calvo1989 comes from behind heads up to claim Sunday Warm-Up Title!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for sunday-warmup-promo1.jpgThe dog days of summer wear on and on, and the prize pool for the Sunday Warm-Up goes up and up. This week another guarantee-busting field turned out, with 3,911 players building a monstrous $782,200 prize pool. After a marathon Sunday performance calvo1989 came out on top in a huge come-from behind victory, knocking off perpetual big stack Payacan heads up and claiming the top prize of $106,970.47 after a heads up chop.

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After a brief hand-for-hand period, the final table kicked off with Payacan and Blue Knight1 holding the biggest stacks. Szusza84 was the final table bubble boy, busting with top pair against a flush to claim $4,693.21 for 10th place. Prezidento barely lasted long enough to hear Greg "Fossilman" Raymer's welcoming remarks before he busted in 9th place ($6,257.61) in a huge hand against Dsavo. Coming into the final table the shortest of the short stacks, Prezidento open-shoved from early position with A♦-Q♣. Dsavo woke up in the big blind with A♣-A♥, and snap-called. Prezidento was behind and stayed that way as the final board ran out A♠-5♦-8♠-2♣-J♦. Dsavo's top set was good, and then there were eight.

Columbian80% found himself running on fumes with barely 2 big blinds left, so when the action folded around to his button, he shipped it in with K♦-2♥. El Tiltor decided it was his turn to wake up with a monster in the big blind, and called with A♠-K♥. The flop of 7♣-7♠-5♣ helped neither player, and the T♦ on the turn left Columbian80% drawing for three outs. The A♦ was the furthest thing from help he could have found, and his tournament was over in 8th place ($9777.51).

Faster than you can say "wait a minute, I'm still typing over here!" the field lost another competitor as kiehndk went to the rail in 7th place ($17,599.51). All the money went in preflop, as kiehndk open-shoved from the button with K♣-9♦. Big stack Payacan thought for a moment before making the call with A♦-T♠, but when the flop came down T♦-3♦-6♥, it was a great move. The 6♦ on the turn gave Payacan the nut flush draw to go with top pair, but the river was an irrelevant Q♣ as Payacan sent kiehndk packing.

The pace of play slowed not a bit as players came back from break to see the next elimination on the very first hand. Blue Knight1 raised from the small blind with A♠-T♠, and saufar moved all in over the top. Blue Knight1 thought for a moment before making the call, and found out he was in great shape when saufar tabled K♠-9♠. The flop hit both players as it came down 9♦-T♣-3♥, but Blue Knight1 had top pair, top kicker and a huge lead in the hand. Top pair held up as the turn and river came down 8♥-6♥, and saufar fell in 6th place for $25,421.51.

El Tiltor was the next to fall when he moved all in preflop with Q♦-J♠ and got one caller in Blue Knight1 with K♣-Q♠. The board ran out a singularly unhelpful 2♦-5♦-T♠-9♥-T♥, and El Tiltor was El-iminated in 5th place ($33,243.51). After dropping most of his stack to calvo1989 when he ran A♦-9♥ into calvo1989's A♥-Q♠, Blue Knight1 was running on fumes when he put the last of his chips in the middle of the table preflop. In his final hand, Blue Knight1 found all his cookies in the middle of the table after calvo1989 raised preflop, Payacan called from the small blind, and Blue Knight1 moved in for the last of his stack from the big blind. Both opponents called, and the live players checked down the 4♠-Q♠-J♣-6♣-7♥ board. Payacan showed A♣-7♦, and Blue Knight1 mucked, picking up $44,976.51 for 4th place.

Just as talks of a deal were starting, a huge hand broke out between the two big stacks. When the dust settled, there was one less big stack after this monster hand.

Dsavo earned a very respectable $64,531,51 for his 3rd-place finish, and the two survivors took a moment to come to a deal. After looking at the numbers, the two remaining players agreed on a chop which gave Payacan $107,352.35 and calvo1989 $96,970.47, with $10,000 left in the middle for the eventual champion. With the details taken care of, the players returned to their corners and came out swinging for the last $10K.

Payacan took a 3:1 chip lead into heads up play, and it wasn't long before the final outcome was decided. Payacan lost the chip lead in huge hand early in heads up play, and the whole confrontation lasted less than fifteen minutes. Finally, it all came down to a coin flip and the river card, as the final hand unfolded like this -

Calvo1989 came from behind in dramatic fashion at the final table to take down the whole enchilada, including the $96,970 from the chop and the extra $10K left for the winner, making his total take $106,970.47. Congratulations to calvo1989 on a spectacular final table performance and a great come-from-behind victory!

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