxjondxx leads in Event 22-H $10,300 NLHE Main Event

Every tournament series has its main event. After days filled with hold'em, stud, mixed games, heads-up events, and even razz for those so inclined, it all comes down to the big one. It's the tournament that everyone wants to win, a title that every poker players wants to hold, and...more

SCOOP: dhutt24 leads massive Event #22-L (Main Event) Field

Finally, we've made it. After 21 thrilling and varied SCOOP events across a spectrum of buy-in levels, we've come to the two-day finale: the SCOOP Main Event. And what a Main Event it is turning into! The $1,000,000 guarantee for the $109 "low" version of the Main Event was never...more

SCOOP: hasuace has Event #22-M $1,050 Main Event lead after Day 1

After a week and a half of guarantee-busting tournaments, SCOOP has finally rolled around to the Big One - or rather, the Big Ones. With three Main Event tournaments running today, SCOOP, the new kid on the PokerStars tournament series block, was set to go out with a bang. The...more

12 April

SCOOP: blakeb0921 tears up the field in Event #21-low, $270 heads-up NLHE

Even low-rollers need a little high-roller action every once in a while. That's what today was about, with SCOOP Event #21 kicking up the buy-ins several notches at every level for the Heads-up NLHE event. The $270 "low" buyin installment drew 1550 entrants creating a hefty $387,500 prize pool. 256...more

Playgirl555 toys with final table in Sunday Warm-up win

A slightly smaller crowd then the usual guarantee busting stampede showed up this evening at the $750,000 guaranteed Sunday Warm-up. 3,622 players meant PokerStars would be footing the bill to assure a six-figure $101,250.00 first place prize. 540 players walked away with at least $375.00 but the final table would...more

SCOOP: RunThisTable runs the table in $2,600 NLHE Heads-Up Event 21

The "medium" stakes version of Event No. 21, the No-Limit Hold'em Heads-Up tournament, was capped at 256 entrants, meaning the winner would have to win eight consecutive matches to take the title. With a buy-in of $2,500+$100, that meant the total prize pool was $640,000. Those winning three matches and...more

SCOOP: toweliestar wipes up competition in $25,000 Heads-Up SCOOP event

It was the biggest thing anybody could do in poker all day. The buy-in was bigger than any poker event in the world this week. The competition was not surprisingly made up of 32 of the best players in the world. All of that was clear. Left unanswered was who...more

SCOOP: Event #17 highlight show


SCOOP: One day left to climb leader board

When the news broke early this morning that Terrence "Unassigned" Chan had won back-to-back Spring Championship of Online Poker events, we thought, "That must have put him near the top of the leader board." Well, he's a lot closer than he was before, but he still has some work to...more

SCOOP: Terrence "Unassigned" Chan goes back-to-back, winning his second SCOOP title of the night in Event #20-high, $5,200 LHE

The road to a SCOOP final table is fraught with suckouts, bluffs, value bets, miracle river cards, moments of heart-pounding tension, and long, intense hours of concentration. Now let's multiply that by two. Over the course of this week we've seen several players who have accomplished the feat of making...more

SCOOP: Terrence "Unassigned" Chan becomes Event 20-M FL Hold'em champion

Event 20? It's a little tough to believe that we've made it through to the 20th event of the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) in only ten days. But the wild ride certainly wasn't over yet, as other events were wrapping up to take us to the series finale....more

SCOOP: WhooooKidd whoops it up in $5,200 PLO Event 19

Okay, everyone. I want you all to put on your best Dr. Evil. Raise an eyebrow, hold your pinky finger aloft, and say it together: "One meel-uh-yun dollars." That's what 190 players were playing for in the "high" version of SCOOP Event No. 19, Pot-Limit Omaha. $1,000.000, to be divided...more

SCOOP: Perumov predicts, then delivers, victory in Event #20, $55 Limit Hold'em 6-max

