Figuccia wins IPT Nova Gorica Championship

IPT_thn.jpgThree years ago, Marco Figuccia decided he would try his hand at playing poker professionally. This week he entered the final day of the Italian Poker Tour Nova Gorica event as the chip leader. Tonight, he is an IPT champion.

IPT Nova Gorica was the Italian Poker Tour's first jaunt across the border into nearby Sloviena. With 332 players showing up to play, the IPT boasted a €664,000 prize pool that would eventually go to the top 48 players.

Final table action last nearly ten hours before Marco Figuccia faced off against Marco Pistilli for the title. In the end, Figuccia's Q♣J♦ outran Pistilli's A♣[7♥. The win gave Figuccia the title and €160,000 first prize.


This is Figuccia's biggest win to date and gives him more than enough money to make the trip back to IRP San Remo. That €2000 + €200.event comes up in just a few weeks, November 12-16.

Congratulations to Marco Figuccia, the newest IPT champion.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news