PokerStars All Star Week matches coming into shape

allstarweek_thn.jpgPokerStars All Star week is almost upon us and we're just starting to learn who will make up the All Star Team and face off against Team PokerStars Pro.

All Star Week will run from March 23 to 29, when PokerStars will be hosting a series of heads up matches between a brand new All Star team and Team PokerStars Pro.

The All Star team is made up of people who have won a 2008 Sunday Million event, final tabled WCOOP tournaments, finished high on the Tournament Leader Board, or made it to Supernova Elite. PokerStars also offered up to two wildcards from people who won through a special $11 All Star Week qualifying tournament.

Each day this week. starting last night, the 20 members of the All Star team play a mini-tournament, with the top five finishers each day getting to play Team Pro in the heads-up fixtures exactly one week later.

Last night. PokerStars player 'Sumpas' had the chip lead when five were left, and he got first choice of which Team Pro to play - and picked Vicky Coren in the opening match of the competition at 12:00 ET next Monday.

The next choice went to second-placed finisher 'bluffblocker who picked Dennis Phillips in the 20:00 ET slot. 'KAmIkAdZeEe' took his time deliberating before finally settling on playing Lee Nelson at 14:00 ET. 'PKerBL' was in a hurry to get off to work, and just before he signed out he chose to take on Isabelle Mercier in the 18:00 ET match.

By default 'Bookie1978' filled in the final match for the Monday of All Star Week, the unenviable match against Chad Brown in Seven Card Stud. 'Bookie1978' admitted he has very little Stud experience. The team will have the option to discuss the line-up and possibly make tactical changes. It may be that 'Bookie1978' chooses to let another member of the team play in his place.

For full information on the promotion, be sure to check out the PokerStars All Star Week page.

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news