Babe Ruth. Joe Namath. Perumov? One of these people is not like the other, but all predicted something amazing in their fields. Babe Ruth's field was baseball; Joe Namath's field was American football. And Perumov's field was fixed-limit hold'em. Yes, fixed-limit hold'em. You remember that game, right? It was the...more

SCOOP: jaeh00d takes down Event 19 Pot-Limit Omaha

Sometimes you have to leave Texas for Nebraska. Or in the poker sense, sometimes you have to try your hand at Omaha instead of Hold'em. The last day before the Spring Championship of Online Poker Main Event on PokerStars featured Event #19 Pot-Limit Omaha. The $530 buy-in medium event...more

SCOOP: Victory in black and white, PandaTamer chews up field in Event #19-L $55 PLO win

Nearing the end of the Spring Championship of Online Poker series tonight was the last chance for players to gain some extra cash going into tomorrow's big Event $21 NLHE Heads-Up $270, $2,600, $25,500 tourneys or the $109, $1,050, or $10,300 Event #22 SCOOP Main Event (two day event). With...more

11 April

SCOOP: TheChosenWun takes down Event 17 $22 NLHE 1R 1A

If you host it they will come. PokerStars players flocked to Event #17 $22 No-Limit Hold'em with one rebuy and one add-on Friday afternoon. The event drew 9,657 entries, who rebought 6,546 times and made 6,776 add-ons to create a whopping prize pool of $459,580. A total of 1,620...more

SCOOP: jakoon1985 defeats prior champions to take Event 17-H NLHE

As the Spring Championship of Online Poker reaches its final days, players were looking to get their high stakes no-limit hold'em action in before the main event. Event 17 not only provided that NLHE game but allowed for one rebuy and one add-on to spice things up. The $2,000 +...more

SCOOP: thewh00sel bamboozles 'em in $215 Event 17 NLHE (1R+1A)

A total of 1,809 players entered the "medium" stakes version of SCOOP Event No. 17 which carried an initial $200+$15 price tag. Each had the option of taking one rebuy ($200 for 2,500 chips) should he or she drop below the starting stack of 2,500 at any time during the...more

SCOOP: AJB444 prevents a Grinder repeat, taking down Event #18-low, $55 limit O8

Less than 24 hours after taking down a SCOOP title in the $320 Seven-Card Stud event, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi had built himself another commanding chip lead, his stack nearly triple that of his closest competitor with three tables remaining in Event #18-low, $55 Omaha hi/lo. With the aggressive...more

SCOOP: Lileor99 dominates final table, wins Event #18, $530 Omaha Hi/Lo

Sometimes you feel like a nut (nut). Sometimes you don't. Lileor99 clearly felt like the nuts upon getting out of bed yesterday morning. He out-drew a field of 492 players to take down the title in SCOOP Event #18-M, $530 Omaha Hi/Lo Split. Players that didn't feel like a nut...more

SCOOP: yes mon, amrasaralond scoops victory in Event #18-H $5,200 O8

Tonight's big action took place over split pots and nut-nut wheel draws as SCOOP Event #18's Limit Omaha Hi-Lo welcomed 82 players into this high stakes $5,200 buy-in event. With the big buy-in come sizable names, some of which have making the SCOOP events their personal ATM. Players like what...more

10 April

SCOOP: Khan!

Let's just make sure we understand each other here. Hevad Khan wins things. It's hard to let a few months go by without the man known as RaiNKhAN winning some tournament or other. He's not choosy. He'll take a million dollar win at Caesars. He'll take a Sunday major. And,...more

SCOOP: Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi dominates in Event #16-M, $320 stud

When Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi first started making waves on the major tournament circuit, he would often be spotted wearing a royal blue baseball cap that read "The Grinder-- I'm a machine" in a gothic-looking font. Two World Poker Tour titles and $6.7 million in tournament earnings later, Mizrachi...more

SCOOP: Elite Event #16 $3,150 Stud field conquered by jmonnett

Today's $3,150 Stud SCOOP event had a $150,000 guarantee before registration began, and like so many other SCOOP events so far it eventually wound up breaking that guarantee. But this tournament only topped it by one entry when 51 players were seated at the tables at the end of late...more

