PokerStars entertains England rugby fans

ps_news_thn.jpgWhile the WSOP Main Event final table was the center of attention for the poker community on Saturday, PokerStars ensured that rugby fans across the Atlantic were getting their own little taste of poker.

Twickenham, the home of English rugby, generates raw passion whenever the home nation play - and the visit of Australia guarantees emotions run higher than ever.

Now, as part of its new partnership with the England Rugby Football Union, PokerStars is able to add poker's competitiveness and fun to the big-match occasion.


Thousands of fans arriving at the London stadium for the Cook Cup were greeted with a PokerStars stand where they were invited to build a huge card tower in the quickest time - and make their best poker hand by throwing sticky balls at cards on a wall.

Now, rugby fanatics love their beer, but they were willing to put their pre-match pint on hold as their competitive spirit got the better of them.

From 18-year-old students to middle-aged men, everyone wanted to get their hands on the PokerStars goodies on offer, including a chip set for anyone throwing five balls to build a royal flush.

It was the card tower building that caused much merriment as the supporters tried to complete the task in the quickest time. After an hour of play Nigel Burns was top of the leader board with a score of 44.69 seconds, and there he stayed until Roddy Loffler came along with an impressive score of 40.78 seconds.


Roddy Loffler, champion card builder

After the match - which England lost 9-18 - the supporters streamed in again for another chance to win some PokerStars gear.

Watch out for future fun promotions as PokerStars and the English RFU continue their relationship.


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