GetItQuietly makes some noise with Sunday Warm-Up Win!

sunday-warmup-promo1.jpgThe last Sunday Warm-Up of June saw a huge 4,203-player field build a prize pool of over $840,000. With such huge stakes, the pace of play was steady throughout, and it took just under nine hours to reach the final table. Hobbes200 took a massive chip lead into the final table, with more than double the chips of his nearest competitor. The final table took was a rapid-fire affair, with barely an hour passing between the 10th-place bustout and the final elimination. When it was all over, GetItQuietly came from a 3:1 chip deficit heads up to overthrow Hobbes200 and take down $131,873.33 for a first place finish with no deal.

warmup 6.28.jpg

The players wasted no time in throwing chips around, as the field went from nine to eight just moments after the final table kicked off. Sum1sgotmyID moved all in preflop with 8♥-8♦, and johnxfleming re-raised from the button to isolate with A♥-K♠. The flop put johnxfleming firmly in control as it came down A♦-6♦-A♠, and Sum1sgotmyID needed an eight to stay alive. The Q♣ on the turn was no help, and when the K♥ hit the river, johnxfleming had filled up, and sum1sgotmyID became the first casualty of the final table. He picked up $6,724.81 for his 9th-place finish.

And keeping with the quick pace of the final table, mikkohanna busted in 8th place ($10,507.51) just a few hands later. Mikkohanna shipped it all in from the small blind with J♠-T♣ after the action folded around. GetItQuietly, suspecting a steal, made the call from the big blind with Q♥-4♥. The board ran out an less-than-helpful
A♠-6♣-4♣-3♠-5♠, and GetItQuietly made a pair of fours to bust mikkohanna in 8th place.

Players came back from the first break of the final table to the 100,000/200,000/20,000 level, and it only took a few minutes for the field to thin even further. Chip leader Hobbes200 raised preflop from the cutoff, and Desideriu defended from the small blind to see a flop of 2♥-7♥-2♠. Desideriu open-shoved with J♥-T♥, and Hobbes200 called with A♦-9♥. Hobbes200 faded the hearts as the turn and river came down 5♦-Q♦, and Desideriu was done in 7th place ($18,913.51).

Johnxfleming was the next to fall, moving all in preflop with Q♦-J♦ and finding a call from mement_mori in the small blind with 6♥-6♠. The pocket sixes held on a board of 8♦-3♣-8♥-T♠-8♣, and mement_mori took over the chip lead. Johnxfleming picked up $27,319.51 for 6th place.

It was just seconds later when the field went to four-handed at the expense of JustNthrJack, who busted in 5th place ($35,725.51). JustNthrJack opened for a raise in the small blind, and found himself facing an all-in shove from GetItQuietly in the big blind. JustNthrJack made the call with K♥-3♥, and held a slight edge going into the flop over GetItQuietly's Q♦-T♦. The pendulum swung on the 8♦-J♥-3♦ flop, as JustNthrJack picked up bottom pair, but GetItQuietly grabbed a flush draw and an inside straight draw. The 4♠ on the turn was no help to anyone, but the K♦ on the river made the flush for GetItQuietly, and sent JustNthrJack packing.

The remaining four players gave your poor blogger just enough time to write up the last two bustouts before Hobbes200 reclaimed the chip lead by sending OBigO to the rail in 4th place ($47,493.91). All the money went in post-flop, and this was the brutal outcome.

Just a couple of hands later, GetItQuietly doubled through mement_mori to take over second place, and just a few hands later, mement_mori busted in 3rd place ($69,349.51) to set up the heads up match. Hobbes200 raised from the button, and GetItQuietly got quietly out of the way. Mement_mori moved all in with 4♦-4♥, and Hobbes200 quickly called with 5♣-5♦. Presto was ahead, and the 3♠-2♥-9♣ flop did nothing to change that. The 9♥ on the turn gave both players two pair, but mement_mori was looking for a four on the river to stay alive. The Q♠ landed instead, and then there were two.

Hobbes200 took almost a 3:1 chip lead into heads-up play, but GetItQuietly was determined to make a match out of it. With the stacks deep and the blinds relatively small, there was plenty of play to be had, and within just a few minutes of heads up play, GetItQuietly had moved up to almost even in chips. And then, just as it looked like we were settling in for a long fight, GetItQuietly edged ahead in chips, and this massive hand occurred.

With nary a mention of a deal at the lightning-quick final table, Hobbes200 picked up $97,929.91 for his runner-up finish, while GetItQuietly came from a serous chip deficit entering heads up play to take down a monster $131,873.33 payday. Congrats to all our final table players and especially to our champ GetItQuietly, who can now make some serious noise after a six-figure payday.

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