SCOOP: what is 7x6? $100,800 in 8-game big buy-in event

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to PokerStars' Most Well Rounded Poker Player. If you only play Hold'em, please sit. Now, if you only play limit or only play no-limit, grab your chair. Only like flop games? The door is in the back. Still standing? Got four thousand bucks to...more

SCOOP: union yes! thehoffa takes down Event #15-L 8-Game title

When people think of a mixed game, some go back to their roots as a young player growing up with family poker games after dinner was cleared. Many players started their rounding skills playing kitchen table poker with aunts and uncles churning out games like no-peeky seven card baseball, guts,...more

SCOOP: EgyptPharaoh ruled Event 16-L 7-Card Stud

It was another night of stud in the ongoing PokerStars SCOOP series. This one was simple limit stud, without the hi/lo technicality. Simple 7-card stud for the low, low price of $30 + $3 with a $25,000 guaranteed prize pool. That enticing offer brought 1,592 players to the tables for...more

SCOOP: SLOPPYKLOD cleans up in Event 15 $425 8-Game Mix

Fans of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) are aware that the organization stages its mixed martial arts bouts in a ring known as the "Octagon," so-called for the eight-sided caged enclosure in which combatants do battle. You might say the increasingly popular "8-game mix" on PokerStars in which players rotate...more

9 April

SCOOP Event #14 highlight show


SCOOP Event #14 highlight show

With just a few days left in the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker, PokerStars.tv is still kicking out the jams with some great highlight shows. Tonight we bring you the best hands from the $5,200 Event 14 Six Max No Limit Hold'em. Two players walked away with more than...more

SCOOP: Don't cry for garompon; Argentinian wins Event #14, $5,200 NLHE 6-max

With a $1,500,000 guarantee, the shining star in today's SCOOP schedule was Event #14's high stakes tier, the $5,200 No Limit Hold'em 6-max tournament. But with a slow structure that included 30-minute levels and a 5,000-chip starting stack, it was no surprise that 331 players showed up to boost the...more

SCOOP: Roach11 steps on competition in Event #14, $530 NLHE 6-max

When the original SCOOP schedule was released, the medium-stakes version of Event #14, 6-max No Limit Hold'em, sported a $500,000 guarantee. But by the time late registration had closed today, a crowd of 1,714 players had signed up to build a prize pool worth $857,000. Among those in attendance were...more

SCOOP: Hevad "RaiNKhAN" Khan Conquers Event 14-L $55 NLHE

While mixed games and other poker varieties are sweeping the poker playing world, the one primary love of most players remains no-limit hold'em. And present them with the 6-max tables and a prestigious SCOOP title opportunity for only $50 + $5? They're all in. (Groan.) Okay, on to the important...more

SCOOP #11 highlights show


SCOOP: Event #11 highlight show

So how's SCOOP treating you so far? Whether you are playing or just following the action, we've got all you need to keep up to date with who won what. Just to make your life even easier, our friends over at PokerStars.tv have just released another of their signature SCOOP...more

SCOOP: Alaei is cream of star-studded final in Event #13, $2,100 Razz

Some people delight in inflicting pain and suffering upon themselves. Polite society calls those people masochists. Poker society calls those people razz players. We call them brave. Razz, with its propensity for turning an excellent starting four cards into the worst kind of trash by the river, is not for...more

SCOOP: dimmmmi1 lights up Event #13 $215 Razz

Razz is like the weak kid on the playground. He's simple, a little boring, easy to insult, and prone to being exploited. We love this kid. Razz, despite its sad, sad reputation, is a beautiful game. It draws cranks, masochists, and fatalists. When the Spring Championship of Online Poker rolls...more

SCOOP: Anubis147 gets a good razzing in Event 13

Poker players like to joke about how much they hate razz. They even started rotation games like S.H.O.E. (or H.O.S.E. depending on your game order and leg covering preference) that dropped razz from the standard H.O.R.S.E. rotation. But if Wednesday's $22 Razz SCOOP Event 13 was any indication, PokerStars...more

