Oh, baby, what a World Series

ps_news_thn.jpgKerry Bordinat was feeding her baby, in part because that's what a mom does, and in part because there wasn't anybody else around. Her husband was off turkey hunting and the baby was hungry. What's a mom to do?

It was April 20 and PokerStars had just opened the gates on the WSOP qualifiers. With baby Kaylie in arms, mother Kerry spied the computer and quickly remembered the house rules.

"We have an unwritten rule that when he hunts, I play poker," Kerry said plainly.

And so there Kerry was with her baby in arms and at the final table of the $33 rebuy. She'd outlasted 370 other players and had a chance at playing in the WSOP. If anybody had seen her just a little while later, they might raised their eyebrows.

"Once I won, I was dancing around the room holding Kaylie as if I were a little kid," Kerry admitted. "I was just so excited."


The lady from Michigan had never played the WSOP Main Event before, but she had the itch. In 2005, she'd been in the Amazon Room the first time the Series had been played there. She walked in the room, heard the riffling of chips, and immediately set a goal. She would sit down in one of those seats by the time she was 33. Even Kerry admits 33 was a random age to pick. When she set out the goal, she was still in her 20s.

"I dont know why I said 33," she said. "I guess i just wanted to give myself sometime to achieve it. I am only 29 so I achieved my goal."

There was still the matter of how to handle a brand new breastfeeding baby and still play in the WSOP at the same time. Kerry thought fast and recruited her mom and husband to come to Vegas. Kerry put together a break and bottle schedule and before she knew it, she was three days deep into the Main Event. All the while, baby Kaylie had become the star of the show.


"I could not have imagined leaving her at home," Kerry said. "My mind would have just been elsewhere the entire time. Luckily we have a great baby who really isnt hard to take care of."

This story would be one for the history books if Kerry had managed to go exceptionally deep in the WSOP. Instead, she got her aces all-in in a three-way pot versus pocket kings and pocket queens. Four-flushed, she went out on Day 3.

A lot of people might have just packed up and gone home with a nice story and a good trip behind them. Kerry Bordinat, apparently, is not most people. The next Sunday, she told her mom and husband to go out and do whatever they wanted. Kerry sat her room with baby Kaylie and played online. She busted out of the Sunday Million and decided to take a shot at the Second Chance. With baby right beside her, Kerry finished second out of nearly 1,300 players for $34,400. That's actually more money than she would've made for placing 225th in the WSOP Main Event.

"I guess I didn't totally bust while I was there," she said.

There are probably a lot of takeaway lessons from this story, but there's one that probably bears remembering:

If you see this woman sitting at a table with this baby at any point, fold. Together, they can't lose.

"If Kaylie even has a little of me in her, then poker is just in her blood," Kerry said. "I absolutely think she will be on PokerStars one day."


Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news