Hruby wins CSPT Brno

cspt-thumb.jpgOn the Czech-Slovak Poker Tour, they need a lot of chips, a fair amount of tables and chairs, and the requisite number of cards to make sure every table has 52 apiece. What they don't need, we have found, are very many vowels.

Witness the latest event on the tour...the aptly-named and nearly-vowel-free CSPT Brno.

This weekend, PokerStars qualifier and Czech local Martin Hruby (not a lot of vowels there either...) played the role of hometown boy done good and took down the event for CZK 380,257 ($21,000). Kruby was one of six qualifiers in the 131-player field.


After nine years in the poker world, Hruby is starting to make quite a name for himself. Until this championship win, his best finish was a second place in a WCOOP $1,050 event.

Here's how the rest of the final table looked.

1st-- Martin Hrubý
2nd--Jiří Halouzka
3rd--Elmar Muller
4th--Miroslav Ratkovský
5th--Luboš Krupák
6th--Andrej Bartovic
7th--Petr Dohnal
8th--Josef Šamánek

Next up on the CSPT, CSPT Bratislava at Ceasars Poker Club at the Golden Vegas casino in Bratislava December 10-13.

For full details, see the PokerStars CSPT home page.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news