8 April

SCOOP: gator93 scoops the most to win Event #12, $2,100 Stud Hi/Lo,

Mention the game Seven-Card Stud to most poker players and their noses will wrinkle. Add the words "Hi/Lo Split" to the end of your sentence and the contents of their stomachs will wind up on your shoes. Stud's popularity has waned in recent years as hold'em has gained dominance, but...more

SCOOP: PiMaster scoops up a victory in Event #12-low, $22 stud hi/lo

There are a lot of people out there that will tell you that stud poker is dead. Once the game of choice for most poker players, these days, stud is often looked upon as hold'em's quirky, old-fashioned cousin. However, after taking a look at the numbers from today's SCOOP Stud...more

SCOOP: kasparov007 captures Event 12-M $215 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo

Stud. It was the game they played in movies. It was the game grandparents play with their friends at the kitchen table. It represented the good ol' days of poker. But it's back. Over the last decade, mixed games have become oh-so popular in the world of poker as players...more

SCOOP: riverburn22 heats up $320 mixed hold'em event

Find yourself any good chef and give him a great cut of steak. He could give you a lengthy recipe of rubs and marinades, but if you really press him on what it takes to cook the meat perfectly, he'll give you the same answer: salt and pepper. Sometimes the...more

SCOOP: Andy McLEOD mixes it up for $184K win in Event 11

If you are a hold'em player - just a flat out hold'em player - then you had to love Tuesday's Event 11 since with its mix of both Limit and No-Limit Hold'em it had the best of both worlds. The high event had a buy-in of $3,150, making it...more

SCOOP: Hole-in-one for golferen50 in Event #11, $33 Hold'em Mixed 6-max

Mixed hold'em events haven't been prominent for a very long time, but since they first appeared they've proven to be popular with tournament poker players. They demand a more varied skill set than a straight limit or no-limit hold'em event, as the proper strategy for a situation can differ if...more

7 April

SCOOP Event #8 highlight show


SCOOP: Event #8 highlight show

With ten events behind us and two happening as I type, PokerStars.tv had just released another of its signature highlight shows. In this episode, Nick Wealthall takes us through the final table of the the big buy NLHE hold'em contest in Event #8. We won't spoil the ending for you....more

Join Team Pro Katja on the Razz

As players prepare for the SCOOP Razz event (event #13 on April 8), some may be a little inexperienced and unsure of how best to play the game. Who better to ask how to play successfully than a WSOP bracelet winner? Handy, then, that on Team PokerStars Pro we have...more

SCOOP: PokerNoob999 grabs $1,575 Event 10 title

The forgiving thing about most forms of poker is the ability to rest whenever you want, whenever the cards don't look right, whenever you feel like somebody at the table might be a little better. The right to take a moment to sit back and assess the table is what...more

SCOOP: Ridemin`out rode it out and won Event 10-M $162 NLHE Heads-Up

It's just you and me, buddy! Okay, the poker players who came out for the medium stakes heads-up tournament probably didn't speak those words to each other as they came face to face for their matches, but it's all I had tonight. Work with me. The Event 10 $162 buy-in...more

SCOOP: Scarer goes 13-for-13 to win Event #10, $16.50 buy-in

Heads-up no-limit hold'em is one of the purest forms of poker available, perhaps only behind no-limit deuce-to-seven draw. Success in match play comes from being able to quickly identify and exploit an opponent's weaknesses while adapting to their strengths. If your opponent adapts to you before you adapt to your...more

SCOOP: drawmyface sketches a win in Event #9, $215 2-7 TD

A field of 439 players showed up ready to draw their way to the top of SCOOP's medium tier Event #9, 2-7 Triple Draw. That was short of the 500 needed to surpass the guarantee, so the event had a $100,000 prize pool with $19,000 going to first place. Several...more

