PokerStars announces Team PokerStars Online

ps_news_thn.jpgTwo thousand people applied. Only 1% ended up with a spot. That 1% makes up the inaugural lineup for the brand new Team PokerStars Online.

The online Team PokerStars Pro group joins the dozens of live pros who have made up the team for years. Now 23 online pros have joined the PokerStars ranks. The world's biggest online poker site chose 20 men and three women from a wide range of games, stakes, and countries to fill out the new spot under the PokerStars flag.

The names are going to be familiar. If you have played on PokerStars for any length of time, you already know Anders "Donald" Berg. The Norwegian has been around the PokerStars scene for years, served on his country's World Cup of Poker team, and has been a familiar face on the EPT. Now, he is a founding member of the newest version of Team PokerStars.


Berg is not the only man who has risen to fame online. Germany's Thomas "Boku87" Boekhoff turned $100 into $10,000 just to win a prop bet and is now working to turn a similarly small amount into $100,000.

Steve "stevesbets" Jacobs is a name everyone should know by now. Not only has he been around the online scene for a long time, he beat ElkY for the championship in the 2008 WCOOP $25,000 heads-up event.

And then there is Boumaaza "Chiren80" Bachir, one of the fan favorites and an internet TV star in his own right. He's been broadcasting his attempts to get PokerStars' attention for the past several weeks. Today, when the Team PokerStars Online announcement hit the web, he and his friends threw a party to celebrate.


Here's the full list of the new Team PokerStars Online:

1. Andres Alisievicz --- lobojiji
2. Jorge Arias --- JorgeArias
3. Boumaaza Bachir --- Chiren80
4. Anders Berg --- Donald
5. Alvaro Blanco --- VARICO
6. Thomas Boekhoff --- Boku87
7. Diego Brunelli --- vgreen22
8. André Coimbra --- acoimbra
9. Mathew Didlick --- chipstar1
10. Ta-Chih Geeng --- socutiesf
11. Andrew Goetsch --- Kid Nebraska
12. Martha Gonzalez --- marene
13. Keiran Harris --- K_Man2307
14. Steve Jacobs --- stevesbets
15. Randy Lew --- nanonoko
16. Karlo Lopez --- elmagopr
17. Alexey Makarov --- LuckyGump
18. Kristian Martin --- CharismA3
19. Grzegorz Mikielewicz --- DaWarsaw
20. Nichoel Peppe --- NicP
21. Grayson Physioc --- spacegravy
22. Sebastien Sabic --- Seb86
23. Amanda Thomas --- ROXY24

The folks behind the team tell us this is just the beginning, and more players will be get a spot during 2010.

Congratulations to the new team members. We'll see you online!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news