Banker cashes in at first Italian Poker Tour event

Thumbnail image for ps_news_thn.jpgStefano Puccilli, a 37-year old banker, has become the first PokerStars Italian Poker Tour (IPT) champion after fighting through more than 250 people and winning the inaugural event event in San Remo.

Twenty-two players made it to Day 3 to fight for the lion's share of the nearly 500,000 Euro prize pool. It took nine and half hours to make it down to the eight-handed final table. The only Team PokerStars Italy Pro remaing in the field, Nicola Fedeli, exited in 10th place.

It took another six hours to see the final hand. Puccilli got it all-in preflop with pocket eights versus a naked ace, only to see a J♣ A♥ Q♣ flop. Then the 9♦ popped up on the turn and opened up a few more outs for Puccilli. The the miracle: the [10s] fell on the river and the game was Puccilli's. The banker banked 120,000 Euros for the win.


Puccilli has only been playing poker for four years and learned the game after watching televised poker with friends. He eventually outgrew games with friends and started playing on PokerStars. A satellite qualifier led him straight to San Remo and glory.

If you'd like to play in the next IPT event, you might want to wax up your gondola. Venice, Italy will host the next IPT tournament on these rescheduled dates - July 27-August 2 for the main event, and a High Roller which runs August 2-3.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news