Chess master among PokerStars' Elite

VIP-Club.jpgAt 34 years old, the PokerStars player simona75 has done something only a select few PokerStars players do in a year. He's made it to the level of Supernova Elite. This marks him among the top 160 or so most active players at PokerStars.

So, you might think it odd, then that the man from London describes his activities in this order.

1) Chess International Master
2) Computer programmer
3) Play a bit of poker on the side

Back when 2009 started, he didn't have any plans to make it to Supernova Elite. A couple of years ago, he had quit his job to do some traveling and then work on a Masters degree. By the time he finished that, he realized the job market, in a word, sucked.

"So, I found myself playing a lot of poker," simona75 said. "Around March or April I realized I could get to Elite and made the decision to go for it."


This is not a decision people undertake lightly. That is, simona75 made this decision when spring was still in the air. He didn't achieve the goal until just a few days ago.

"It was tough at times," he admitted. "I tilt regularly and when you tilt with a full stack on 16 tables simultaneously, it's not pretty! But I'm proud to have got there and pleased that I did it."

Now that simona75 has made it to Supernova Elite, has a chance to play in two free big live PokerStars events. For a guy who loves to travel anyway, it's just an added bonus.

"I've never been to Vegas, so am particulary looking forward to the WSOP," he said.

Not bad for a guy who only plays poker "on the side."

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news