PokerStars All Star Week 3-20-09 update

allstarweek_thn.jpgThe qualifiers for PokerStars All Star Week are in the midst of determining who will face off against the Team PokerStars Pros. Here's your daily update of the action from PokerStars' very own Host Bob.

by Host Bob

The fourth day of All Star Challengers team selection was one for repeat winners - with four of the five qualifiers for the day already lined up to play an All Star Week match.

The most prolific among the four is Australian 'PKerBL', who has now secured three matches in the All Star Week line-up. The former Sunday Million champion (May 11, 20008) eliminated 'lordhuttyx' into sixth place to gain the chiplead and first choice of opponent for Day 4 of All Star Week. His confidence is clearly high, as he selected ElkY for his next opponent. His teammates breathed a sigh of relief.

Second option fell to the only debutant in the All Star Week schedule 'Gunslinger3'. It may be his first appearance in this promotion, but 'Gunslinger3' is no greenhorn. In addition to a Sunday Million win, he has several WSOP final tables under his belt and more than $1m in live tournament winnings. His 20:00 ET Match 5 meeting with Chris Moneymaker appears to be one of the highlights of the series so far.

Next in the chip count pecking order was 'oblowski512', a winner from Day 2's selection tournament. He is one of the two wildcard qualifiers in the team, and he is quickly showing he is among equals in the All Star Challengers team. He has added a game with Alex Kravchenko to his earlier date with Katja Thater.

'Sumpas', the only Scandinavian on the team, took the fourth spot and chose Vanessa Rousso from the two remaining Pros. 'Sumpas' is also lined up to play Vicky Coren in the opening match of All Star Week.

The final pairing for the day sees 'Aryamehr' take on Ylon Schwartz at Limit Hold'em. It was clear from the discussion of the players that no-one really liked the look of this game, so there will be great relief if 'Aryamehr' can score an upset.

After four days of play the race for the MVP title is wide open. 'PKerBL' has a slender lead, but there are seven others all tied on points behind him.

So far eleven of the twenty Challengers have locked up at least one berth in the All Star Week line-up. There are still fifteen open spots available - you can find out who will fill them here on the PokerStars blog.

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news