Let us Prey with Joe Hachem

ps_news_thn.jpgWe've all been there - you're involved in a key hand playing on PokerStars and someone tries to interrupt just at the wrong time. You get a little grumpy, right? That's exactly what happened to Joe Hachem during his time as a motel operator and some guests arrived to check in when he was in a big pot.

Hold on, when did Team PokerStars Pro Hachem ever run a motel? Of course, he didn't. This is cinema, folks, and the new horror flick Prey sees a cameo role from the Team PokerStars Pro, who plays a motel owner .

In his scene film-goers will see Hachem playing on PokerStars just as the main characters arrive to inquire about rooms.


Joe Hachem in more familiar role as a Team PokerStars Pro

The film has just been released in Australia, and with Hachem involved it fittingly gets its star-studded US premier right here in Las Vegas on Tuesday night at the Brenden Cinemas at the Palms Hotel, which will be PokerStars players' base during the WSOP.

Here's what the film release material says: "When six friends decided to leave the City and head for the surf, how were they to know that they were being drawn into a world of ancient curses and inescapable nightmares.

"Trapped in a valley of primordial evil, these friends try to come to terms with past wrong doings but no matter how hard they try to escape, they always end up staring death in the face.

"Welcome to a place where the supernatural world hunts the real world. Welcome to PREY...Dreamtime is over!"

Scary stuff!

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news