East Coast, West Coast, both Elite

VIP-Club.jpgWe've always thought the whole U.S. East Coast vs West Coast gangsta rap battle should've had more legs. It seemed like something that could've lasted a lot longer and ended 20 years later with a steamboat war on the Mississippi River.

Fortunately, we have a new battle brewing (or one we're creating strictly for the purposes of moving this story along) among PokerStars players on America's right and left coasts.

On the right side of the dial, we have IntenseDawg (no relation to Snoop that we have found). He's a New York City guy who is, in his words, "down for anything." That includes everything from watching some NBA, partying with his friends, singing karaoke, and playing enough poker to recently make it to Supernova Elite on PokerStars.

"I felt like it was almost impossible," he said, "but I ended up putting tons of hours every month this year because I went on constant downswings which forced me to play a lot
more than normal, which resulted in a ton of VPPs to reach Elite."

That is one way to do it, fo shizzle.


On the left side of the country (somewhere near Compton, we're nearly certain) sits a warrior with the appropriate name TYJohnRambo. He describes himself as "older than the rest of online grinders." That means, he is older than 30 and probably going to need hospice sooner or later (take heart, Rambo, we're all "older" too).

Because of his advanced age, he doesn't have the energy to go out and sing karaoke or do much else but play cards.

"Getting elite is more than a full time job," he told us. "I dont have much time at all outside of camping out on PokerStars."

Around this time last year, TYJohnRambo made the decision to spend his 2009 for Elite status. He finished this year even faster than he thought he would.

And so, there we have it. Two men on opposite coasts. Both are kings of their time zone and among the biggest players in the PokerStars universe.

How many VPPs do you think we'd have to get them to duel on the Mississippi?

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news