PokerStars Passport winners ready to hit road

For the past 13 months, we have shared a friendship with Dustin Mele, the first-ever PokerStars Passport winner. Mele won the PokerStars Passport in December 2007, and during 2008, he and his girlfriend Tracy became friends and part of the PokerStars family. As we traveled around the world to PokerStars events, the couple came with us on Mele's worldwide passport.

Mele's trip around the world is complete for now, but we have some brand new PokerStars Passport winners to introduce.

This year, PokerStars decided to hand out more than one set of papers. In fact, eight people will be traveling the world on the PokerStars Passport.

Recently, PokerStars held three tournaments with some big time prizes on the line. Not only did the events award thousands of dollars worth of cash, they also gave away the coveted PokerStars Passports. The top 100 TLB players played in one event. The top 101-200 and 201-500 played in two other events.

The following people walked away with the top prizes.

Top 100 TLB

1. phillyJbizee (United States) -- 5-Stamp Passport
2. delfino74 (Italy) -- 4-Stamp Passport
3. Bruno GT (Brazil) -- 1-Stamp Passport

Top 101-200 TLB

1. AOthegreat8 (United States) -- 1-Stamp Passport

Top 201-500 TLB

1. jus2awsum (United States) -- 1-Stamp Passport

There are also three other PokerStars Passport winners who won their visas via the yearly Tournament Leader Board. Powerhouse Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb won the five-stamp passport. A three-stamp passport went to derek8. BreakRibs will be traveling with two stamps on his.

For each stamp in their passports, the players will get a free prize package to a live PokerStars event. That means they can go anywhere anywhere from the PCA to the LAPT to the EPT to the APPT to the RPT to the WSOP. That's a lot of letters and a lot of different cities. There aren't many better prizes out there.

Congratulations to all of this year's winners. We look forward to seeing you on the road.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news