Oh, baby! Oh, Danny! That's a lot of VPPs!

VIP-Club.jpgAnyone who ever told you parenting a newborn is easy was lying to you. It was a very bad joke and, in the estimation of some very smart people, in very bad taste. We've done it and it makes the time we spent doing hard time at Folsom* seem like a vacation by comparison.

So, that's why we first doubted how the man known as DannyOhBoy on PokerStars made it to Supernova Elite this year. If you're not familiar, making it to Elite means earning one million VIP Player Points. Even some people who play enough that they forget to eat and bathe don't make it to a million. But Dan "DannyOhBoy" Grolemund did it. We've seen the records. We've seen his pile of Frequent Player Points. It's official, in the books, and for real.

At 33 years old, the Director of Occupational Therapy at a Warren, Pennsylvania hospital is a family man. Married five years and father of three, Grolemund welcomed his third son into the world this year.

"It is because of him that I was able to reach Supernova Elite so soon," Grolemund said.

Mmmm-hmmmm. Go on.

As Grolemund tells the story, he took a little time off work to help his wife out with the new boy. His wife is a business owner and needed to get back on the job quickly. So Grolemund became full-time dad/Supernova Elite aspirant.

"Whenever I wasn't changing diapers, feeding him, or cleaning up after him, I was playing poker," he said. "I planned my poker sessions around his sleep schedule. I moved a high chair and a playpen right next to my computer."


So, this year Grolemund has played three million hands of $100 buy-in no-limit hold'em games, been a father to three kids, and has managed to stay married. In fact, his wife is happy about it.

"I sat down with my wife at the beginning of the year, explained the benefits of becoming a Supernova Elite, and we both agreed that I should go for it," he told us. "She can't wait to go on the two luxury vacations that PokerStars will provide to us. I have made many sacrifices over the last ten months, but am absolutely thrilled to have finally made it."

Moreover, now that Grolemund has made Supernova Elite, he isn't taking a break. The same guy who also got a stock broker's license and life insurance license just so he could learn enough to exploit them? Yeah, that guy still plans on playing as much poker as possible.

"With three children and a full-time job besides poker, I must manage my time very carefully so that nothing gets neglected," he said. "This is the ultimate challenge, but one I am confident I can conquer."

So, that's Grolemund's story and he's sticking to it. And, frankly, no matter how unlikely it sounds, we believe him. We believe him so much, we have a request for Dan Grolemund:

Teach us to be like you.


*That whole Folsom thing? We were wrongly convicted

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news