Chad Brown escorts Norm Chad to the money

wsop2009_thn.gifChad Brown has seen a lot of things in poker, and he is one of few people to ever see the ultra-rare occurrence of ESPN's Norman Chad making the money at a WSOP event.This week we're looking at some of Brown's experience's at this year's WSOP and Chad has been kind enough to write a few words for us about seeing the great white whale of WSOP money finishes.

by Chad Brown

Stud-8 tourneys are among the easiest to win. I already have a runner up finish in the same event at the WSOP and I actually won the Stud-8 event at the Bellagio Cup a few years back.

On the bubble in this year's World Series, I had well above chip average, so making the money wasn't a problem. ESPN's Norman Chad who has never cashed in a WSOP event was one of the very short stacks battling for his first-ever wsop cash. It took a while but he made it. We redrew and I got Norm at my table with 1,000 in chips. The antes were 200 with a 200 bring in. There was no money increase unless you moved up another ten spots, so Norm would have to be going all in soon. On the next hand Norm had an ace showing and the first three players mucked to him. But wait! Norm folded. What? Norm folded? Does he have a last longer with another short stack? I saw him at the WSOP Main Event and needled him about it. Lon was there and we had a good laugh. I think he must have been in shock that he finally cashed.


It was onto another final table for me. This time it is a very easy table. I had an above average chip stack. Three key hands determined how my final table turned out. In two hands I had a low draw, straight, and flush draw with a pair going to the river. The two other players in the hand were going high. Not only didn't I scoop, but didn't hit my low either. The third key hand was similar. The other players were going high. I made a wheel on sixth, but one of the players made a flush on the river and I only got half. I finished in fourth place and that was that.

Once again I was very happy with my play and did all I could do to win it.

That's poker.

Brad Willis
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