SCOOP: InstantLei goes low for win in Event #9 2-7 Triple Draw

When you see Duece-to-Seven Triple Draw Lowball being played it's usually for serious coin. The 2-7 event at the World Series of Poker is considered one of the toughest in the field. The game is popular in some of the biggest mixed games in Las Vegas. And on Monday,...more

SCOOP: Amke takes down Event 9 $2,100 Limit Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball

Triple draw lowball, a favored game among top poker pros that often turns up in the rotation in the big mixed games, actually hasn't been around for that long. Indeed, by most accounts the game was first introduced in the late 1990s -- right around the time of internet poker's...more

SCOOP: MCMATTO was the master of the 2-day Event 08-H $3,150 NLHE

Late last night - early morning for most in the U.S. - the high stakes Event 8 tournament stopped at the end of Level 22 with 12 hours of play in the books. But there were 34 players left... Who would win? Would Daniel Negreanu pull off a stunning comeback...more

6 April

SCOOP: AlexanderT takes top honors in Event #8-M, $320 NLHE

43 players rubbed the sleep out of their eyes this afternoon returning to the virtual felt twelve hours after they left it to play down to a champion in SCOOP's marathon, two-day Event #8-Medium. 6,274 players bought into this deep-stacked $320 NLHE event creating a massive prize pool of $1,882,200...more

SCOOP: Ghost of Nashville wins, BodogBanshee claims Event #8 (low buy-in)

20,353 players entered, and only one survived. The massiveness of SCOOP Event #8's $33 NLHE caused a spill over to second day for this event. 4,500 players walked away with some money for their troubles. But, it was the final nine that took home the lion's share of the $610,590.00...more

Beyond the SCOOP

We know, we know. There is nothing in the world of online poker right now that is more exciting than our Spring Championship of Online Poker. We think our position on the subject is clear, what with the 24 or so stories we've written about it over the past few...more

SCOOP: limpnfold24 tops Day 1 field in Event #8-M, $320 NLHE

Typically, in these early hours of Monday morning, we've just finished crowning a new Sunday Million champion, one lucky PokerStars player having turned the proverbial matchstick into a lumberyard after weaving through a thousands-deep field. The Million is beloved by online players the world over for its generous structure and...more

SCOOP: First day ends with hadouk3n dominating in Event 08-H $3,150 NLHE

Online poker tournaments can be so rewarding, but they can certainly be long and exhausting as well. To go deep in a tournament, like one of the SCOOP events, is exciting but made tough to appreciate when going on 15 or 20 hours at the laptop. PokerStars is well aware...more

SCOOP: Day 1 wraps with scarface0928 in the lead in Event 08-L $33 NLHE

This tournament was a poker tournament player's dream come true. First of all, Event 8 was a straight up, no frills NLHE event. Second, it was a $30 + $3 buy-in with a $250,000 guarantee. And third, it was a two-day event, which meant that those going deep in the...more

SCOOP: Wrasse outlasts the field in Event #7, $10,300 H.O.R.S.E.

We have to admit it -- we've been waiting all week for SCOOP Event #7, $10,300 H.O.R.S.E. That was partially because this event was one of the feature events of the whole series and was likely to draw a star-studded field. But mainly it was because, as writers, we...more

SCOOP: Hungary HORSE tomacampi gobbles up Event #7 $109 race

The All Stakes Spring Championship of online poker offers every bankroll an opportunity to play for big money and a SCOOP title. Sunday was a big day, though, and even the low buy-in for Event #7 was $109. That meant the 2,674 runners who saddled up for eleven hours of...more

SCOOP: ramonieye keeps eye on the prize in $1,050 H.O.R.S.E. Event 7

There were about 350 players seated to receive the first hand of hold'em in the "medium" stakes version of SCOOP Event No. 7, the $1,000+$50 buy-in H.O.R.S.E. event. However, by the time late registration had ended, a total of 444 had entered. As the tourney had a $500,000 guarantee attached...more

