Jovdark6 comes from behind in spectacular Sunday Million Victory!

The holiday weekend and the kickoff of the World Series of Poker Main Event may have contributed to the smaller field in this week's Sunday Million, but the 7,307 players that showed up definitely brought the action. So much action that the final table kicked off with only eight players, as the last hand of two-table action saw simultaneous bustouts of two players on different tables. Jolabukk picked up $8,250 for 10th place as stiverson530 grabbed 9th place and $11,625 to bring the action to the final table. Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso welcomed the eight survivors to the final table, but before she could even properly say hello, the first elimination was already on the books!

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Bethrea was the short stack going into the final table, and before the other players had their virtual seats warm, he was gone in 8th place ($18,000). Licha_Lopez opened up the action with a raise from the cutoff, and bethrea moved all in over the top. Licha_Lopez quickly called with 2♦-2♣, and bethrea showed A♠-K♥ for the classic coin flip. The coin landed tails for bethrea as the flop came down 7♣-6♠-2♠ to make a set for Licha_Lopez, and when the turn and river came down K♣-6♥, the field had quickly shrunk to seven.

With his elimination of bethrea, Licha_Lopez took over the top spot on the leader board, and the vast majority of the chips in play were gathered in the stacks of Licha_Lopez and jovdark6. Bachelor_80 made a move to catch the frontrunners when he took out SHAPKA4444 in 7th place ($32,250). Bachelor_80 raised preflop from the hijack with A♥-K♣, and SHAPKA4444 defended his big blind with 7♥-9♠. SHAPKA4444 shipped it in on the 7♠-4♦-A♦ flop, and bachelor_80 made the easy call with top pair, top kicker. The 8♦ on the turn was no help to either player, and when the T♦ hit the river, there were six survivors.

How quickly things can turn around in a no limit hold'em tournament. Licha_Lopez looked like a lock on one of the top two spots early in the final table, but after a few tough double ups by the rest of the table, he found all his chips in the middle against Lileor99, and this time it was Licha_Lopez at risk. Lileor99 raised preflop from the button, and Licha_Lopez moved all in over the top. When Lileor99 made the call, it was another race, Lileor99 showed 9♣-9♦, and Licha_Lopez tabled A♦-T♣. The flop missed both players when it came down 5♥-8♠-4♥, and when the next two streets brought running sevens, Lileor99's nines held to send Licha_Lopez to the rail in 6th place ($46,500) and move Lileor99 into a massive chip lead.

With the chip lead, Lileor99 turned into a chip magnet, busting bachelor_80 in 5th place ($61,500).

And then just a few minutes later Lileor99 took out blanconegro in 4th place ($79,500). Supernova blanconegro had done a fantastic job ducking and weaving through a final table where he was never a huge stack, but his luck came to an end against the steamroller of Lileor99. Blanconegro opened the action for a raise with K♣-Q♠, and Lileor99 three-bet with A♥-K♥. Blanconegro called, then all the money went in on the 9♠-3♦-K♠ flop. Blanconegro was dominated by Lileor99's Big Slick, and although he picked up a flush draw when the 2♠ hit the turn, the 7♣ on the river was no good and he was done in 4th place.

Teflon shaf was the shortest stack when the game reached four-handed, but he managed to hold on for an extra pay jump to lock up a nice six-figure payday. He got it all in preflop with K♣-3♣, and found a caller in Lileor99, who showed A♦-7♠. The board missed both players as it came down 9♠-8♠-4♣-4♠-Q♥, and Lileor99's ace-high was good to send Teflon shaf packing in 3rd place ($120,000).

Lileor99 took a monster chip lead into the heads up match, but one huge hand changed all that as jovdark6 doubled through and took the lead for the first time at the final table.

Lileor99 was not to be denied, though, and after a couple of chopped pots and one big double up, he was poised to make another run at the top money. He really moved up to make a game out of it when he cracked jovdark's aces with pocket sevens on a seven-high flop to retake the chip lead, although the two players were practically neck and neck and the chip lead would hinge on whoever took down each consecutive hand.

With the stacks virtually even, the players took a moment to discuss a deal, with almost $400,000 for the top two spots. With almost no hesitation, the players agreed to split the remaining money evenly and leave $30,000 for the winner, which would mean a $180,000 payday for each player (plus a few random dollars). After a few minutes of math on the part of the host, and the deal was sealed.

A few hands later jovdark6 reclaimed the chip lead, and then all the chips went in the middle for one last hand. Jovdark6 opened for a raise from the button, and Lileor99 moved all in over the top with J♦-T♦. Jovdark6 called with A♥-T♣, and Lileor99 needed help to stay alive. The flop of K♠-K♦-Q♦ gave Lileor99 an up and down straight draw, but jovdark6 faded the outs on the 6♣ turn and the 7♣ river to lock up the win and the bonus $30,000 for winning the whole enchilada.

When the dust settled, Lileor99 played an incredible final table and picked up over $180K for second place, while jovdark6 took down the whole thing and a $210,000 payday. Congratulations to all our final table players and to jovdark6 for a tourney well played!

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