25 Billion Bash: Countdown live blog

Sometime within the next several hours PokerStars, the world's biggest online poker site, will deal its 25 billionth hand of poker. We have decided to count down from 24,900,000,000.

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5:22am ET--25 billion hits, and get this...split pot!

After 24,999,999,999 hands, who could've guess the 25 billionth hand would be so odd.

It happened at Susilva, a $1/$2 limit Omaha Hi-Lo table. We will have a complete wrap up of the hand in a few minutes (and explain how things got worked out).

In the meantime, here's a look at the winning table and who walked away with what.

25B Hand Table.jpg

NeonFrost: Won high pot -- $50,000 and tourney package
tupapi777: Won low pot -- $50,000 and tourney package
FrtSpkndMn: $33,333.33
n47j25s: $33,333.33
chris12080: $33,333.33

4:36am--Minutes away

And here we go folks. It's been eight years in the making...PokerStars 25 billionth hand. It will happen in the next few minutes. This is your last chance to get in on it. Don't say we didn't warn you.

3:53am--Omaha gets penultimate hand

This is it. Hand 24999000000 went to $5/$10 Omaha hi-lo game. Vendo won nearly $2,000. Now, it's time for the big one. You can watch the penultimate hand play out below, but frankly we think your time would be better spent trying to hit number 25 billion.

3:05am--Cost of winning gets lower

It doesn't get any cheaper than this. The latest hand, number 24,998,000,000, saw the milestone hit at a .01/.02 NLHE game. The hand and $300 went to bobbiwithai. You can see it play out below.

With that hand in the books, we are now down to just one more hand before we hit the big one. Now would be a very silly time, so stick with us. Somebody is about to have a very good morning.

2:07am--Down at the five and dime, hand 24,997,000,000

The six-max .05/.10 NLHE table drew one of the last 25 Billion Bash milestone hands.

In the hand below, Mikey9275 picked up a quick $300.

It's looking to be a little late before we see the big 25 billionth hand. The milestones are nearly an hour apart now. It looks to be after 3am before we see the 24,997,000,000th hand.

That's why we have caffeine, folks.

1:15am--Play slows down, prizes keep coming

As the hour gets late, people are heading to bed (apparently some people still have jobs they have to go to on Monday).

Nonetheless, we are now on hand 24,996,000,000. It happened at Ronsina III, a $1/$2 NLHE table where first place was good for at least $1,250.

And what a hand it was. Can you say...set over set?

vhunter's set of kings and VIP club multiplier earned him $2,750.

Three more milestone hands and then the big one, folks.

12:29am--Omaha gets its due on hand 24,995,000,000

For the past few hours, players had been commenting on how it seemed very few Omaha tables were hitting. That was rectified on hand 24,995,000,000 when a $1/$2 Pot-Limit Omaha game hit.

The winner of the hand was guaranteed $1,250. Even those who lost the hand were sure to get $500. Seems like a good time to get it all in.

And that's what they did. Nobody did anything silly like fold, and a big ol' pot developed.

For the fives full of threes, juc58 won $2,750 and got the rest of the PokerStars players one more step toward the big hand.

At this moment, we have four more regular milestone hands and then the big one.

11:47pm ET-- Low limits holding strong

Halaesus III, a .25/.50 NHLE table made it yet another score for the low-limit players. Despite only having to put in a .50 blind, the winner could win up to $750 just for coming out on top.

But get this...despite the low limit, there was a Supernova at the table. So for winning the hand, OMGWTFJ/KLOL won more than $1,600.

To which, we can only comment...OMG...WTF...J/K....LOL.

11:09pm ET-- Dime and a quarter for 24,993,000,000

It's not very often you see a waiting list 175 people long for a dime-quarter no-limit game, but when it's a 25 Billion Bash milestone hand, things change.

The winner of the hand was guaranteed $300.

Mago 88 ended up taking down the hand with a queen-high spade flush for a $345 win.

10:33pm ET -- .50/1.00 limit scores 24992000000

Six-man .50/1.00 limit is an awesome place to hit a milestone hand. The only question...how many people would fold? Answer: Zero.

For the third straight hand, the winner was guaranteed at least $750.

Here's how the hand played out.

HpNOtiC won $862 for the rivered queen.

Now, onto eight million more hands.

10:15pm ET--Get in line

Okay, we know, you can pretty much always get a seat at PokerStars. Still, when was the last time you saw nearly 180,000 people playing at PokerStars at 10:17pm ET?

10:00pm ET-- Rhodia VII gets 24991000000

No-limit five card draw. Now there is a game of a poker.

It was also the game in action when PokerStars dealt hand number 24991000000.

Again, half the table folded pre-flop. In the end, xchris85x got it all-in against D0nkitup. Two pair, queens and deuces, took it down for the $750 win. Everybody else in the hand won $250.

Looks like we're running about two million hands per hour. Still remains to be seen if that slows down or we hit 25 billion by 2am ET or so.

9:31pm ET-- Hand 24990000000 in the books

Within seconds of PokerStars announcing hand #24990000000 was about to be dealt, the wait list on Maja V jumped to more than 100 players.

The game was .25/.50 NLHE. One player had to laugh.

PokerStars player bigshoota420 said, "I just sat."

Everyone at the table was guaranteed at least $250, which made it a small surprise to see people fold for $50. Nonetheless, here is how the hand played out.

So, a pair of fives was good for the win and no small amount of money.

Because bigshoota420 is a Platinum Star, he won $1,200

We're probably 15 minutes from the next big hand, so stick around.

9:15pm ET-- 24,900,000,000 approaches

There are now less than 400,000 hands until the next milestone hand. Now would be a silly time to log off for the night.

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news