5 April

SCOOP: Event #6 $2,100 PLO highlight show


SCOOP: Event #6 highlight show

PokerStars.tv is back with another great highlight show from PokerStars' brand new tournament series. Tonight we bring you the highlight show from Event #6, the $2,100 Pot-Limit Omaha rebuy event. One hundred forty-three people showed up to compete for more than $600,000 in prize money. How did it all end?...more

Gabba Gabba Hey! Gabegnagare wins Sunday Warm-Up

With all the SCOOP action going on at PokerStars right now you might have forgotten that the weekly Sunday Warm-Up was running. But PokerStars players didn't forget; 4,107 of you showed up and made sure that this week's $750,000 guarantee turned into a prize pool worth $821,400. All 630 players...more

SCOOP: liberace turns in virtuoso performance in Event #5-low, $16.50 NLHE 4X shootout

Liberace knows a thing or two about stamina. Last fall, in the 2008 WCOOP $5,200 Main Event, liberace clawed his way to the top of the 2,185-strong field in the 17 hours it took for the tournament to play out over two days. Though he finished just short of...more

SCOOP: Rizen slayer, sapperjuu takes down Event #6 PLO 6-max (1R1A)

The price tag on the "mid buy-in" $215 SCOOP Event #6 Pot Limit Omaha (Six-max, one rebuy, one add-on), may say medium but the heavy online tournament hitters were out in full force. Players making the money included: Eric "Rizen" Lynch (take a look at the recap for his finish),...more

SCOOP: Browntown19 follows deal-offering karma to victory in Event #6, $2,100 PLO

Start with pot-limit Omaha, a game that is traditionally the most action-heavy of all poker games. Then give players the opportunity to re-buy one time and take an add-on at the end of the rebuy period. Finally, take three seats away from each table and play the tournament six-handed. What...more

SCOOP: MrNyNe nudges his way to victory in Event 06-L $22 PLO

The first PLO event of the 2009 SCOOP series was Event 2, the one that drew in 7,622 players for an impressive start to the games. But two days later, PokerStars put another one on the schedule, this one with the added intrigue of one rebuy and one add-on, and...more

SCOOP: danxxx1 takes down three tables to win Event #5 shootout

The No-Limit Hold'em Shootout event was a hot ticket Saturday. The 1,000 seats available for the $162 medium version of Event #5 of the Spring Championship of Online Poker were filled well in advance of the event's 2:30 p.m. EST start. Players who won their first table were guaranteed...more

SCOOP: 10 + 10 = victory for deamon10 in $1,575 Double-Shootout Event 5

Two tables. Eighteen opponents. In a Double-Shootout event, that's all that stands between each of the 100 players and first prize. Easier said than done, as anyone would soon realize after taking a quick gander at who entered Saturday's "high" version of SCOOP Event No. 5. A lot of familiar...more

4 April

SCOOP: dmitry999 shows his luck of the draw in Event #3

SCOOP proves yet again that there are plenty of players interested in playing poker games other than No-Limit Hold'em. On Friday, in fact, many players chose to enter an event they probably learned sitting around the kitchen table at home - Event #3 $109 Pot-Limit 5-Card Draw. Those who...more

SCOOP: xMOUSSx captures $11 Event 3

4,292 players in a five-card draw tournament?!? In 2009? Somebody find Mike Caro. When the "Mad Genius of Poker" wrote his chapter on five-card draw for the original Super/System (first published in 1979), the game's popularity had already begun to wane, with most players even then choosing instead to play...more

SCOOP: Chip lust nets sexygee $1,050 buy-in Event #3 title

Poker players these days are used to having four barrels. They can choose to fire one or all four. Hold'em games are full of chances to escape. You can fire a couple shots and still get away without having to win or lose. Five-card draw is not nearly as forgiving....more

SCOOP: Event #1 $55 highlight show


3 April

SCOOP: Event #1 $55 highlight show

PokerStars.tv is at it again. Rather than take a much-deserved rest in between the umpteen live event broadcasts, the people behind the virtual cameras are hard at work producing a fantastic highlights show. Up first are the highlights from last night's 17-hour marathon $55 no-limit hold'em with rebuys event. Enjoy....more

