Brianm15 stages spectacular comeback to take down Sunday Warm-Up!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for sunday-warmup-promo1.jpg This week's Sunday Warm-Up once again saw the $750,000 guarantee shattered, as 4,412 entrants built a massive $882,400 prize pool. As always, the final table was a hard-fought affair, lasting ninety minutes before brianm15 came from a huge short-handed chip deficit to top chip leader witcherd heads up for the title and the extra $10,000 left on the table after a four-way deal was cut. Witcherd, who held the chip lead from the time the final table started until just before heads up play commenced, picked up $113,400 for second place while winner brianm15 logged an $85,000 victory.

Frugtplukker was the final table bubble boy, collecting $5,294 for 10th place when his pocket eights couldn't hold up. Witcherd came into the final table with the biggest stack, but pocktnizzles and Supa4real were also stacked deep as the final nine consolidated to play for the big money.

Almost as soon as the final table started, it was time for one of the tournament's scheduled breaks. After a quick five-minute pit stop, short stack jouby44 picked up his namesake hand in late position and moved all in with 4♠-4♣. Brianm15 defended his big blind with A♥-9♦, and the race was on. That race ended in 9th place for jouby44 as the flop came down 7♣-A♣-6♥ to give brianm15 top pair and leave jouby44 drawing thin to say alive. The turn and river brought no help as they came down T♥-T♠, and jouby44 was the first elimination from the final table, picking up $7,059.21 for 9th place.

warmup 10.18.jpg

Jordie1982 went out in 8th place in very unlucky fashion after getting all his chips in as a big favorite over brianm15. After action folded around to his button, Jordie open-shoved with A♥-Q♣. Brianm15 made the call from the small blind with K♦-Q♠, and Jordie1982 looked poised for a double up, especially when the flop came down 8♠-2♠-6♣. The 7♠ on the turn gave Brianm15 a few more outs to the flush, but it was the K♣ on the river that shipped the pot Brian's way, leaving Jordie1982 out in 8th place ($11,030.01).

It was turning into a night of nasty river cards, and BillieD was the next victim to be washed away when he ran afoul of chip leader witcherd. On the short stack, BillieD open-shoved with Q♠-Q♦, and super stack witcherd defended his small blind with K♠-5♠. The flop was harmless, coming down 9♥-A♦-6♥, and the 8♥ on the turn was no help to either player. But the river peeled off the K♥, giving witcherd the bigger pair, and the last of BillieD's stack as well. BillieD picked up $19,854.01 to soothe the pain of the bad beat.

Witcherd claimed another victim when his 6♠-6♥ not only held up against kingsofcards all-in, but actually improved significantly along the way. Kingsofcards moved all in for a huge preflop raise from the cutoff with 4♣-4♠, and witcherd called from the small blind with sixes. If kingsofcards was in trouble preflop, the 6♣-J♣-8♥ left him drawing to running perfect cards to stay alive. None of those running perfect scenarios included the 9♦, so when that peeled off on the turn, the king was dethroned and drawing dead. The river was a meaningless J♦, and kingsofcards was done in 6th place ($28,678.01). After that hand, witcherd's chip stack was nearly twice that of his nearest opponent.

That chip stack got even healthier when witcherd busted his third opponent in quick succession, this time taking out bboooommmmmm in 5th place ($37,502.01). Action folded around to bboooommmmmm, who moved all in preflop from the small blind with A♥-8♣. Witcherd quickly called with A♦-[10c], and the chip leader was once again in the driver's seat with an opponent all in. The flop of A♠-7♥-Q♦ did nothing to change the preflop standings, and when the turn and river came down 3♣-Q♠, it was all over for bboooommmmmm. The remaining four players took a moment to discuss a deal, and after lengthy negotiations came to the following guaranteed money: brianm15 locked up $75,000 even, with pocktnizzles securing $77,484.15. Supa4real claimed $88,000.00, and chip leader witcherd picked up a guaranteed $113,400.00, with $10,000 left for the eventual winner. With the deal in place, the four remaining players settled in to battle for the remaining ten grand the all-important bragging rights.

The play was slower than normal once a deal was in place, but after a few orbits of probing and folding, pocktnizzles and witcherd squared off for one last fight. Pocktnizzles opened for a raise from the cutoff with 8♥-7♦, and witcherd three-bet from the button with Q♣-J♣. The other players got out of the way, and pocktnizzles moved all in over the top. Witcherd made the call, and his overcards improved to a flush draw on the 5♠-2♣-3♣ flop. The Ks on the turn was no help for either player, and witcherd still led with his unpaired high cards. The A♣ on the river made his flush, and pocktnizzles was done in 4th place with his $77,484.15 payday.

Brianm15 managed to double through witcherd twice with three players left to move into a solid second place, as Supa4real saw his chip stack begin to dwindle. After a series of raises and re-raises, the last of Supa4real's stack went in on a flop of 8♦-6♦-8♠. Supa4real was holding K♥-7♠, but brianm15 had flopped two pair with 7♥-6♥ and made the call. The turn and river came down 5♠-6♠ to give brianm15 the full house and the chip lead as he bounced Supa4real in 3rd place, good for $88,000 after the deal.
Tides had certainly turned for brianm15, who was last in chips with four players left. He went into heads-up play with the chip lead, and it took just a few minutes for him to finish off his penthouse to outhouse story and lock up the extra $10,000 by booting witcherd in 2nd place. The final hand looked like this:

headsup 10.18.jpg

Brianm15 opened for a raise from the button, witcherd three-bet, and brianm15 called. The flop came down 4♥-2♠-5♣, and witcherd led out. Brianm15 made the call, and the 3♠ hit the turn. Both players checked, and fireworks erupted on the K♥ river. Witcherd checked, brianm15 led out, and witcherd check-raised all in with Q♥-5♦ for top pair on the flop. Brianm15 quickly called with A♦-9♣, showing the turned straight for the pot and the tournament win! With the extra $10,000 for winning the tournament, brianm15 secured an $85,000 payday, while witcherd still ended up with $113,400 for his work in the tournament. Congratulations to all our final table players and everyone who cashed in this week's Sunday Warm-Up!

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