All Star Week: Pros revel in their comeback

allstarweek_thn.jpgIf the Team PokerStars Pro players hadn't done something good last night, they might well have just given up. The All Star Challengers had jumped out to a 7-3 lead on Day 2 of PokerStars All Star Week and didn't look to be giving up.

When Day 3 arrived, Team Pro had to step up. That was exactly what they did. Winning four out of five matches, Team PokerStars Pro brought the score to 8-7 in favor of the Challengers. You can read all about it on the All Star Week Day 3 report.

Among yesterday's winners was 2003 World Series of Poker champion Chris Moneymaker. The man they call "Money" won a two and half hour match against bluffblocker last night for the final victory of the day.

"This competition is great. It pits Team Pro against the top online players in the world. Not only is it entertaining to those involved, PokerStars gave everyone a shot to have an interest in the matches," Moneymaker said after his win. "With the FPP tourneys people played in, it gave them a chance to vote for a winner and possibly win."


Moneymaker with fellow Team Pro Joe Hachem

Moneymaker gave a lot of credit to bluffblocker after the match.

"After about 15 minutes, I knew my match was going to be a long one unless a cooler took place," Moneymaker said. "Bluffblocker was a great opponent and was very good about not paying off value bets or getting stuck in hands."

Team PokerStars Pro will attempt to take the overall lead today in a series of five more matches. You can watch them beginning at Noon ET under EVENTS -- SPECIAL in the PokerStars Tournament lobby.

Good luck to all the players.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news