25 Billion Bash: Watch it happen

If you happen to be playing on PokerStars today (and, really, if you're not, you are missing out), you might have noticed the rotating message in the corner of the lobby looks a little bit different. Instead of telling you about the most recent EPT win or how you can qualify for the LAPT, it is dedicated to people winning money for getting dealt into the 25 Billion Bash milestone hands.

For the rest of the day (and maybe into tomorrow), people will win some serious cash if they are dealt into one of the big hands.

It has already happened to PokerStars player hodge05. In fact, it's happened to him twice. The most recent time, he was playing $1/$2 NLHE. He wasn't paying as close attention as he might have liked. That is understandable, what with him playing 24 tables at once.

"I was having a pretty poor start to the session," he said later. "I had absolutely no idea that the milestone bonus had hit one of my tables and when I saw that two people had shoved all in, I typed into the chat box 'lol' and folded my hand, which undoubtedly made me look pretty stupid to the massive crowd of observers."

To make matters worse, hodge05 mistakenly believed he had to put money into the pot to get paid for the bonus. Having folded pre-flop, he was, to say the least, unhappy.

The hand ended up playing out as you see in the replayer below.

"I was really disappointed in myself," he said. "All of a sudden, I got a message telling me that $1,100 dollars had been put into my account!"

In case any of you don't know, as long as you're dealt into the hand, you win some cash. Hodge05 ended up getting a 120% increase on his winnings because he is a VIP Club Supernova. He will be graduating from college in May and plans to play cards professionally after that.

"I'll probably just save the money for stuff in my apartment," he said. "Promotions such as these are a testament to how well PokerStars treats its customer base. That is only one of many reasons why I will only play on Pokerstars in the future."

With 225,000 people online at this moment, the milestone hands are flying by. If you want your shot at the big money, you better get online soon. Remember, the person who wins the 25 billionth hand gets $150,000 worth of cash and prizes.

Stay tuned today as the hands fly by (see our 25 Billion Bash coverage for previous winners).

In the meantime, check out all of the recent winners below or see the 25 Billion Bash information page.

Hand #24958000000
dolfinAK $250.00
FrankBou $325.00
gabstar12 $250.00
Reckless_bet $400.00
MrDunns $1,200.00
usercd $325.00

Hand #24959000000
JayCo $550.00
jolind $287.50
todayilose $325.00
drykillogic $975.00
leslieace $550.00
cluelessiam $550.00

Hand #24960000000
Bergzilla $125.00
Sherlock55 $125.00
IneedBet21 $125.00
sTimple $125.00
petti99 $125.00
lylyhif $300.00

Hand #24961000000
SantaMaria73 $750.00
primaxp $550.00
Scubasteve86 $400.00
bbaxel $250.00
MDG bcn $250.00

Hand #24962000000
SomnambulAA $144
E.Darwin $125
kscwby99 $300
Luchs7979 $125
GoChewit $125
19frank77 $125

Hand # 24963000000
Dellul $300
mas_da_masta $125
zumpen $125
Masera $125
Karn56 $125
lylyhif $125.00

Hand #24964000000
saffraan $125
just4mykix $125
nielsen3133 $125.00
signperson $125.00
mommom247 $125.00
jimnjax $125.00
adioscn $125.00
De4angel $300.00
acmac18 $125

Hand #24965000000
foent22 $325
nagypower $250
pokerpal80 $750
Lumberjack $250
weilaicqw20 $288
robnaja $250
neuge2 $325

Hand #24966000000
douzlar $162.50
Eliyano $162.50
check6941 $125
FATSALI1 $345.00
avp777 $125.00
xlarkman $143.75
taejin1997 $200.00
jepins $125.00

Hand #24967000000
fisherman-ch $125.00
TGravy13 $300
tibcsi15 $125
elfinius $125.00
kassiedevon $125
Limpin1982 $125.00

Hand #24968000000
6soudeal $125
tommyfofinga $125.00
KenmineM $125.00
Dagobert55 $143.75
gibonu $143.75
FoxBW16 $125.00
LEZNAW $125.00

Hand # 24969000000
pintercsaba $575
PokMikeFever $2,750
LaPoCaFlame $1,100
Ajven $1,500
daniela249 $1,100
Larivor $1,100
Frank0376 $500.00
ryanj9352 $1,500.00
gl79 $1,500.00

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news