SCOOP: He rules them all, kingcoles80 wins Event #4 $16.50 buy-in

There are the long drawn out tournament battles as seen at the Sunday Million here at PokerStars every week. You could have viewed one of those battle in the nearly 18 hour epic SCOOP Event #1's NLHE rebuy tourneys last night (read the reviews of the high, medium, and low...more

SCOOP: Thx4UrM0ney grateful for victory in Event 04-M $162 NLHE 2XC turbo

When PokerStars puts the word "turbo" in the title, they are not messing around. The $150 + $12 buy-in NLHE 2x chance turbo, the medium buy-in option of Event 4 of this whirlwind Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP), was literally over in about four and a half hours. It...more

SCOOP: Canada's PokerKai brings his "eh" game in Event #4, $1,575 NLHE 2XC turbo

After yesterday's marathon of twelve-hour deep-stacked tournaments, the speed and gambool of today's NLHE turbo event was a welcome change of pace for everyone. 552 players turned out for the $1,575 buy-in installment of SCOOP Event #4, creating a prize pool of $1,251,000 after 282 of them exercised their second-chance...more

SCOOP: BongBob smokes final table of Event 01-H $530 NLHE w/rebuys

One of the first events of the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is in the history books, and what a story it told! Players lined up, in theory of course, to play in the first high-level event in the 2009 SCOOP series, and a $500 + $30 buy-in NLHE...more

SCOOP: Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron scores in Event #1's $55 contest

In penny arcades and on county fair midways as far as the eye can see, there sits a bank of games we know affectionately as Whack-A-Mole. In this practice in apparent futility, one lone player stands before a table of holes. From said holes pop blind, plastic rodents. The popping...more

SCOOP: Victory is twice as nice for Sdouble in Event #2, $109 PLO8

It's enough of a feat to scratch and claw through a field of thousands and make it to a SCOOP final table. To do it twice in one night is almost unthinkable. But that's exactly what Sdouble accomplished tonight, taking down Event #2, $109 buy-in PLO8 while simultaneously making an...more

SCOOP: finsfan7 swims to win in Event #2, $1,050 PLO8

It seemed fitting that one of the earliest tournaments on the 2009 SCOOP calendar should be Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, a split-pot game that requires players to scoop the whole pot if they expect to make any headway against the field. To some, PLO8 (as its known) is the devil's game....more

SCOOP: Eetu takes down massive field in Event #1 $5.50 plus rebuys NLHE

Finnish player Eetu100 took down the $5.50 plus rebuys 6-max No-Limit Hold'em event that helped usher in PokerStars' Spring Championship of Online Poker on Thursday. The low version of the opening SCOOP event drew a whopping 27,134 entries, who made 45,438 rebuys and 14,434 add-ons, creating a prize pool...more

SCOOP: Newcomer thehoffa wins Event #2 $11 buy-in

Often times winning a poker tournament comes down to being in the right place at the time. For PokerStars player thehoffa, the first "right place" of the day was the registration screen for a type of tournament he'd never played before: Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo. There would be plenty of...more

2 April

SCOOP: Fields explode on first day of action

Okay. We knew the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker was going to be popular. With buy-ins for every bankroll, it was bound to draw crowds. Still, until just a couple of hours ago, we just didn't know how popular it was going to be. One word pretty much sums...more

Team PokerStars Pro grabs Eastgate, Demidov

Team PokerStars Pro has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent months. Now, it has leaped as high and bounded as far as it can. PokerStars announced this morning that it has signed 2008 World Series Champion Peter Eastgate and runner-up Ivan Demidov to its roster of Team PokerStars...more

1 April

SCOOP: ElkY gives some free advice

In a little more than 24 hours from now PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker will kick off with its first event. The competition and field sizes are bound to be as tough as any we've seen in a long time. It's not like top professionals to go around seeding...more